Kingdom Chapter 538

Hello. Yes, we’re alive.

Terribly busy reading Oathbringer, watching films in bed and generally procrastinating doing work, y’know.

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Chapter 538: MFRead Online

Chapter 536: MF

Chapter 537: MF



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74 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 538

  1. Jean-yong

    Is it Akakin Skywalker?

    I’ll escort myself out.

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

  2. Schaid

    Very well. Goo!

  3. ahmedelgamal

    thanks for the chapter < but i think the quality became bad is that from the author or from the source ?

  4. Oseas

    Thanks Turnips.

  5. X

    Thank you! Heki is going to get his head off his shoulders soon.

  6. Letouriste

    Thank you guys!:)

  7. Alex_And_Re

    Nice taste in books 😉
    Thks for the chapter !

  8. Mickle

    Storms its finally here

  9. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Zhao’s right side screwed up, they’re letting around 11k men tie up 16k. Too conservative. It woulda been a different story if they chose to tough it out 11k vs 11k and sent 5k to counter Ouhon’s flank move.

    • Guess

      Honestly, also curious why the Yotanwa wasn’t ganged up on the first and second days. They’re outnumbered badly, yet they just letting the mountain folks fight themselves. I thought time was of the essence :p

      • alissoncamoes

        well techinically the mountain folks are in a defensive stance and to strike them with pure numbers would only result in a draggin battle, so the zhao commander chosed to analyse the battlefield and find a solution to devastate the qin quicker and still having numbers to fight kanki army.

        • Osi

          To quote a younger version of shin (yeah, I’m rereading again…)

          “A battle isn’t about the numbers, it’s about the people”

        • Guess

          They could have even let the mountain tribes fight themselves and just went around the battle. It’s not as if Yotanwa can split her army to pursue.

          • Osi

            Like the point- it would be costly for her to have to disengage from fighting that tribe if zhao decided to run mid-day. That’d probably be a good move, and if I were her and it happened, I’d pretty much have to leave the front lines engaged while pulling everyone else back… and hope the strength of the mountain was with them.

            Why I wouldn’t split Tanwa’s army 50/50, or even 70/30: the other tribe are only fighting b/c the Zhao ran to their backyard in order to get help. Their interest is tied solely to the current location of the battle. Move the battle, they don’t fight anymore, why would they, correct? In other words, It is unlikely that tribe would persue Tanwa if she left the field for any reason, and so if zhao left, she’ d have no reason to continue engaging the tribe. She could take as many troops with her as she could disengage.

          • Guess

            Think that King would be willing to let her walk away? 😀

          • Osi

            I thought of that a while… my answer is yes.

            Does he want her? sure, everyone does. Does he want her enough to take his army away from his homeland, leaving it defenseless, and commit his men’s lives to getting her, knowing, as any good general does, he may lose? does he want her enough to, win or lose, quell the anger/ambition of his immediate juniors, or any who’d be willing to call him on what essentially would be an extremely selfish decision, committing an army to a chase that’s fruitless for your kingdom, because the opposing general ‘lights a fire in your loins?”

            Only if he’s not so smart! Imho.

      • Pen

        I think Banji is the strongest of the Zhao generals at the right. Right now he is being pincered by two Qin commanders and he sees he can not count on his fellow Zhao generals as they only send measly 1.000 soldiers and at a slow phase. I think his best move would be to retreat all his forces in the direction of his fellow generals and group up, he would suffer heavily casualties from retreating but it will not wipe all his army out and it would come to a new standstill. However I think he has too much pride for this and thus he will try to turn the situation himself. One way to do this is to kill one of the two qin generals and so I think he will aim at Akou.

        • Osi

          I had also noted that. Although in theory sending the 1000 cavalry was a good idea… Now, Banaji is on his own, even if they want to hep him, it’ll probably be too late.

          I am thinking perhaps they underestimated the threat. I would have (as previously stated) Ignore Ouhon’s cavalry and all-out-attacked Makao’s flank. That could eventually take pressure off banaji.

          Ultimately this could be the chink in zhao’s armor, if they’re not willing to coordinate to bail eachother out due to pride or whatever, they better be right in assuming each is more than a match for their opponents! So far, that’s not really been the case

          • Osi

            akou, makou, whatever, they’re probably all gonna die anyway

          • Guess

            We’re unlikely to return to this fight for a while manga-wise. That been said, Riboku has too many troops to not send any reinforcements or surprises, and I still think Shin is moving to the right.

            I didn’t like how precise the last page was, it left no doubt the Heki army will suffer a significant setback if not outright destroyed. There also was no overhead map of that fight, so can’t really make any guesses.

          • Osi

            agreed, BUT-

            I find myself wondering, if Heki died, would Qin’s whole army really be shaken?

            Shin would be pretty sad. But I don’t think the whole army would really notice.

            So, I wonder if it’s something even bigger, the likes of which we cannot imagine? Maybe, maybe not. I keep going back and forth.

        • kyokaidono

          I think Banji will die since he is pincered by Qin army. But since he is the deputy of riboku I think he’ll be hiding some move. Or maybe he is gonna get his ass saved by riboku.
          I don’t understand why the third commander didn’t let gakuei army to attack the rear of akou army. That way the tables would have turned on Qin. It seriously would have been excellent move given the situation. I have always seen that all the battles have favoured Qin even though others have well excellent strategies. It would be more interesting if the fights would have strategies like (light and L battles) in deathnote.

        • Pen

          That arrogant Zhao general facing the mountain queen has already expressed his desire to completely destroy the qin forces down to the last man. Now he has some strategy to deal with the Heki army. I would really fear for Heki here hoping the mountain queen would see through the schemes and prevent Heki from dying.

          That Zhao general has way underestimated the charisma of the mountain queen. For the mountain people charisma is one of the most important things of all, like we have heard many times from that square faced tribe chief.

  10. b12

    A Big Thank You to you Turnip

  11. Halo


    Shin: Okay! You small fries can poke with each other. When I show up, all heads will roll.
    Ousen: All hail king Shin…

  12. Nyuuu

    Let the dirty mouth talk, they ll read your chapter anyway. Thanks you for your hard work, and take your time to translate, we can all wait =)

  13. Thank you guys and team from Sense Scan for hard work on Kingdom. Best regards from Serbia.

  14. Okhros

    Is the Stormlight series as good/better than Mistborn?

  15. mostafa

    it seems time to lose the Heki bro and hara is going to do something for him Since he mistakenly remained within the story cause the wrong translation of historical sources .

    • Osi

      Wait what? Heki’s already dead IRL/ Heki’s a ghost?


      • mostafa

        actually he should be dead but he is alive now , like what I said it was a little mistake by author and a wrong translation from the Historical sources of China .
        Hara himself said that and also said Heki is no longer exists in history and his presence has no longer any effect in the storyline .

    • Cloud

      Nah he’ll live. He’ll going to do something that gets him laid by Yotonwa.

      • Hyuu

        Obviously…Shunniji is gonna think Heki is a retard or that Heki is weak because of something…but I believe Heki has been also hidding a trump card…maybe he’s got the other half of Duke Hyou’s banner men hiding in his army 🙂

        • Androdead

          Well, I’d like Heki to be smarter than what he seems to be for now..
          He’s supposed to be greater than shin and all, but for now he’s just barely a commander.

          It’s his time to shine..

  16. Moses

    a fan of Stormlight too wow you are a man of culture

  17. Gyopoh

    Thank you, and indeed taking care of one’s health is important, so be sure to do good job at lazing around .. Shunsuiju.. I keep wondering if his “hair” is infact helmet.. it could be helmet right? Or tupee..

  18. Osi

    I was thinking its been a while since someone we liked died, but Heki? Not Heki!!

  19. You guys are awesomeEEEEE once gainxd

  20. algarban

    Thanks again TF!! you are great!!

  21. Hyuu

    Just a random thought that has left me confused…umm Kanjou’s buddies the one with the slightly chubby face and the giant mace…didn’t Bannanji like cut him in half earlier?

  22. Beebidy Bop

    Same. I have adapted by just changing how I read the comments. From a quick glance, I know his/her comments and look away.

  23. F5 scout scouting around. All clear.

  24. Jaydee

    already out in sense scan website

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