Chapter 543

Happy New Year and all that jazz, you know how it goes.

Here’s the China boi you’ve all been waiting for.

Apparently the magazine’s on break again next week, so no Kingdom next week if that turns out to be true.

Chapter 543: Read Online



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145 responses to “Chapter 543

  1. Tidarius

    I had to sign up just to reply on some of the comments in this comment section. Just when you thought, you had seen every single retard on the internet, you see even bigger retards where you want to see them the least. In the comment section of your life-time-favourite manga, on a webpage managed by people who do an extreme amount of work for our selfish desires, with only thanks in payment. Adysanu2008 and venku are the reason why democracy doesn’t work, when the extremely stupid gets a vote to vote on the wroung person or demand the wroung things from the wroung persons.
    – This post wasn’t just to point out the retards, but to finally say thanks, from a long time appriciater and lurker. So if the people responsible for running this page/translating-service/whatever you guys do specifically in details, sees this message, a 1000 thanks from the heart for your hard work, it’s insanely appriciated (I speak for alot of my friends who enjoy this manga and your work. We’re all fully grown men, who act like kids on a sugar rush everytime you guys release a chapter). So lets use a well-known-saying to end this post, Long live the people responsible for this webpage, may you forever stay healthy and happy in mind.

    • Your comment, my friend amounts to nothing, just useless blabling about stuff. Speaking about democracy, when its not needed. Classifying me as a retatd, yet not stating exactly why.

      Democracy is failing because people like you, Tidarius. I enjoy electicity but that does not stop me from thinking it should be free (as the guy who invented it wanted to). And no, by this i dont mean manga should be free, as you would probably make that connection in your tiny brain. I’m trying to say just because i like someting it does not mean that i think is perfect and i should be overly thankful for it.

      How many manga have you read? Not many I think. Otherwise you would notice that some manga lack even a detailed background. Tons of chapters are drawn over an entire white background. That reduces the time you have to put to work for it, its a common practice of many authors. BEING A MANGAKA IS HARDER THAT DOING NOTHING, BUT DEFFINETLY A DREAM JOB COMPARED WITH OTHER JOBS. So if thinking this makes me a retard, so be it. -_-

      Democracy fails because it’s run by people that do not believe in democracy, and because the true principle of democracy is not respected (a symbiotic relationship between rights and responsabilities). How should i say it for your litte brain to understand: everyone claim rights but no one claim responsabilities.

      • Tidarius

        Okay, I’ll point it out for you, and I’ll be very clear, since you need to be educated, and I only waste this time of mine because I believe in humanity and I got nothing else to do atm.
        1. You speak of mangaka’s work, without knowing their actually work, however, as an educator, I am here to help. ALOT of mangaka’s and assistants actually end up ill due to overwork because of tremendious pressure from the magazines they publish in. There is a manga you can read, which can give you insight in the life of a mangaka (you clearly havn’t read this one), it’s called Bakuman, give that a read (I know, I know, some of it is probably fiction, perhaps). Furthermore, give this a look: I aint proclaiming that this is every mangaka’s life, ofc the biggest mangas e.g. those that sell the most can afford more helpers and give more freetime. The point is, alot of mangaka’s end up ill due to working insane hours per week. Actually there is an entire article about mangaka’s taking breaks/going ill due to overwork, link here:

        I know these links/information is no-where near backed by science or can even be falsified, however, when there is no better information you gotta take what you can.
        The conclusion we arrive at is, you’re the kind of person, that speaks of alot, but knows nothing and you need to understand that spreading wroung information is worse than spreading any information at all. A life lesson to you, is to think before you speak and especially on the internet, because guess what, people actually read your bullshit. Furthermore I’ll even explain why this is important for you. You speak of my “little brain” but what I cannot phantom is, eventhough 4-5 people comment your post, commenting it by either saying what you say is wroung or proclaiming you’re less intelligent, you STILL go on with the “mangaka dream job” WITHOUT actually investigating why these 4-5 people say you’re wroung. Which leaves us to another of your flaws, you don’t listen to critizism and actually makes me believe you’re just trolling.

      • Hikachu

        Mangaka a dream job?
        I believe not many people share your thoughts, and especially not the mangakas themselves. It is one of the toughest job, with one of the highest suicide rate or burnouts.
        But why would you care, all that matters to you is that you get your weekly dose right? Why caring about the human being behind it?

        • Now this is a good replay, I’m happy someone had the brains for this.
          This japanese are so uptight about things man. Why cant you be on the beach having a tan while you draw stuff? Or in the park or something, listening to music, on a picnic with the family. Do you have to be in a dark room bent over a desk? Is that a requirement? -_-

          Even so, i have to say that Oda really does a good thing, he has attention to details every little thing is well made, lots o background on the pannels, fully packed pages, lots of easter eggs and deeper meaning to every little thing he draws. Kubo on the other side just uses blank background, some low level story, focuses only on the fights – that’s almost like cheating lol.

          • Bums

            Cheating? Like you not answering the questions or more in like not admitting out loud that there are a lot of aspects to being a mangaka (as in being someone else) and you just proclaimed its one-sidely easy and then stepping back on your word using Oda without realizing or saying sorry for being wrong?… Well… we all can just look at the facts we like and then proclaim this and that.. doesn’t make it true thought…

          • @Bums
            Saying sorry to who? To you? I dont get these type of people easy to get offended for every little thing, demanding an apology for everything.
            What’s with you people? I like Bleach, but should i just ass kiss Kubo without saying he has flaws? Jesus!
            I guess some peopple are used to ass kissing and saying things that they dont mean just to please everyone. Welcome to the real world, where you dont have to go apeshit just because someone says something you dont like.

            And it’s true, you can;t compare Oda whith the others. And i even explained why, Nothing gets to you man, all you want is an apology. Ok, then SORRY, I WAS IGNORANT. Will you forgive me, o allmighty one? Even if i was partially wrong, how dare i speak my mind openly being sincere and true insted of a fake “thank you for all your work”.

          • Merooo

            You are a big fat phony. You don’t account for a thing. Can’t admit to saying a stupid thing. Can only irritate people. Pitiful.

            You go ahead and try to not be as uptight as successful mangakas who got lucky shot and finally got publication and in one month you’ll end up at the same place as you are right now, a faggot with no future.

    • BlackStar_Oli

      You are the type of people I despise on the internet. People that think they are superior than others and jump to personal attacks.

      Try preaching tolerance instead of hate. It’s not because you write well-constructed text that it makes you better than the simple and stupid comments here (I do agree that some of them are bad comments).

      Your thanks at the end almost feel like you are trying to redeem yourself IMO, but good nonetheless. I also appreciate their work a lot.

      Please, Try not to be as bad as most people on the internet. I’m sure you are the type of person that could make a little difference, even if meaningless, on the internet.

      • Tidarius

        oh boy, you would have loved the long comment I made to clearify why he was wroung, but as oshit explained a few comments below he doesn’t have time to moderate it. However, you preach of tolerance instead of hate, but your first literally sentence starts out with “You are the type of people I despise on the internet”, so basicly you ask people to do one thing, but does the complete opposite? Your whole “white-knight” point of comment kindda gets ruined. If people don’t get called out (perhaps, retard was abit over the top, nonetheless, perfect wording IMO, if using your terms) when they say incorrect or intolerable things, you know what the world would be build upon? Lies, deceit and incorrect information and thereby alot of unlucky souls. Luckily we got a few clever people upon this earth doing research to correct the wroungs from the right and if the few highest yellers don’t get put down (not literally), so their “right” gets corrected, you can keep your despise for me and my “belief of superiority”.

        • Avierz

          I had to sign up just to reply as well. I completely agree with Tidarius. Some people are just downright ignorant. Every country has their own culture. What do you mean that the Japs are so uptight about things? Quality is in their culture. They believe in quality work, therefore giving their best in everything they do. Learn to respect and do some research on Japanese culture before you come up with ignorant comments like that. Also, stop thinking that the world only revolves around you.

          You can’t demand a service while simultaneously degrading those who provide it for you.

        • BlackStar_Oli

          Correcting is 100% correct. I believe in truth and education. I might explain slightly bad. It is not because I despise people that I can’t tolerate them and try to understand them.

          I got nothing against you. We are all here for a common love for manga ; let’s not fight.

    • Venku

      What a bullshit i already aplogized in my second comment but few people are still dragging it.I dont know about how mangakas works so said something wrong so please forgive me.I never thought that placing opinion is a big crime if i knew i would have never commented.
      How is it retard brother if im wrong u could have explained how mangakas works.
      And i feel in a democratic region everyone should have the right to express.

    • Venku

      Brothers plz forgive me.
      I will never place a comment and visit turnipfarmers again so this is my last comment.plz dont drag this.
      I’m not good at english if said something wrong im really sorry about that.

  2. Rumy

    Yo boy where the fuck is my chapter

  3. Dajh

    The moment you realise you have spent more time on this website the last 2 weeks than on your studies. Tomorrow ive got my exams and there hasnt been a chaptet out the last 2 weeks… im fucked dx

  4. Hyuu

    So good stuff in the next chapter 🙂

  5. Rumy

    It’s taking forever

  6. Syed hussian

    Get the chapter out already I can’t freaking wait anymore

  7. Rumy

    Like I’m legit cranky right now through withdraws. From kingdom

  8. BlackStar_Oli

    Is there anything we can do to help ?

  9. I’m in Japan now and have 0 input on when the chapter comes out. It’ll get here when they get the raws most likely – as it always has.

    I don’t have time to moderate comments so everyone just calm down. People are often ignorant about how manga is released – that’s nothing new…

  10. Shit u

    For those freaking cant wait for the release..please get a life..1 manga cant take ur life away..if u comment on frustrating it is..then do something more meaningful..
    Seriously go fuck urself instead of crying out here

  11. Pen

    I think that we all here on the forum care about the manga and all steps to delivering it to us, and I think that by writing here we are also seeing some new sides to our self, and so following our own road is for me much the spirit of the manga..

    I will probably take a brake from this now 😉

  12. Rumy

    Nigga this my crack

  13. Osi


    *doing his best Shin impression, ha*

  14. 123456

    Damn, where is the F5 army to spread some love :O

  15. Wew what happened here.

    Reminder that the break last week was not just for Kingdom, but the whole magazine. Cut them mangakas some slack yo, one week off to spend some time with family and friends at the start of a New Year ain’t asking for much.

    Anyway, the chapter should be out tomorrow once the typesetting is done as that’s pretty much all that’s left.

    • Tek

      Thanks for the update bro, you’re doing a great job. This chapter made me realize how many people smoke Kingdom. Actually, the amount of people demanding chapter isn’t bad, it’s just the long ass comments that make this look worse than it is.

    • Duhh

      All hail gongitraped and oshit. Death to all pussy thats been bitchin and cant get a break

    • faridcwidjaya

      all hail gongitraped and oshit~!!

    • The disscusion was about manga breaks in general, not about Kingdom. About how can someone who doodles for a living can have such a hard life that they require breaks. Well, i found out not that they don’t have it as easy as i tought, since the japanese society sucks as much as our society does.

      Never once had i said “i want a chapter out right now”. And even if i criticize something i still like it. I did not start cursing and calling names (except “tiny brain” for someone who called me “retard”).

      But some people just understand what they want to.

      • geroprog

        “I can picture all the work done in 1 day, having the rest of the week free.
        Now try to be a factory worker or something else. No matter how fast and well you do your job, the work will be endless and the employee will always work you nonstop.”
        You wrote this….
        I mean you seem to me, a little bit too ignorant.
        They work hard. you can not do a chapter in a day….
        And a factory worker dont have to think to much what to do in his job…
        but a mangaka is a crative job, and a hard one at that. He has to apease the audience, every week. It is not soo simple as you think. You are really disrespectful towards them.
        Why could not they take a few weeks off, they have to take some time to reload too?!
        They have to think about a lot of stuff, planning the story, and drawing… I think they work more than 8 ours a day.
        And since we get the chapters for free, we should not be pretentious.

        • antientitlement

          That guy is a lost cause. Feels like a waste of time to even convince someone who thought he knew everything without even stepping into a mangaka’s shoes. Hell, not even a minimum research was done before mouth went off running.

  16. togame

    also a friendly reminder that the reason it takes longer to clean is their training newbies on the job cos Kingdom “fans” bullied the last cleaner into quitting

    so y’all can’t really complain bout speed

  17. jimi

    I can’t wait for the next chapter

  18. Cedric

    I’m getting goosebumps… I know these next few chapters are gunna be mind blowing!!!! What does Riboku have up his sleeve? How strong is the newly formed Hi Shin unit? Will Shin wipe out every single general single-handedly with Oukis glaive in hand or will the heads of Zhaos generals be shared among all of Qins officers? LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! #HISHINUNITSTYLE

  19. John Riku

    F5 every 5 minutes.

  20. JJames

    when will the chapter be released sir oshit-sama?

  21. i am an ass

    it is out

  22. Is tomorrow today or at your place it’s still yesterday? I’m getting confused with the time tables.

  23. Moody

    ??????? ????????
    ? ?
    ???? ????????
    ? ?
    ? ?
    ? ???????

  24. Leo

    well, thats some really long typesetting…

  25. Moody


  26. Tek

    It’s up in Sense guys, no more F5!

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