Kingdom Chapter 547

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Chapter 547: Read Online



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64 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 547

  1. makfresh22

    Been a while since I’ve come on here to give ma thanks. My apologies @Turnip😭 Thanks for the release~!!!

  2. Jack Georgie

    shin gaining a lot of level in this campaign

  3. Guess


    Next chapter will be great

  4. Letouriste

    Thanks a bunch for that chapter guys:)
    Still,that turned in a duel uh:/ I thought hara had grown out of that by this point.well I guess that conversation they are having was needed

  5. Jean-yong

    Good old duel, it is. Thanks for the chapter 🙂

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter! I think it was time for shin to duel a really important general and kill him as did the other Quin jounger generation.

    • Warcodered

      Ou Hon got that Wei Fire Dragon spear guy but who did Mou Ten get?

    • letouriste

      exept neither of the others did kill a really important general yet^^
      ouhon killed a relic of the past everyone had forgotten and not important for wei as a whole(reiou and gouhoumei were a LOT more important so shin has actually killed someone like that already)
      mouten didn’t kill any important general ever…or even normal generals on screen^^
      kyoukai and the others didn’t kill much generals too

      basically shin already did that but not the others (he killed that zhao tactician general when 100 man commander,he killed reisha last war,he killed reiou and he killed several less important but still well known generals.
      his body count is way ahead of the others

      • osi

        #levelingupdifferently – lol
        The point is to defeat armies, any way you can. One sick bugger did it with giant poison crossbows, some do it with pure strategy, some just walk up to the commanding officer, chop his head off, and go home. The method isn’t so important, but efficiency counts lol. You have to appreciate both shin and Gyou’un for that this chapter, they wasted no time.

        I am glad Hara included this part about Shin not fighting so well with the glaive yet… I have been thinking, first time he faced a real veteran with Ouki’s glaive, he was going to struggle- remember, he spent his life training with the sword, this weapon’s still kind of new to him. Now, its all about heart-

  8. Jackson

    Thank you very much, appreciate the hard work!

  9. You could have killed Shin and become new protagonist, but no you should have gone and spout that nonsense and made Shin angry. RIP Gyou’un.

  10. letouriste

    shin iner musing is really great in this chapter,the autor crafted that really well.

  11. Anonymous

    Bla bla bla, the six great generals, bla bla bla, Ouki’s glave, bla bla bla, muh shounen tropes.

    These chapters are what I fucking loathe about Kingdom. The story moving as slowly as molasses, dumb shitty monologues in the middle of a fight, pointless debates about shit no one gives a fuck about …

    I can only hope that their stupid duel ends next chapter and we can get back to the interesting stuff. Alas, knowing the author, this’ll be dragged out longer than that.

    During times like these I wish there were any alternatives at all to Kingdom that put as much focus on troop movements and tactics as often.

    • Yadig

      Slow story, monologues during fights, pointless debates during battles- don’t all Manga do that?

    • Michiru

      You know fight is not only about brawl, the story behind it is important too. That’s why I do love to know the reason, the passion, the source of power within fight/battle.

      Thanks for Turnip, keep a great work!!

    • You know you can read books about chess or Go or maybe some historical war chronicles, if you’re only interested in movements and tactics.

      • Anonymous

        Chess and Go are games. What “historical war chronicles” feature the things I mentioned?

        • OSI

          I think you answered your own question. This is Art, based on history. It is not history. Hara-sensei is making up the troop movements, ancient chinese historians tended to skim those details. Sounds like you want to be reading historical documents/reports from real battles. There is occasionally historical fiction (novels) that does this, but all stories focus on characters, so if paying attention to characters annoys you, consider going right to the source (historical documents)

    • Tito

      Write your own story and stop complaining…
      “Mock on, Mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau;
      Mock on, Mock on, ’tis all in vain.
      You throw the sand against the wind,
      And the wind blows it back again.”

  12. X

    Thank you! Shin is up to a relic but getting his ass served.

  13. Isaiah Thomas

    Thank You TF for the chapter.

    P.S. Hey Gongitraped can you please translate the little words at the end of the chapter from now on.

  14. Spica

    Thanks a lot! that part when Ouki gave the blade to Shin got me.. T_T

  15. that was an AMAZINGGGGGG CHAPTER thank you!!!!!!!!!!~

  16. Fahrenheit451

    Thanks for scanlating. It looks like a showdown between Shin and Gyuo’un will happen in the next chapter. I hope the scene won’t drag for several chapters.

  17. Ty Taylor

    Hello Sorry if this is the wrong place but the volumes you’ve made/collected in the MEGA folder are all in English I just wanted to ask before I download them it seem to be the largest colletiohn of Kingdom anywhere so thank you so much for taking the time to translate for us

  18. Cloud

    I do see where g’youn is coming from, since shin is essentially an amateur with the glaive but is waiving it around in combat because it’s from the famous ouki. I get that he is learning and trying to gain experience with it, but it is a big insult to think he can kill essentially past legends just because he’s using a famous glaive when he does not have the skill with it yet. Hopefully he realizes this during the fight and ditches the glaive and uses the sword sei gave him to signify letting go of All the past mumble jumble they keep harping about. And moving forward with the future

    • ivo

      No way he could fight against Gyouun with that small sword. He’d be blown away. Similar how Kanmei couldn’t fight Moubu with anything else except a mace.

      He already fought Gaimou, one of past legends with a ‘weaker’ glaive, showing he is able to fight on par using that weapon, he just simply isn’t accustomed to this exact glaive due to it’s weight.

      Kinda like having requirement STR: 96 to wield it properly and Shin is at STR:91+a

      But now Gyouun pissed him off, giving him that a=5 bonus meaning NOW IT’S ON!

      • Osi

        Yes, I agree- with both of you, actually….

        The reason the weight and Shin’s skill level matter are two fold- one, the obvious reason, swinging a heaver object is ‘harder’ than a light one. But also, think about balance. Martial arts is in essence about doing complex and full-strength movements while staying completely on balance. Balance is the hard part. Balance is the only way to string ‘moves’ together into combos.

        For a test, throw an air-punch. Than find two objects of equal weight, like weights, and put one in each hand. Throw an air-punch again. Unless you’ve practiced throwing a lot of punches, the second time, you’ll be working way harder to keep your balance. Or, you’ll fall on your butt.

        Before Ouki’s glaive, Shin could use his strength to cover for his relative lack of experience vs the old legends, but with Ouki’s glaive, its a lot harder. Now, each instance where he is slightly off balance is much harder to recover from. That slows him down and leaves him open.

        However, one thing you don’t want to do is mock shin and give him that +a bonus…. Now, he’ll have enough “strength” to cover his lack of mastery better…

  19. Yeman420ph

    Are we on beark?

  20. Take my F5 as well, hope it helps.

  21. Random Guy on the battlefield


  22. Next chapter will be out tomorrow.

  23. i am an ass

    People who come here and keep on pressing f5 are so dumb! they are epitome of buffoons. They are like the foot soldiers who can never become a general. There is something called RSS feed u all imbeciles. Unless you need to discuss important ideas or things don’t keep on posting f5.

    Fucking imbeciles!!!!!

  24. Guess

    Spoiler alert, Korean scans out

  25. Cedric

    When comments are posted is it in my standard time that I’m in or is it the standard time of the person posting the comment whichever country there in? Because Oshit-Sama said it’ll be out yesterday (20th feb) it’s now the 21st and I’m f5ing the shit out of this screen LOOOL CAN SOMEONE HELP ME

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