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  1. Thank you guys for new chapter. Best regards

  2. Alex_And_Re

    And it had to be on break this week ! T_T

    Thks for the good work, as always !

  3. X

    THANK YOU!!!! Shin the…. omg our army x.x

  4. Kebabkshii

    Thanks for the release. Love the buildup!

  5. SHAUN

    omg… thanks…. f5 can rest

  6. Moody

    Cool cool cool
    F*** i want the next ch now!!!!!

    F5 🙂

  7. Usul

    Thx! This chapter was awsome. It will be hard to wait 2 weeks :_(

  8. Tek

    Thanks for the chapter. omg…. we’re going have another riot in here before the next chapter comes out. People going to be F5ing 5 days before the raw is even out. I know I’ll be passively doing it 😛

  9. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!!

    If anyone is confused by the author’s approach to ‘instinctual’ battles, just ignore it. This battle hasn’t been explained as well as the previous ones, just put it to artistic license and enjoy go’un’s asswhooping.

    • Junjiro

      Instinctual generalship for dummies:

      1. what do I want to gain?
      2. what does my enemy want to gain?
      3. what things piss off my enemy?
      4. does my actions piss off my enemy?
      5. what are the side-effects of my actions?
      6. what is the enemy’s response?

      rinse and repeat, in an endless OODA loop until the battle is over.
      remember, this is not a checklist, but rather a habit.

      and most often than not, the reference point for the correctness of this habit are not facts nor logic but rather feelings/emotions. they do this because it looks/sounds/feels right.

      • Guess

        Nothing in this list is different from Kanki, who is not an Instinctual general.

        • Junjiro

          sez who? was kanki evaluated already?

          • Osi

            Lol, kanki has definately not been evaluated… so… that must be stricken from the debate. Which, btw, is the debate hara is MAKING us have w his story, so by having it, all onus are agreeing that kindgom is provocative in the way our mangaka intended.

            As for logical people denying the existance or utility of instinct, i have only an eyeroll. As i would for non-thinkers who would suggest, because theyre no good at logic, it could never work as well as instinct.

            In other words- the battle was explained perfectly well to me, but i lean towards instinct over logic. Therefore, i have to Assume that if everyone couldnt make sense of it, the problem was not with the Manga.

    • JustALurker

      Agreed. He’s already gone through great lengths in previous chapters to differentiate the different type of generals. I’d rather have more action than chapters upon chapters of play by play instinctual battle narration.
      Besides, pretty sure Ten will summarize her thoughts at a later chapter.

      Oh and thanks for the chapter! Sorry, priorities 😀

      • Junjiro

        well, it’s highly possible that this ‘instinctual generalship’ is a critical pivot in the story. possibly tying in the reason why he gains the surname so similar to his rival, and the foreshadowed (the biggest historical mention) screw-up and bailing-out by a suspicious great general.

      • Osi

        Reread- Ten cant summarize, she cant even follow this battle (seems like a theme)

    • Boo

      There’s clues in the art 🙂

    • Boo

      Here look this term up 飞将 and read the chapter again.

  10. mostafa

    thank you turnip guys

  11. Junjiro

    turnip farmers: supplying the hi shin unit with their rations of oh-so-good turnips. keep it up!

    sense-scans: where instinctual generals hone themselves. now you know the reason why so much chapters are given to those kind of generals…

  12. ametaratsu

    PAck YEah!!

  13. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  14. Deen Majestic

    Thank you as always guys , shit bout to go down yo

  15. Jackson

    You guys are incredible, thank you for an amazing chapter!

  16. BlackStar_Oli

    Thank you !

  17. Osi

    Instinct doubters, you can also google aikido and waterfall. I’ve not done so today, but I do know high level aikido practicioners train to be able to sense and reapond to violent intent. So you may think this is all fake, but somewhere in japan perhaps theres a blackbelt sitting under a freezing waterfall, way more expert than we are, for whom this is quite real.

  18. Boo

    Even Hara thinks making Shin take command is stressful, he’s gonna need a vacation per chapter by the time Shin makes Great General.

  19. Shaadi

    hey, just wanted to say thx for always releasing! im reading kingdom now for 3 years whenever a chapter is avaible. but i think i will stop reading for a year, bc its always too painful to wait for the next chapter >.< thx for all your work with translating!

    • Haha, no worries.

      I actually only read manga once every few months because I don’t bother to follow series as they get released.

      If I weren’t scanlating this one, I’d probably do the same thing.

  20. Oseas

    Thanks Turnips.

  21. Letouriste

    Thank you so much!

  22. Osi

    Am going to break down this chapter in case there are those who didn’t get the instinctual battle. just for fun.

    What gyou’un was strategically doing, I liken to a paw jab. thats a jab you throw not to land, or hurt the opponent. The paw jab annoys them and makes them move out of the way, and as soon as they start moving- BAM! you hit them with a way harder punch. The paw jab gets them to move to open them up.

    Gyou’un was always sending a “2 punch” unit with every “1 punch” unit. The ‘1 punch’ unit didn’t have any strategic goal but to cause Hi Shin to adjust to it. The “2 punch’ unit would then attack whoever moved.

    because the 1 punch unit had no ACTUAL objective, Ten was looking for objectives that didn’t exist. So when she was moving to counter the 1 punch, she was falling into the trap/ she was open to the 2 punch every time. And couldn’t figure out what was happening.

    Shin understood. when he took over, he ignored the “1 punch” unit because it had no real objective, and instead focused on predicting where the “2 punch” unit would be, and attacking them. He was successful.

    Gyou’un immediately noticed the change- that the 1-2 combo was no longer hitting Hi Shin’s chin every time he threw it. Ten was so hopeless at defending it, he also guessed, correctly, a new commander was running the show.

    So- he threw a 1-2-3 combo. That lands on page ten, when Shin shouts “shit- so this time we’re the ones who fell for HIS bait?”

    Now, the battle no longer looks like Ten is familiar. It looks like a FIGHT. in a high level fight, fighters work to get eachother off balance, then go for critical blows. thats why the first round of MMA/first few rounds of boxing tend to be boring.

    So, after Garo’s unit gets beat by the 1-2-3 combo, Shin is realizing the fire is ready to be lit… he just doesn’t know where. AKA, HI Shin has taken loses and been destabilized to the point where Gyou’un is going to go in for the kill, aka “a decisive moment has been created.” Shin just had to hunt it down “it was En’s unit.” he then realized that all the soldiers being drawn to that super important clash would leave a LACK of soldiers other places… and the other places drew a straight line between Zhao’s base camp and his. That meant, the enemy lit the fire there KNOWING it would leave Hi Shin’s base camp open. That meant the enemy was coming. And Shin rode out to meet Gyou’un, because Shin, Hara-sensei, and Kingdom are wicked awesome

    • Guess

      You just described a feint. The author is trying to describe two existing schools of thought in a novel way, I prefer a different explanation written long ago… the difference between intellect and wisdom.

      Wisdom is knowing the answer to a problem.
      Intellect is the ability to explain the answer to another.

      For example, a person might be lying to you. You feel that this person isn’t being honest, but when explaining to another person why you feel that way you just say… this person feels off. A person of intellect would be able to explain, this is because of hand and eye movements that are indicative of a dishonest person. Both the person with Wisdom and the person with Intellect draw the same conclusion, but the person with Intellect is the better teacher.

      Does Shin’s inability to explain himself make more sense now?

      • Osi

        I begin to wonder if you have any connection to or understanding of what instinct is at all…. lol… your description of knowledge and wisdom was cute, thanks!

        I know what a feint is, thanks! If you had trouble understanding the strategy of this chapter, I wondered if you did, but I guess you did.

    • Hyuu

      But see this is why I don’t get why Ten isn’t still in control of the deployment and let Shin just call plays…as again she’s far more adept in controlling an army…

      Once Shin can call out which are feints and which are real attacks then Ten can again revert to the strategic general and make the most cost effective counter as again it shows Shin can’t handle it all…and so some units are being left without commands!

      • Osi

        Yeah, this was a pretty sloppy transition into shin running the show… which of course probably not going to be standard for hi shin.

        Even when shin is being a true general, he will always need Ten for logistics, I’d like to think they’ll work together on strategy… but right now Ten’s head is out of the game. She was beaten on the psychological level, to a degree that never happened to her before… she’s going to need to bounce back now

  23. Osi

    Shin is lucky the other dude doesn’t realize he’s the main character of the story, lol. Gyou-un, right now, looks like the superior instinctual general. He seems more experienced, Shin’s fighting totally blind, all on instinct. (He doesn’t go with Kyokai, then asks himself why after the fact… instinct)

    In fairness to him, Shin didn’t take charge until he was already losing, but given the way it is now, I think, Gyou-un is taking a stupid risk by attacking himself. But, I know something he doesn’t, that Shin is extremely hard to kill. He is thinking Shin is killable, and he is planning to quickly cut Shin’s head off, Route Hi Shin, and then flank Ouhon.

  24. letouriste

    my prediction for the next few chapters:
    -Shin will not manage to kill gyou-un because the other has more troops with him and don’t want a duel,he is strong too.
    -Kyoukai will slowly gain grounds on her end and rip off some merit
    -Ten can finally do her job because gyou-un is not in his HQ anymore.she can force back all the forces not engaged in the big fire and will eventualy reinforce kyoukai or force gyou-un to retreat.
    -the day finish without big winner but with a slight avantage to the hi shin unit and this is enough for ouken.
    -the next day start with shin having all the positions memorised and him being more comfortable in the position.
    -ten will only be props for shin so long they are matched against gyou-un
    -shin and gyou-un will not directly fight before a few days,wary of each other.
    -while shin is confined to the HQ,kyoukai become the star of this battleground,ripping off merit endlessly and causing enough problem to gyou-un that shin will manage to break even in the strategy department until he manage to pull a fast one on gyou-un and win/force another general to reinforce gyou-un.

    • imamers

      nah, next chapter will be gyo-un slain or shin slain and that’s the end of manga which won’t happen
      chougaryu already predicted this in page 13

      • Gohoumei

        Actually. Shin already predicted this at chapter 544 page 20.

        • Nina

          Actually, I’m a little worried about Ten having no soldiers at her side and that Gyou’ Un might have a double bluff planned because he has more experience. Idiot Shin. 😛 Also, I love how Naki is just chillin’ and having fun.

    • De

      Hmm the next chapter will swap over to the mountain tribe battle and bring that one to conclusion just to mess with everyone and make us wait for the Shin battle which by the way will have Gyo-un dead before the day ends.

  25. inspiredKreatif

    thanks the chapter guys.. great work as always.

  26. Geroprog

    Thank you for the Hard work fam.
    And for the break….. Noooooooooooooooo.
    I Think, in the next chapter shin will get his ass kicked. And maybe after that chapter shin will kill him.

  27. Gohoumei

    lieutenant En is so badass in this chapter holding its ground. it was kinda like how shin was on the campaign with Duke Hyou where he started the fire and other commanders were backing him up

  28. algarban

    TY for the chapter!! Finally getting some shin action!

  29. Jack Georgie

    finally a duel coming in, really though it was gonna be batei first, oh well this will do.

    • letouriste

      actually i doubt that will be a duel.that deserve both.
      the general have more troops around him so he could hold shin back and let his troops take down the HQ for example.
      i get tired of these 1 vs 1 fights actually.this is so much mature to just brawl unit vs unit and there is no real build up for this duel

  30. Oushit_Dono

    Thanks for the chapter Oshit Dono
    What is the deal here? is kingdom competing with one piece on the number of brakes per year?

  31. amazing great chapter—though so many breaks recently??

  32. Osi

    Am I the only one who’s seen the teaser for the live-action movie? When’s it set to come out? (I couldn’t read the text). It looks like it might be decent… either way, someone needs to translate it when it comes out, and I don’t care if its like a new and difficult thing to go from manga to film translation, in times of need, heroes step up

    • Osi

      ok what evil bastards thought making a fake trailer would be ok?? there’s no movie I guess?? I dunno. this has been an emotional rollercoaster. I’m out

      • ivo

        It was never a ‘fake’ trailer, it was just a promotional short video made to celebrate 10 years since manga started.

        • Osi

          Yes. Lol. Don’t take the word “fake” too literally, I was heartbroken when I wrote that… bc no movie-

          By fake, i meant it was a film teaser for a film they’re not making-yet.

          “Promotion for the tenth anniversary” is a cover story, I promise you. That teaser would have cost at least the equivelent of $10 000 to make. Way too expensive to make sense as simply a promotion.

          Probably, it was to feel out of theres a market for a live action film, which would cost so much to make, even with the mangas popularity, testing the market is Wise.

          • alissoncamoes

            I’m studying graphic design to make this come true, who is with me?

          • OSi

            My guess is, they were hoping the teaser would make us long for the movie to the point we’d open a petition online demanding they make it. If enough people sign, they can convince finances that the 18 trillion dollars it would take to make this movie right will pay off, bc there are millions of crazed shin fans dreaming only of this movie.

            But… itd have to be a lot of people. Also, they might just be waiting for haea-sensei to finish, to avoid what happened to GOT.

            These are my guesses, at least-

          • Zolf

            Maybe they could use some known asian martial artist stars like donny yen, tony jaa, iko uwais, etc 😀

    • TeamSnow

      I’d rather have a new anime season

  33. letouriste

    thanks for the ddl chapters btw,i just ddl all of them

  34. Osi

    bored so rereading- duke hyou states ‘battle is a living thing.’ and I think that’s the real difference between types. One see a liquid, ever-changing battlefield that defies expectations, analysis, etc… it’s alive, and you have to dance with it, hunt it, dominate it… but to start, you have to see it, feel it, and understand it as a living, ever-changing entity. Duke Hyou then says, despite being far out-manned, ‘there is no outlook’ concerning the battle- because it’s a living thing, and there’s no way to predict.

    This answer did not suit most of the unit- only Shin got it. Because the other way to look at a battle is a series of discrete strategies… in that situation there’s no life-force to it.

    I read a lot, but there’s a book called “among the thugs” in which a journalist engages in crowds that are being violent. his finding: there absolutely is something that could be called a ‘life force,’ and he describes how it feels to get swept up by it. The more I think about it, the more I’m thinking Hara-Sensei really is not bullshitting us with ‘instinctual generals,’ although I seriously doubt the term existed before he made it up… but, i could be wrong.

  35. Guess

    spoilers full cap out

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