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  1. Ferabeo

    Perfect ! 😀

  2. Geroprog

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Jack Georgie

    thanks as always. zhao is loaded with strong general.

    • Osi

      That almost threw me, but when I started thinking about it, it makes sense… any society engaged in near-constant warfare which also has a warrior class/caste will definately have a lot of retired and semi-retired soldiers hanging around, and living relatively well, because soldiers who survived, I believed, did end up with plenty of money to get old and fat on.

      Riboku begged the retired heavy hitters to fight, out of sheer desperation. And of course they came, because the threat is real.

    • Oresama

      And now I wonder where did all of qin’s six remnants go besides ouki’s. Did they follow their masters in death, or simply put their weapon down? Well, if it’s the latter I hope that they will make an appearance sometime in the future.

      • Pen

        I didn’t start reading the manga till after having watched the anime and haven’t read these chapters but I can say that there is a scene where Renpa (former one of Zhao three greats) will tell us how he reacted hearing the news of the demise of each of the Qin great six. So Ouki was the last remaining alive till his end. Also there are other small sections scattered.

        But all these six are defiantly masters in their own right – they would not follow anyone else into death in such a way – but as we for example saw with Ouki what happened after his beloved king died is that he lost a large part of his fires of life, he was just getting these fires back with the new king Ei Sei but unfortunately died.

      • Pen

        I think I misunderstood your six remnants, you mean these six subordinates… I can’t recall anything for the other five in the manga but it is a really good historical question, I think Hara like to give a good storry to those he mentions and so there is a hard limit to how many he can include

        • Oresama

          Yes, I mean their subordinates. I reread the about ouki past and there was a panel which showed kyou and some of her subordinates and that what makes me question it. Yeah I know that there are bunch of characters already but it wouldn’t hurt it to include them, even it’s just a small appearance.

  4. Thank you

    Best part of the week.. and now I can keep trying to study with gusto again! Thanks a lot! These weekly kingdom chapters really have strange way of giving me energy!

  5. algarban

    Thanks a lot for the chapter!

  6. Michiru

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  7. Jackson

    Thanks guys, great work!

  8. Nick

    GIF of the week? Make this a thing! 🙂

  9. mostafa

    thank you oshit sama and turnip guys

  10. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Not much to talk about this time… Qin will need to reinforce right side as Ive thought for the past few chapters.

  11. Oseas

    Hey Turnips, do you know if theres a break next week? Its that time of year and theres some text at the bottom of the last page.

  12. swongy

    Does Manga celebrate Christmas?

  13. Dajh

    this chapter explains why ouki told tou “you are to forbid even a single man from following me into death. That applies to the army commanders too.”

    • Osi

      Given reincarnation, if you follow your commander into death, it would stand to reason you’d have a better chance of fighting with him again in the next life… and with all of your squad-mates as well.

      So I wonder if Hara is pulling that tendency from historical documents? I am guessing he is…

    • Guess

      It’s a part of the culture. Try looking up the Terracotta Army.

      In this case, they want to continue to serve and protect him in the next life. I don’t think reincarnation is part of it, more of a continuation .

      • Osi

        continuity of a soul/group of souls from one life into another= reincarnation

        • Guess

          Reincarnation implies rebirth… i.e. as a baby even if not a human one

          • Osi

            “In this case, they want to continue to serve and protect him in the next life. I don’t think reincarnation is part of it, more of a continuation .”

            -Guess, like 3 comments ago… lol

          • Guess

            Again, reincarnation imples a re-birth, new start, absent the memories of a past life. Here, it is simply heading into the next life/realm/dimension/whatever with full knowledge of what transpired before. For example, Christians don’t reincarnate.

          • Osi

            You can say that all you like, but reincarnation breaks down to re + Incarnation, and you can look up incarnation- it has to do with being embodied in flesh, not the action of having been birthed. so the very words we’re using disprove what you’re saying, sorry mate…

            As well, we’re not talking about some abstract make believe place or religion. We’re talking about Warring states period China, and the corresponding Buddhist beliefs of the time. NOT made up anime afterlives. This is historical fiction.

          • Guess

            Only facts here
            1. Reincarnation =/= resurrection, where you would have them be equal. Try speaking to a Christian scholar for the nuances
            2. Buddhism hasn’t reached China yet
            3. What exists in China at this time is closer to the Christian idea of Resurrection + but in a different world in the afterlife (not necessarily the last one ala elysium or heaven but rather the next one)

          • Osi

            Only facts?

            I did look up when Buddhism arrived in china, and unfortunately we are both rather incorrect there. I had assumed buddhism was already entrenched, you’re stating it hadn’t reached china at all.

            I looked it up and Ei Sei, the historical figure, about ten years from the current kingdom action, will outlaw buddhism… So although one can assume it was a thing, one can’ t assume these soldiers were Buddhist. One also can’t assume there was no chance they would have been, although, again, I can’t hold to my statement any more. That said, yours seems dubious as well, given buddhism seemed to arrive during the warring states period’s end.

            I’d be interested in where you are pulling your information on folk religions pre buddhism? But I must say, Re: Reincarnation=ressurection, reincarnation and ressurection are not the same idea, they just aren’t. Are they similar and interrelated? yes, of course. But there’s a reason they are literally two different words, and not synonyms. The reason is simple: They mean different things. I think you must know that. I wonder why you would try to state, again, reincarnation means anything but to be back in flesh again, because, well, look at the latin roots of the word, none of what you’re saying is correct, sorry. Here’s another bit- the root word in ‘reincarnation’ is the latin word ‘caro,’ which means ‘meat’ or ‘body.’ Not “birth” in any form– MEAT, BODY. so to be re-put-in-meat-or-body=reincarnation. Does that involve birth? yes, and basically this is a dumb part of this discussion, I can’t believe I’ve been baited into this so long. Jeez

          • Osi

            whups latin word ‘carno’

  14. X

    Thank you! Talk about 2000 men “warming” up is like wtf?! Are they not serious enough?????

  15. Guess

    Couldn’t wait, read some spoilers. Will be an awesome chapter!!!

  16. Thomas Moulton

    Break next week incoming

  17. letouriste

    thanks for the chapter btw

  18. any update on chapter release?

  19. Where is the F5 army? Did they forget their duties?

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