Chapter 545

I’d write something here, but Monster Hunter World literally just got released like 5 minutes ago.


Edit: Looks like one of the speech bubbles randomly got deleted during editing, V2 will probably come out sometime tomorrow.

The missing bubble should read something like “This is the first time we’ve encountered enemy foot soldiers this strong…

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70 responses to “Chapter 545

  1. jackjarijari

    thnx for the chapter. . .

  2. First, thanks turnip guys

  3. Oseas

    Page 4, last bubble wasn’t typeset.

  4. Oseas

    p7 in the middle panel, it either should be “we’re consistently one step behind” or “we’ve been consistently one step behind” not “we’ve consistently one step behind”

  5. ametaratsu

    WOOOOOOO waiting for this, looks like it time for shin to shine

  6. Jackson

    Thank you, you guys rock!

  7. Hahaha, everybody is so surprised that the actual commander will take command. Btw, I dont really get it, is Gyou’un better then Ten because he’s got both strategy and instinct or because on this scale (18k battle) instinct can be better then strategy because it works faster?
    I guess it should be second, because otherwise Shin would stand no chance.

    • Tidarius

      No, it’s because Ten uses logic, whereas Gyou’un doesn’t, so eventhough she might be smarter and better strategic, she can’t use her only tool, e.g. logic, because there is no logic to his moves/strategi. Shin got no strategic knowledge, but he’s a “good” instinctual commander, therefore they will use him to fight instinct with instinct.

      • Osi

        There are a thousand old sayings like “strategies are always perfect until the enemy takes the field.” Why? because the enemy has a strategy too, and even more than on a chess field, each ‘move’ a commander makes leads to an infinite amount of possibilities. no one could ever account for them all: strategy is limited.

        Obviously, so is instinct. But Zhao’s strategy here is to confuse and bewilder Ten by throwing random stuff at her, making her abandon forward strategy and focus on not getting overwhelmed. If they do that long enough, Hi Shin’s line will be tatters and Zhao will have an easy kill.

        Shin’s point is: this is what Duke Hyou did- to some of the greatest strategists alive. Its funny, but I do believe instinctual generalship could have been a thing, or at least, a factor. I used to play chess with a friend, we were evenly matched, ever game would come down to the wire. Until one day, I stopped using strategy, and saw the game as a conversation. Every move, I would ask the question: how will you react now?

        I wiped the floor with him that game, and after that, we were never evenly matched again.

      • So you’re saying that not using logic is easy way to beat any strategist? I find that hard to believe. Ten’s strategy is knowledge based on countless historical lessons. You can’t beat history by just being irrational.

        • Dajh

          no i think he means it like that.
          Ten is a genius as a strategist, she can adept very fast to new patterns as long as they follow some logic she understands.

          you can think it like this: a strategist has orders, he needs them to have an overview. if the whole battlefield is a mess he can’t use his full potential. (because it would take to much time for him to find a strategy that fits the situation. Heki for example would be completely overwhelmed, trying to rally his men or something like (because he hasn’t shown, that he can be flexible as a general yet. if the battlefield doesn’t look like he’s learned it, he will be lost. hopefully he will show us this arc, that he has improved) that while not realizing, that he is exactly doing what gyou’un wants him to do

          a instinctuell generall on the other hand doesn’t need that “order”, he sees the battlefield from a different view. while a strategist sees a mess, the instinctuell one can see certain key points (or sparks how duke hyou would call them) which acts as a starting point where he can ride towards. the key points can be seen as catalysators where his assault has a much bigger impact than on any other place of the battlefield thus the spark will be ignited to a great flame which often is unstoppable.

          gyou’un is sending small units in a quick flowing succession (sometimes even simutaneous) to destroy the enemys order and as soon as he sees a key point he will merciless use that key point. If one of his instruction doesn’t work he pulls the unit back as seen in the chapter and giving the next order. it works especially good against ten, becaus gyou’un seems to be a good strategist to and has a lot of experience. he knows exactly what counter measures a strategist will do, so he is sending as many units as possible, with different targets, to confuse ten and sooner or later he will find his key point.

          instinctual general doesn’t follow a certain logic, but they are not stupid. if they realize that they can’t find a spark, they will retreat and trying something different. remember when duke hyou realised that there is no sparks, because kei sha could counter him as a fellow instinctual general. Kei sha had the advantage of knowing that duke hyou is an instinctual general, thats why he was so successfull against duke hyou. Under normal condition Duke hyou would have retreated but as he was leading the assault and they were outnumbered (120k vs 40k, it wasn’t that simple. Shin, an instinctual type as well realised that they were in danger, so he went to the back of the army, trying to defend them.

          the duke hyou/shin case shows exactly what an instinctual general does. trying to cause som disorder in the enemy troops and find the spark to ignite. if no spark can be found –> retreat and try it again. How a instinctual general manage to get his key point depends on what kind of instinctual general the person is. we still don’t know much about instinctual general, but it seems, that everyone got their own style.

          so i wouldn’t call an instinctual general irrational because
          1. they do know when to retreat
          2. they are fully aware of their superb instincts and each of them is actively trying to create some key points by using their instincts.
          3. following your instinct is by itself in no way irrational. there are reasons why in dangerous situation our body is moved by instinct, because instinct is in certain situations more reliable than anyhing else.

          ok i hope you understood what i wanted to tell. English is not my native language so maybe the quintessence could have been described better and shorter.

        • letouriste

          see that like poker:
          most of the players you will encounted use numbers and probabilities for deciding their moves.
          -if the player concentrate himself on that for winning then that’s a strategist.that method is really good for steading wins because you limit the risks.
          -there another kind of players focusing on their opponent,their quirks,their habits etc…these ones are mainly instinctives.their decision often being based on feelings.your successes are BIG but your loses too.
          -of course all the players are doing both but you generaly tend heavily toward one kind.

    • Hav0k

      Its a case where Gyou’un can see all of Tens moves because of his knowledge of strategy and tactics but Ten can’t see any of Gyou’un move because his response is not in a form she can comprehend.

      • Random Guy on the battlefield

        She can comprehend but not foresee.She has not faced someone like him a instinctual general. Whereas shin can adjust and go on with his guts by seeing the flow. Whereas Gyou’un knows strategy because of his former master the 3 great heaven and he is a instinctual general. He can bury Ten in the ground easily whereas Shin will invite his Ego. To go on head on against another one like him( Instinctual general). So Shin has a chance whereas Ten can only learn from this experience and her complete loss.

        • Osi

          Agreed… all I’ll add is, this has been a “thing” in kingdom lit. Since shin’s first war. If youre still unsure how a strategic general could lose to an instinctual in this manga… heck don’t even know how to finish this sentace honestly.

    • Junjiro

      here are some rules of thumb in interpersonal violence aka fighting:

      1. novelty kills. that’s why many styles have “secret” techniques and zealously guard them. obviously negated by modern technology and culture.
      2. humans are creatures of habit and imitation. they will obviously use something that they used before with success or seen being used successfully by others. that’s why kata/forms exist, from the intricate karate kata, to the two-man kenjutsu kata, to the bare-bones boxing exercises of one-two slip and weave (which has a high percentage of working).
      3. humans seek to synchronize to maintain homeostasis, in war it’s called battle rhythm (the interval between two strikes, the interval between combos, how long will it take to use up bullets and reload, preferred time to battle [in ancient times it’s sunrise to sunset, for ninja it’s nighttime])

      an instinctual general/fighter uses all that. and screws it up to take advantage on his enemies. use novelty moves (spinning shit, silva’s front kick on belfort back when front kicks weren’t utilized like that, etc.); use their habits against them (weidman vs silva), destroy their rhythm (in the manga baby steps it’s called change of pace)

      karyoten’s a true blue TRAINED strategist. however when someone’s pumping jabs at her then proceeds to an ankle pick, she’s baffled. little does she know that these pesky multi-directional jabs and occasional ankle pick is just a setup for an overhand right known as the dragonfish blow. or possibly a headbutt.

      instinctual types have a very good feel on someone’s mental state based on their actions, and that’s what they capitalize on. however getting that instinct requires one to survive lots of violence to the point of death; not many survive.

      i have to say though: every new chapter of kingdom has something to make me smile. bravo, hara-sensei!

      • Osi

        I like the comment, but I may be forever forced to call him Hara -sensei too lol.

        Oh well, if it happens, couldn’t be helped. Hara-sensei deserves it-

  8. Deen Majestic

    R.I.P Hi Shin Unit , lel

  9. Dajh

    omg finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Calamander Calamander it’s probably because he is not only a instinctual general but also have knowledge of tactis/strategy. he can perfectly counter ten and he also got more experience compared to her. To put it simple: ten is not ready to beat someone like him yet.

    • Letouriste

      I’m not sure she ever will.she doesn’t look so bright to me.her strategy is nothing special for now,basic.

      • Dajh

        well i’m not a big fan of her either, but she is the strategist of the hi shin unit and her enemy is the right hand of the previous 3 great heaven. when shin reaches 6 great general level i think she as his strategist should be around that level too (around gyou’un).

  10. Osi

    OH HELL YA! Finally. Lets see what our boy’s learned. Shin, please put the debate on your intelligence to rest!!! b/c there are different type of it.

  11. awqi

    Noooooooooo…… now i’m craving for a lot more upcoming chapter. It can’t be right, why the update is so short 😭😭😭

  12. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Ten as predicted went with the complex chess piece approach.

    Not worried about instinctual > logic here, Ten simply lacks experience. Logic still requires assumptions on how the enemy will fight, and changes those assumptions as warranted on the battlefield. Ten got flustered because she lacks experience fighting this type of enemy and lacks the calmness needed to re-assess. She has room to grow.

  13. korpop

    Page 4 a chat bubble is blank that’s supposed to be filled in. According to the Korean Summary I read Shousa should be saying something like these are the strongest troops we’ve ever faced or something like that.

  14. Gledi

    As always, thanks turnip farmers for your great work😊

  15. mostafa

    thank you so much , We appreciate your doing .

  16. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  17. Michiru

    Thanks for the chapter, you’re the best turnips farmer!

  18. Yeman420ph

    General shin!hail tf sc and oshit!

  19. A

    Thank you for this great chapter!!

  20. The next few chapters better not skip off to see what riboku or heki is upto!!

  21. Xire

    why on earth would you listen to comments anyways ? if u are bothered about some comments, why do you translate in the first place ? most of the silent community who DO appreciate you guys dont say anything, its just the same as in a real job you get payed for….thanks for your work guys, ignore the morons … its internet

  22. Xire

    btw, im drunk…

  23. Osi

    Question for the instinctual general haters/non-understanders… this may sound rude but… have u ever sparred or won a fistfight? Bc… plans go out the window. The scale of being a general is different, but sparring or competing, whatever you think will happen before you start, thats all just in your head. Once it starts, your instincts kick in, and you try to guide them w strategy. Why? In conflict, individual or group, things happen way, way too fast to reevaluate strategy at every point.

    If ten could take a time out and review the whole situation, her strategy might win. But she cant bc the enemy is PURPOSEFULLY overloading her with attacks, to force her out of her game.

    WHICH IS A STRATEGY. It cant be countered by ten. Instinct is clearly the best option.

    • Osi

      Proof: gary kasparov vs deep blue. Look it up, a chess master managed to defeat the perfect strategy computer by using its own strategy against it… by abandoning conventional strategy.

  24. Ahremer

    Was that the first chapter where Kyoukais Unit was shown with her emblem? The hook like thing thats on her headband is on the helmets of the two riders near her too.

    I hope we get to see more of her unit as well, not just her and some no names. 🙂

  25. algarban

    Thanks a lot!! finally we get shin and his hability!

  26. Letouriste


  27. Osi

    Sorry strategic vs. instinctual is my fav part of kingdom and so I’m unable to shut up, sorry, and this conversation is teaching me things, so thanks- I’ve learned:

    this is what a strategist does,

    1) evaluate enemy’s strengths/weaknesses and self’s strengths/weaknesses.
    2) evaluate enemy tendencies and guess at their likely strategy
    3) come up with a plan to either attack or counterattack based that- a full battle plan that takes in all contingencies until the end of the battle to ensure victory
    4) If and when battlefield conditions change to the point one’s strategy no longer works, go to 1) and start again.

    This is what an instinctual type does:

    1) Take a mental snapshot of the field as it currently is
    2) Feel out what the enemy wants to do
    3) Fee out where the energy is (where the fire is), where the potential energy is (where a fire can be started)
    4) Act. Then go back to one and begin again.
    (NEVER has to think until the end of the battle, which makes this cycle way quicker than the strategists)

    In the end, obviously any general would have both traits, the question would be, which is dominant. Shin is an idiot, people say, because he’s not good at the strategy progression. The question we get to see answered now is, how good is he at the instinctive progression.

    btw, Zhao has intentionally stuck Ten in a loop where she has to go 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 so quickly, she can’t even stop to LOOK at the big picture any more. which is a strategists worse nightmare… she was forced by that into the instinctual type battle.

    I am sooooooooo
    frikkin pumped for next chapter

    • letouriste

      clap clap:)
      me too

    • You don’t have to shut up, personally I like to discuss interesting chapter as much as reading it, sometimes even more. So its totally ok. 🙂
      Next chapters we should finally see Shin’s instinctual type brilliance, otherwise i don’t know how will he be able to become Great General, because so far his strategist value is zero.

    • Junjiro

      read the manga ‘baby steps.’ the mc there thinks like the typical strategist-general.

      the instinctual type is an opportunistic bastard. usually orders small-scale moves in terms of time usage, just to get the opportunity he wants. how effective his moves are depends on his experiences, whether he can accurately read his opponent(s), and how fast he can screw up his enemy’s OODA loop. these kind of guys have a good grasp on battle rhythm (especially the intervals of attacking and retreating); if not, their moves would have already sent them into destruction.

      • Osi

        Baby steps, huh? Gonna have to check that out.

        I think instinct can only grow with experience… when briefly training, at first my thai boxing clinch was awful… until someone took advantage of my sloppiness by uppercutting every time i clinched him. It hurt, my chin and pride, so i asked after the fact why I was open… he told me and i never has to think abt it again. My body just knew, i guess bodies greatly prefer not to be punched. After that people i clinched had a tougher time escaping.

        • Junjiro

          agreed. problem is, back in their era, could they survive long enough to gather exp? for them it’s not just an uppercut they’ll be getting…

          that’s why people back then are either religious or superstitious, relying on a power higher than them. exemplified by this prayer “praise the lord, thy name is artillery! our prayers on the radio god hath answered!”

          p.s. in baby steps, the mc is a logical-type while his gf is an instinctual-type. go figure.

  28. inspiredKreatif

    this is sooo good.. thanks for your great work as always

  29. ametaratsu

    Collision army Season 3 this year!!!!

    • 0verlord1

      Seriously? i hope it’s not a joke (and i certainly hope it will not be utter crap animation like the 1st and 2nd season)

  30. Respi

    I’m getting tired of thos perpetual strategist/instinctual battle between generals. It feels stupid. 1st of all, even if you have studied strategie you still have instincts, in fact this is mostly what diference great strategist from the average ones. 2nd, even duke hyou use to command from the back and had his own table with pieces, wich means he had some knowledge in strategy, after all, even if you make your moves based on instinct you need to have some knolewdge on tactics to understand what the other guy is doing.
    Also, throwing “random” consecutives attacks in order to disrupt the enemys position and create an opening is in fact strategy.
    Anyway. This is just fantasy, pure instinctual generals are fantasy. Dont get me wrong, you can learn strategy without formal studies and use unconventional moves and formations designed by you, but it will still be called strategy, after all, someone did invent strategy wich means that someone else can create his own too. Still, it is strategy.

    • letouriste

      someone really well explained what the difference is in the comments up there

    • Junjiro

      it’s hard to understand, unless you have a background in Confucian/neo-Confucian systems. east Asian systems are rote with forms (basically 1+1=2, etc.); ancient studies are like that as well. guess how generals and strategists are trained then? answers that deviate from the norm are usually shunned; repeat that till graduation and you will have strategists that treat war as a math problem. which is not.

      instinctual types are those who learned primarily in the battlefield (provided they survive long enough); they see the little things that make it work. a german term for that is fingerspitzengefuhl (aka fingertip feel). there is an annotation in sun zi’s art of war which cites a situation where the general breaks sun zi’s advice on proper geographical advantage and instead corners his own men to provide a sense of desperation. both advices were in the book, and when applied for real contradicts each other. in the rote Confucian systems of testing, which is right and wrong? the instinctual types know the answer cuz they gained the ability to play it by ear. a little early or late will not give the mean the sense of desperation they sorely needed.

    • Osi

      I play an instrument as a hobby. When I was learning, I asked a friend, who had pretty much mastered it, if I should look into music theory. He said it was up to me, but if he were me, he wouldn’t. Because once you know music theory, he said, you can only think in music theory.

      Neither of us would have been able to say so then, but he was describing an instinctual musician vs. a strategic musician. I learned very basic music theory, but I completely ignore it. He was right, for me: I have no interest, that’s not what fascinates me about music. I COULD look at music that way, as strategic musicians do- a math equation, basically. I prefer to just go where the notes are hot. That’s whats fun for me.

      The character Ouki defined the Instinctual vs strategic paradigm, chapter 67, page 10. Mr. Respi, Take a look- you’re not actually disagreeing. Being instinctual vs strategic is a matter of how you perceive warfare. It is not a matter of weather you use a map… but how you perceive stimuli, process information, and react to it.

      In that, Ouki/Hara are not only talking about generalship. But life.
      He’s talking about logic versus instinct. In that, we can agree a purely logical person, without emotion or instinct doesn’t exist, and neither does a brainless instinct person exist. Nevertheless, people still talk about Brains versus Guts for some reason- probably because there are two ways of knowing.

      Kingdom is clearly discussing this in detail… I suppose some of us like that better than others…

      • Dajh

        i think it depends on each person if they prefer to play it freely or rely on theory. for example jimmy hendrix was a genius but he never took lesson and learned to play guitar by instinct you could say. in my case i’m hard of hearing so i’ve got to rely on theory cause i can’t differ different tones as great as normal person. that said if you learn the basics that doesn’t mean your mindset will be too 100% theoratical. i often have an idea of new melodies which i can bring in a better form through the music theory i acquired in my lessons. music theory is not bounding you to a certain kind of music but it gives you the raw tools to create the kind of music you imagine and helps you to bring it to a better form. that’s what i believe.

  31. You guys are phantasmally amazing–as always = ]

  32. Guess

    Full korean scan is out, stop reading to avoid spoilers

  33. De

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the hard work, any idea when the downloads will be available?

  34. Moody


  35. Chapter 546 is out in mangafox 🙂

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