Chapter 542

Last chapter of this year! Kingdom is on break next week.

Chapter 542: Read Online



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  1. Jack Georgie

    happy new year oshit sama, thanks for all the hard work this years.

  2. Michiru

    Thank you for the update, see you next year.

  3. Merooo


  4. Thank you

    Ok.. well thank you for the good work and I hope you don’t have to spend rest of the year only working, and can have few holidays. Take care and see you next year!

  5. Thanks and happy new year!

  6. Great teleportation skills from Shin, finally some action for him.

    Thanks for the chapter and Happy New Year!

  7. Oseas

    Thanks turnips.

  8. Lie

    happy new year, thx for the great effort…

  9. Geroprog

    Thank you for the Hard work, through the whole year.

  10. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter and for the year!

    Here’s to hoping Shin brought his whole unit rather than 100 riders. That’s what’s needed to turn this around.

    • Thanks for the great work guys.

      I don’t think that they need to bring all unit or ousen send all unit here. Because ousen need Hi-Shin Unit to be fresh when the real fight start in the center.
      I think it will be more interesting, if shin and kyoukai came to ouhon rescue with small number of troops just like riboku did with earlier on left side.
      With Shin troops and some troops from akou or ouhon, shin going to appear as a third commander on right side and i am sure that we are going to see some action from kyoukai.
      For the Shin part may be its time for hara sensei to show us shin’s Instinctual skill growth.

      So what you think ?

      • Guess

        Before today, the Qin right wing was always outnumbered but it didn’t matter because they had higher morale and fighting skill. I think that changed now, Zhao’s morale improved and they’re commiting their elite units to battle.

        My concern is that supposing individual strength is the same now, then the fact is that Zhao outnumbers Qin 30K to 20K. If Shin and Kyokai each killed 100, it wouldn’t save Akou from losing a lot of soldiers today. If Shin brings 8k, it becomes 30K vs 28K, enough for tactics to win the day. Just my thoughts

      • Guess

        I’ll add a prediction. If Shin’s whole unit appears we will see the wave attack again executed by Ten. The first wave is Shin and a small number of elite cavalry fast enough to rescue Ouhon and help them save Akou. When Zhao responds, a second wave of 3k? cavalry will disrupt the response. Akou manages to pull away and reorganize because of this. Shin and Ouhon will be fully focused on by the Zhao army they hit, but Shin’s infantry will show up to save them, at which point Akou will attack again against the remaining 2 Zhao armies. (Ouhon unit is tying the last Zhao army up already, without him) Shin/Ouhon/Kyokai wreck the army they’re facing first, starting the domino effect.

  11. mostafa

    I think general ousen send 5k or 3k of Hi shin unit to helping the right wing , and after today Hi shin unit will once again return to the center army and also that Gyou’un will do the same thing and they face each other on the fourth day too .
    just my thoughts

  12. ivo

    Was this Hourai from 431?

  13. Nina

    Thanks so much. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you guys, turnip farmers. See you next year!

  14. Osi

    I’d be shocked if Hi Shin infantry is anywhere but the center field now. Ousen asked for a messenger, that was to send Shin to help Akou and Ouhon.

    Shin arrived shortly after. Just enough time for a cavalry, running full tilt, to get to the field. Same as last time.

    The infantry COULD be behind them, but that’d be dumb because by the time infantry arrived, it would be really really hard to reintegrate the whole unit.

    …also, this is why shin’s arrival was not impossible. Ousen saw the danger coming…

  15. Aie Rizal

    tq so much the marvelouse year.. and happy new year to all kingdom fan..

  16. It bugs me every time cavalry units just teleport right next to their opponents who are caught by surprise. Ninja horses.

    • Guess

      I posted a couple chapters back that I would hide the Hishin unit close to the right side as a trump card. Ousen might have asked for a messenger, but the message could just be to wave a flag from a certain location where hishin lookouts can see. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than attack or return to center. Instant reponse time compared to verbal communication.

      • Osi

        How are you counting the passage of time between panels? It would have taken zhao A While to get that deep into qin’s lines. Time passed. How much exactly wasnt made clear. It wouldve taken shin a few minutes to switch fields.

        • Guess

          Horse gallops at 25-30 miles per hour, human voice (shouting) travels 10 miles under ideal conditions (non ideal here, but a large group is shouting). Therefore, 20 minutes from center to wing if they are already prepared to move, longer if they take time to prepare.

          However if Hishin unit was hiding closer to the right, and communication is by flags, it could easily be less than 5 minutes.

          • Osi

            … you have no way of calculating the distance. you are guessing on the horses. you are guessing a lot… and you’re guessing – per “horses travel 25 miles an hour-” and “therefore, 20 minutes from center to right” that the fields are nearly a mile away from each other??

            I’m going to say “no, not possible.”

            Nothing would work in this war if the fields were over half a mile from eachother. None of the strategies we’ve seen would be viable… at all. ever.

            Some time passed. less than 20 minutes. More than 3 seconds. the panels aren’t timestamped. Take Hara’s word for it…

          • Osi

            crap my math was off there!!! if they were going 25 miles an hour, in 20 minutes, they would have gone 8.25 miles!!!! Sorry, no!!!! lol. .8 miles was crazy enough! lol

          • Osi

            I’m gonna lastly state, Ousen and Riboku need to be able to SEE and affect, in time, all fields. Which is why Ousen’s on a hill. Human visibility being what it is, no way the fields are less than half a mile apart. He couldn’t see that far if they were. information wouldn’t flow so well. Armies couldn’t fight together.

            at 25 mph, in one minute, a horse could travel .41 miles.

            It would have taken shin about 70 seconds given your galloping speed and my guesses, based solely on the fact Ousen can see the other fields.

          • Osi

            also, everyone, recall that we’ve seen all three fields drawn to scale, in the same panels. they are not far apart. nothing here is unbelievable

          • Guess

            Sorry, no idea what you just said. Everything I posted, speed of a horse, distance of a human shout, can be found online.

          • Osi

            right. short version- you stated it would take 20 minutes for shin to get there. going 25 miles an hour. The math says you think the fields are 8 miles apart. That’s not the case. we’ve seen pictures.

          • Guess

            What is the correct distance then?

          • Guess

            Nevermind, I see you put 1/2 mile above. That’s not correct, 1/2 a mile is within arrow range. Clearly the armies are further apart than that.

  17. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  18. ametaratsu

    well there could be an explanation why shin teleported their XD

  19. Tek

    Thanks for chapter and have a nice holiday Turnip!

  20. Eraz

    I think that actually Ou Sen had builded his plans before the war to give only supportive roles for Shin&Kyokai until there will be an opportunity for them to be close to kill officers of Zhao during all campaign. In the past wars after its establishment by Ouki, Hi Shin unit declares their success as a surgical strike/kamikaze unit whom surprise attack power is so large that the enemy automaticaly gives more attention to them whenever they are getting closer to the enemy’s hq location.

    After Ma Kou’s charge of the left flank of Qin, kisui would be killed by Mou Ten because he was focused to appearence of Hi Shin unit but Ri Boku had ambushed Ma Kou and then all left side of the battlefield was turned into turmoil.

    if Hi Shin unit and Gyoku Hou can get enough attention from Zhao officers in the events after chapter 542, Akou could redeploy his forces to counter attack to the one of commanders of Zhao in right side of the battlefield.

    I guess that except Shin&Kyokai and their retinue, remaining Hi Shin unit will continue to being in the center because of Shin&Kyokai’s need for maneuverability and speed. They will go and confuse the enemy, kill some officers and return to back. They are like sharped bumerang now, no longer being like Ou Ki’s arrow.

    • Osi

      Thats how i see it too. I thought ousen would use shin a bit less, but i now think this way is better. Shin stays sharp, hi shin infantry stays fresh, left and right fields are supported. But ultimately, the highest value people/pieces will fight in the center…

      • Eraz

        I agree. maybe you could remember Ou Sen’s mention about “only fighting the battles where victory is certain” in battle of Sanyou. He firstly thinks about defence of himself; so his ultimate, super strong elite troops have been waiting in center of Qin army in large numbers while his flank armies are getting in more danger to collapse with every passing manga chapter.

        Ou Sen is so selfish about wellfare of his own skin, but also he has got success about delaying Zhao army.

        But I wonder, how much Hi Shin unit can patiently wait like grown ups in center army anymore?

        By the way, thank you for your work, turnip farmers.

        • Osi

          Morale is definitely an issue for the Hi Shin unit. However, it could really work out in their favor…

          Possibility one: infantry gets increasingly discouraged by not fighting. and tensions with cavalry rise. Morale drops, unit effectiveness plummets

          Possibility two: The unit is able to stay sharp and together, and when they are finally deployed, the infantry unleashes all its pent up frustrations on the enemy, fighting like demon kings.

  21. Merry Christmas every one

  22. yeman420ph

    Thank you guys for the hard work!
    Are we on break this week?
    Hail to Oshit!!!

  23. Geroprog

    There is tokyo ghoul spoiler on mangasail. so if there should be kingdom too soon. 🙂

  24. Geroprog

    There is tokyo ghoul spoiler on mangasail. so if there should be kingdom too soon. 🙂

  25. Wizzy

    Spoilers are out for a new chapter of Kingdom!
    Thanks for the work!

  26. Guess

    Spoilers are out, hoping for the full chap over the weekend (un-translated)

  27. musa991

    Thanks for your hard work. Is there any possibility of the translation coming out today?

    • Still waiting on last bits of cleaning and stuff, can’t be helped though seeing as how it’s New Years and all. That Oshit guy fucked off to hump the Great Wall too so we’re down one guy compared to usual

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