Kingdom Chapter 539

And in this arc’s episode of Bad Luck Heki…

Oh also, Kingdom will be on break again next week.

Chapter 539: Read Online



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62 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 539

  1. alissoncamoes


    • ivo

      Pfff, its cool, but try some mount and blade:napoleonic wars, commander battle multiplayer mod. Each player leads about 15ish npc’s into battle. About 30 players, meaning battlefield with 300+ characters. Pick cavarly, and feel like Mouten maneuvering between different enemy units, waiting for the opportune time. Then pounce on overextending target like Hi Shin and DEVASTATE THE ENEMY ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. alissoncamoes


  3. donslime

    Thanks guys. Title says #538 instead of 539. Hope someone takes note of it soon.

  4. Oresama

    Damn the break, really wanna see Shunsuijun’s head roll out so bad.
    Also shouldn’t it be Ousen instead of Ouhon on page 7?
    Great works as always guys, thanks.

  5. Gyopoh

    .. when shin says at page 11 “and paitiently wait like grown ups, you god damn shitbacks” .. i felt for amoment like his true words were directed at me when ever I am waiting at your Kingdom thank you.. awesome work.

  6. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter! Damn another hiatus next week.

    Heku’s food stores should be only for his army and not the whole Yotanwa army, so they should be able to last. I guess more horse meat? Surprised the food stores themselves didn’t have guards for 3 people to torch it all, supplies are usually well guarded against both enemy and also soldiers who want seconds.

    • First thanks turnip guys for the chapter.
      Here is your answer (Guess), That was ten day worth food as it is mentioned in ch 518 page 6. NO they will not able to hold much if they dont have any reserve of food, as yotanwa only bring food for her own army when she march to Ryouyou..
      Lets suppose they give the duty of protecting all the food to Heki and his army and now all food is burn to crisp ๐Ÿ˜€
      Now, they have 50k-60k belly to feed, even they use horse for their food, how long do you think that will last.
      The reason that no one detect these 3 people because i think they came in the morning means when there was fighting going on and they sure find a blind spot in qin defense and if i not wrong that shunshiju is quite good with warfare.

  7. X

    I was laughing when I saw “bad luck heki”… then i saw the last page… oh heki…. your face is worth a million words. LOL! Thank you for the chapter! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. kyokaidono

    What kanjou says in page 7 doesn’t make sense. Is he referring to Ousen or Ouhon

  9. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  10. Jackson

    Thank you very much!

  11. Osi

    Qin including tanwa’s mountain folk all share provisions, burning the food was a brilliant and devestating move! That whole field is in serious peril…

    Mouten used the strategy i would have used. Now, batei is mad, and can probably be baited tomorrow…

    Bananji will be fuming. If his army is crippled, i imagine he’ll take whats left of his elites and go ouhon hunting tomorrow… unless akou’s still more his speed

    My gut says, hi shin sees limited but strategically important action day three as well. (Btw, always love to see whats happening around their campfires)

  12. Osi

    Furthermore, ouhon/akou should probably note and exploit their opponent’s weakness-the 2.3 armies they face now that bananji’s been decimated do not coordinate well together.

    • Guess

      Riboku will not leave the right side alone, Shin will see his turn ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yontanwa will turn it around.

      Simple ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Guess

      If she wants to be brutal, she could go, “bring back the head of an enemy if you wish to have food tonight”. I can see something like that being very inspirational to her troops…

      • Osi

        she is a great motivator, but strategically, how? I agree, they’ll win, but how, Guess, how?? lol.

        (no, I don’t know either. That’s the fun part, ha)

        • ivo

          Offer marriage to wolf king. Together they slaughter the plainfolks.

          • Pen

            If she offers marriage to the wolf king, he will see it as weakness and bad things will happen to her and her soldiers. She has to suppress him, however it might also be a fair assumption that he is a stronger fighter than her, in which case she needs a special plan.
            A competition between the two that is not a death fight, of some sort?

          • Pen

            And also she wouldnโ€™t consider marrying someone she hasnโ€™t met…

  13. Fahrenheit451



    Oh no, Heki Bro!

    woot thanks for the release!

  15. Oseas

    Thanks Turnips.

  16. Thank you

    .. this just in : the banana army has been grippled! Their leader is presumambly going nuts.. .. cough.. I .. I am so sorry. I just .. couldn’t help thinking it .. thank you for the chapter and apologies T__T

  17. Bad luck Heki cracked me :”D

  18. Osi

    random prediction- by the time the series is over, Shuugen, currently the Hi-Shin’s infantry commander, will be a general

  19. Osi

    Decided what I’d do, specifically, if I were Mouten:

    This won’t happen, its too specific- posting just for fun- but if I were Mouten, I’d round up all the horses I could find that no longer had riders because of injury or casualty, and put them aside. then, I’d promote an equal number of infantry to cavalry… and round them off with my least fresh/least elite members of my usual cavalry. We’ll call this the B team.

    Then, I’d take my “A” team, which is, the best of my real cavalry, and I’d put them deep in reserve, on a flank. either would do.

    I would let the battle progress as if I, Mouten, were planning to win in a final blaze-of-glory style cavalry charge. Then, when the moment came I, Mouten, would lead the “B team” in what looked like a charge on Zhao/Riggan’s HQ. With the assumption Batei would make a bee line for us.

    When Batei is sighted, we’d raise a flag. At which point, the A team, with orders to take Batei’s head, would engage.

    • Guess

      Hmmm, I don’t think you can be given a horse and suddenly you come proficient with fighting on horseback. If anything, you’ll need a month to learn to ride without falling off.

      • Osi

        Ha… True! It would be the “b-team,” and yes, they would not be very effective. That was kind of the point, it was a feint meant to draw out Batei, risk could be managed by the ratio of non-cavalry to cavalry officers, but the flip side is, the ‘a team’ would then be less effective…and in the above, the A-team would be the real attackers.

        in any case- good idea? bad Idea? it doesn’t matter at all so… yep lol

        • Pen

          Hmm a conservative estimate could be that you would fool and then provoke Batei to rush against Mouten. However Batei would not just come by him self, he would have his strongest elite forces with him maybe 100 riders. I donโ€™t think this tactic would be enough to trap him and slay him – he would have the strength to reposition himself when he realizes he has been deceived. However I agree that it would be right to try to separate Batei from the main force in order to get the opportunity to overwhelm him and take him down

        • Guess

          My opinion is that Mouten will simply try to last on the left side. If he gets an opening, he’ll only use it to reduce the numbers disadvantage rather than risk it all in a gambit. Basically, the left has transformed from the spear to the shield in Ousen’s current strategy, barring any major unexpected development. Right now the biggest risk to Qin is actually Yotanwa’s side due to the food shortage. They’re forced to make up for it in order to outlast the city = taking large risks.

          • Osi

            I suppose you all could be right about what would happen. However, I assume that as batei engaged mouten’s b team, they would, while having the advantage, also loose form and rank organization. Once that battle became a cavalry melee, the “a”team, riding in with solid lines and good structure, would have a huge advantage. Which would hopefully last long enough for me, mouten, to turn the tables on batei and target/kill him before he can reform his lines.

            I truly beliwce most of these battles come down to line integrety. Heck hara just said so… shin and other “monsters” are effective not for their kills but because they destroy the line integrity of the enemy theough… killing

      • TotalWarFTW

        I’m not sure about the success of his plan. But the B team would actually work for his case though. The B team don’t even have to fight. They’re just bait. They only need a few men who can ride and the rest can just sit on the horse and try not to fall. Because horses have this herd mentality where if they see a horde of horses galloping at full speed they’d just blend in and gallop with them.

        This has happened to me a lot when I was a kid trying to ride horses. The horse I was riding would just gallop towards its herd and my relatives would come and stop the horse forcefully.

        IDK about domestic horses though. I’m a Mongolian so the horses I used to ride were wild Mongol horses. Even the most tame Mongol horse would sometimes stray off or just ignore you entirely if you’re a bad rider. I don’t know jack shit about domesticated horses.

        • Osi

          That’s what I was thinking… and because of the day and age, pre-industrial china, one could imagine a few infantry members could ride a horse without falling off. As long as the rider could stay mounted, put those guys in the middle of the pack to round it out, and the experienced horses/horsemen on the outsides will steer for them. Once the fighting starts, the inexperienced horsemen wouldn’t even really have to stay on their horses, they could choose to fight on the ground, although either way, they’d be severely disadvantaged. But, aside from Mouten and a few elite cavalry sent with him and to protect him, their only real goal is to be bait bait, once batei is baited, just by trying to survive, they’ll be doing their job.

          • Osi

            The problem would be, how to make sure the B-team don’t collapse too fast, so fast Mouten is overwhelmed before the A-Team’s counter-attack. That’s where its a huge gamble

  20. Yuuko-san

    Can I translate the chapters to another language using those english translations? (giving the right credits for the english translations to sense-scans and turnip of course)

  21. ivo

    Gyou’on makes his move. He is attacking ousen. Heki is crying. No hope for him.

  22. anon

    “The author also planned to extend up to 1,000 chapters.”
    looks like we will have another few year of kingdom to look out for ๐Ÿ˜€
    source wikipedia

  23. Guess

    Quality Korean scans have been out for a day, maybe an earlier than usual release for us? Fingers crossed

  24. Dajh

    I thought they need jp scans so the translation is not off or not as much as with korean scans because a translation may cause some mistakes thus a second translation is often more wrong.

  25. Geroprog

    I dont know, why people are so impatient. There is the raw, and you can find translations at some sites.
    If you are so anxious to read the New chapter, go to this website.

  26. Jack Georgie

    there you go is out

  27. Guess

    It’s out and earlier than usual ๐Ÿ™‚ merry christmas

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