Kingdom Chapter 540

Chapter 540: Read Online



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52 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 540

  1. Leo

    Thank you for your hard work!!

  2. First Comment πŸ˜€
    Thanks for the Chapter

  3. X

    Heki just lost his wits… he became nuts… he must be hungry. LOL!
    Thank you for the chapter! πŸ™‚

  4. So we have certain situations now.

    Situation 1:
    Heki only lost half food and now also getting beat up in battle and Quanrong have secret passage that can lead into castle

    Situation 2:
    On the right wing of qin, zhao send 10k more reinforcements and Gyoku Hou Unit Morale is pretty high due to the Ou Hon words and Akou is going to charge by himself.

    Let’s discuss these situation.

    I think there can be a scenario that can change this situation one:

    1. Now heki is charging blindly and losing his troops, so yotanwa can take
    advantage of this situation,either by using heki as a bait for now and target
    the Zhao or Quanrong HQ or she can sneak his few elite troops to find
    some hidden passage and get into the City itself.

    Second situation Solution:
    I think here on 3rd day Akou army going to get a beat u by Zhou General some trick or tactic and Ouhon unit is not going to do some big achievement on 3rd day.

    So what you all guys/gals think ?

    • Osi

      I think it was an awesome chapter, and I think its time for Heki to get over his crush on Yotanwa, because it’s most definitely never gonna happen.

      Yotanwa using the tunnel is a good idea, although it may be barred from the inside. I would try it.

      I can’t predict who wins battles and how so well, but Ouhon will do very well for himself, for sure. Plus, the coordination, trust and admiration between the two Qin forces on that field will lead to them being, on a whole, a much stronger army than they were the day before.

    • Guess

      Great chapter,

      Riboku did send reinforcements to the right, but Ousen not using the Hishin unit for all of day 2 meant the right side didn’t result in a Qin victory. I still think Shin is already on the right waiting for his move, because his ability to influence the side fights is much greater than the center. I don’t think Shin will go to the left because Mouten doesn’t do all out fights like the right, it’s hard to step into a battle of feints.

      Yotanwa’s fight will be resolved by plot armor.

    • mostafa

      I think the time has come for Hi Shin unit to show us some reall fight , ousen should send Hi Shin unit as the reinforcement to the left wing the one is going to face with that new general must be Shin

    • Pen

      Great chapters.
      Regarding situation Heki definitely needs to grow up but while yotanwa repeatedly saves Heki I don’t see that happening…
      The only idea I can see is some way to taunt the wolf king into appearing and getting him personally involved.

      I agree that with situation two we need to see hi shin unit taking the stage I guess it could be all three battlefields which what strategy will Ousen use? With the extra support to the right it seems hard, the left was hard already. Center has always been hopeless.

      I would like to see shin being used to deal with Batei directly in 1on1 taking that whole brunt of force which can let Mouten to have free space to deal with Kisui.

    • Pen

      Hmm maybe also Hekis devotion can be considered a strength. Yotanwa should be well aware of these aspects of Heki so she could ask Heki to do a very daring thing that most other generals would not to (due to lack of trust)..

    • De

      How I see it is that the Hi Shin Unit will stay right where they are, Ousen needs them for when the numbers in the center are more or less even then he can use them as brute force right down the middle while the center sides mush through and mop up any weaklings left behind, also I am sure Ousen knows that Riboku is saving some of his strongest generals in the center so he will need a brute force army like the Hi Shin unit to punch through and take Riboku’s head. as for the left and right armies they will continue to do their jobs of whittling down the Zhou forces so that Riboku has to keep sending reinforcements.

      Personally I see the 3rd and 4th days in somewhat of a sea-saw battle on the left and right with Mouten devising a stratagem that Kisu falls for hook line and sinker with Batie losing either his head or his army and not being able to effect the battle anymore on the left. On the right Akou will finally take Banajie’s head while Ohoun distracts the new Zhou general but takes heavy enough losses that the day ends in a draw.

      As for Yotonwa well I am sure somewhere in her army there is a tunnel and tracking unit that specialize in finding them then breaking into them, the Quorang are strong but I am sure that the tactical strength of mountain tribe has not been shown yet since so far they have relied mainly on brute force.

      Lastly with the Kanki army seemingly sitting around the castle waiting for them to get too weak to fight I am sure that by day 5 or 6 when the food has run out and the people want to escape he will have an opening to attack then take the castle.

      Just my thoughts………

  5. pandana

    I have a feeling that Ousen is gonna send Shin to the right battlefield to take care of Gyou’un.

    • Tek

      When Hi Shin gets some action, I wish the archer bro got a general head. If the big bro is recognized as a 10 Bows of China, we might get some fun bow fight when they’re up against Shu young generals again.

  6. Fahrenheit451

    Thank you for the chapter!

  7. Oseas

    Thanks as always turnips.

  8. Poor Heki cannot catch a break.
    Now that they know there is a secret passage into the city, that should be a big deal if they can find it. I hope they don’t just forget about it…
    Thanks for the translation!

  9. Also, the number of powerhouse commanders Riboku pulls out of his sleeve is astonishing. Ousen’s commanders on the other hand haven’t done anything exceptional (except dying). Let’s hope that means more glory for our youngsters.

  10. Osi

    Thousands of years from “kingdom,” Ouhon will be reincarnated as Vegita.

    Shin will be… lol

  11. I got Go board vibe on panel with armies disposition. Now I want to learn to play Go once again. -_-

    Great chapter as always! Thanks!

  12. The paneling and use of height in this chapter made way for some amazing scenes. Great job!

  13. Jackson

    Thank you very much!

  14. Michiru

    Thanks for the chapter!!! I’m still waiting for Shin and Kyokai action…

  15. Osi

    Re: Shin,

    The right and left battlefields exist ONLY to tip the scales of balance regarding the center field. The center field is the one that matters.

    By posting Shin to the center, among the three independent units, Hi Shin was given the most responsibility. And, assuming Ousen is the one who ends up attacking because the scales have been tipped to Qin’s favor, Hi Shin will have the most chance for glory.

    It is not advantageous to keep using Hi Shin as a strike force on the right and left, because they’re not the main fights. The real fight will be in the center.

    Which is why Riboku diverting troops, this was definitely a small victory for Qin’s right army. But, if by the end of the day Akou needs reinforcements, their small victory is erased, so they can’t rest. Worse, the food issues mean that Qin can’t win with ‘small victories,’ the right and left need to win big so the center has to divert troops so Ousen can attack, and they need to do it quickly.

    • Guess

      Shin won’t fight in the center, there will be too many people fighting there and the purpose of the independent units is to be able to make independent decisions away from the generals. For Ousen to use Shin in what will certainly be a defensive battle makes so sense. Shin is a spear with which to piece and destroy one of the flanking armies and then move to threaten Zhao’s center armor from a flank.

      Also, the Qin’s right flank will lose the current day if they’re not reinforced. Those 10k men mean business, the commander is stronger than the 3 currently on the right and also the total number advantage on the Qin is around 50%. Basically, Zhao can use 1 commander to hold down Ouhon and 2 commanders to hold down both of Akou’s armies, and have 1 commander left over to flank either of the two at will.

  16. algarban

    Thanks for the hard work!! ty!!

  17. Jozze

    Congrats on those turnips! Can’t wait for the next batch! πŸ˜‰

  18. Thank you

    Thank you for the good work


    As alway THX TURNIP-SENSE!

  20. yongjomyhong

    Heki is wise, he reduce his soldiers to even the food he lost

    • He is a bufoon. A pig who I have no idea how he became a general.

      • swongy

        Bufoon or not. Heki survived multitude of major battles. In ancient warfare, where casualties are numbered in the thousands, it proves he has a knack for warfare.

        • ivo

          Bihei survived so there goes your logic.

          • De

            It is more impressive that Bihei has survived since he is a common foot soldier and not from the warrior class like Heki.

            Heki has made a mistake charging in like that but it could also work to Yotonwa’s advantage if he co-ordinates his seemingly reckless charge (only to feint and drop back with the Quorang chasing him) leaving their flanks exposed for an attack from Yotonwa. This could work since the Quorang have already seen him charge in recklessly and think he is a poor tactician.

          • OSI

            Heki is no fool, but he will never be a great general. He doesn’t have that in him. I do think his promotion to general was accelerated greatly by the kings faction, back when ei sei was struggling for power. Heki and shin were their only military allies, they surely helped both out as much as possible. But, they had so little power when heki was rising, it must be said he earned it, too. Minor general for life.

            He needs to learn though- do not despair in front of the troops!!! Thats what tents are for

          • Pen

            This manga has such a strong focus on the exceptional generals that we could get the feeling that all generals are like this. Heki has his strengths and weaknesses but he has just been promoted as a general so right now he is quite poor as generals go. He is diligent and will try to improve on what he can.

          • swongy

            You try surviving as infantry. If you dun die under Shin, you have my respect.

          • Guess

            Many generals focus on charges and not strategy… Morbu and Akou come to mind.

      • yongjomyhong

        I just mock is reckless action.

        • Osi

          yeah he’s not doing so well this war for sure. I had more respect for him 10 chapters ago… its not that his food got burned, its… everything else.

          But, generals don’t always win. (duh.) Totally agree with Pen- we’ve been spoiled by the clashes of titans. there’s a reason there are ‘generals’ and ‘vice-generals’

          • swongy

            supply and demand. by sending waves of troops into certain death, reduces the mouths to feed, and those who lived are tempered by the trials, and therefore stronger.

          • Pen

            But swongy Heki would excaxtly be one of the types of generals who could not think this way. Think of the situation in Shins first war where they are standing on the mountain and strange bird of qin general was talking about the significance of the general, how much Heki was against this line of thinking, I don’t think he has changed since. I am sure this was an honest charge from him (as well as risking his own life) to try to turn the tables only to cause more harm

        • Guess

          As long as he survives, he is doing fine. He is inexperienced and unable to control his emotions, but the same can be said for Shin. It’s not like the food was unguarded, plus splitting it in half in two sites was brilliant, it literally reduced the damage in half.

          That been said, only plot armor allowed the food to burn down. It would have been trivial to knock over the burning buildings to save most of the supplies.

          • Osi

            Dunno about that comparison to shin. Generals arent supposed to need pep talks. Yotanwa gave heki one- shin, on the other hand, is hot blooded, but is GIVING morale, not sapping it by publically crying. (Except for when he shin arrived in sai, which its hard to hold against him)

  21. mostafa

    the English raw has released , on
    thank you oshit sama .

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