Kingdom Chapter 549

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Chapter 549: DDLRead Online



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63 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 549

  1. F5 elite

    First. Omg thank you ao much

  2. F5 elite

    That was intense. No news of break next week. Goooood news!!

  3. Old timer here

    Hell yeah for kyoukai-sama!

  4. Silencio

    give some meal to Lt. kyoukai She’s starving !!!

  5. Gledi

    U guys are awesome as always. Thank you and keep up the good work✌🏻👍🏻

  6. Bata013

    Thanks for the chapter!! that was amazing!!

  7. John

    OOHH YESSS!!!!!

  8. Jack Georgie

    thanks as always, to bad the war went prolong, kindda wish someone died there.

  9. faridcwidjaya

    Best chapter in a long time! Thanks Turnip samaaa!

  10. X


  11. Boo

    Great chapter 🙂 thank you for the hard work!

  12. KyouKai!!!! YASSSS!!!! Can’t wait for next week!!

  13. Cathullu

    This is way to epic! =D

  14. ivo

    Loved how subtly KyouKai’s energy management was portrayed during combat. Instead of splitting whole bodies, now she mostly went for limbs or just deep enough to do fatal injuries.

    Infantry commander (forgot his name) movements reminded me of Shin when he was a 100-300 man commander.

    Loved Gyouun suprised face upon seeing KyouKai.

    Best grill hungreee xD

    Someone needs to colour that wide panel.

    • ReOsi

      good catch!

      Kingdom is full of hidden subtleties. Ever notice how close Shuugen is with Chousa our whatever his name is? They’re always together, when not fighting…. (aw! lol) They kind of have an Ouki/Tou deal going on, and its no one’s business but theirs

      Or how Shin and Kanto paralell eachother? Shin’s first battle: Duke Hyou leaves Shin and his unit on their own, Shin rallys them

      Kanto’s first battle: Shin leaves Kanto’s unit on his own, Kanto rallys them.

      Which means- Kanto will be one to watch. He’s the new kid who’s gonna rise through the ranks…and to be clear, yes he’s waaay less awesome than Shin.

  15. Geroprog

    Thank you for the quick work! 🙂
    It seems to me, Shin will get a power up finally, he will be able to use Ouki’s glaive, thanks Gyouun for that.

    • ivo

      Yup, training session finished. You could just see how his 2-h polearm proficiency was poping +1 every few minutes this day. Now, its on to use crazy fast healing to get back to 100%, while tired out and aging Gyouun won’t recuperate completely. On top of it add Shin’s α = 5 to strength and its bye bye Gyouun! Booyyaaa

  16. ivo

    Btw lets crunch some numbers for KyouKai’s kills today. They are 8000 vs 10000 all spread out in a line.

    The area with KyouKai is just right of the center(where Shin and Gyouun are), I’m guessing about 1/4 of total line length. So in that area it would be 2000 vs 2500. Since that crutial fight started a bit later in the day, lets subtract 500 from Gyouun’s men, and 750 from HSU, since they were loosing earlier on.
    So it’s 1250 vs 2000. To narrow it a bit more down, I’m guessing the ‘funnel’ that KyouKai created with her mid-battle tactics put them directly vs at least 1000 of Gyouun’s men.

    In order to make a difference, for the rest of the day, KyouKai probably had to takeout 300-500 men.

    If that ‘funnel’ fight began at 1pm, and day’s ending was around 5pm, she had 4 hours to do so. 240 minutes. Let’s say she was resting half of that time, so 120 minutes left. So just over 4 kills per second.

    In the chapter, she kills almost 20 in less than a minute so…

    Easy peasy for best grl.

  17. Shin

    This was fast. Wasn’t even able to press F5.

  18. Dabolia

    So which of the Qin Six do we think Kyoukai looked like? Is it Kyou?

  19. muddyfarmer

    Ceeeeedgy my brother, did I not tell you to watch Kyoukais space nearly 2 weeks ago?!! Fuck all these other predictions bro, just listen to mine!!

  20. inspiredKreatif

    wow.. what a chapter! thanks for the great work as always 🙂

  21. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!!

    I’m kind of concerned if this day’s battle wore out both sides equally. It was 8k vs 10k at the beginning. If both sides lost 3k, then 5k versus 7k will be even tougher (40% vs 25% advantage for Gyou’un). Hoping next chapter will show new numbers.

    • Guest

      Where’s the archer brother?

    • Letouriste

      They will be better prepared for the next day.shin will lead from the start,the troops will be better arranged etc…and gyou-un will be more careful from now on.also,their new troops are gaining experience real fast 😉

      For the archer bros,I guess they sniped commanders and groups of soldiers on the edges(hairou location for example)
      But yeah,I expect them to snipe shin location

    • ivo

      HSU lost even more, considering they were losing out before the main clash.

      But since it will be resolved by a duel, those numbers will end up being insignificant.

      Even if not, Ouhon could win his battle and come help out.

      • Guess

        Shin actually must become general this battle, there will be no second chances. In other words he must out-achieve Mouten and Ouhon. Otherwise he won’t make the time limit to achieve Great General.

        • ivo

          How long till the time limit? Btw it was for becoming general, not great general.

          • Guess

            Before the Zhao invasion arc, when Shin was defending the border with Qin and met up with Mouten and Ouhon, discussing Qin’s upcoming reinstatement of the Great General system. I can’t remember the chapter or time limit, but I think it was 1-3 years, but to even qualify for consideration you had to be a general obviously. That been said, just having been promoted to general isn’t good enough, but they also need time to collect achievements as general. This battle is the last big one in the forseeable future, if Ousen wins, he’ll take the fortress and then will have to spend several months to a year consolidating the surrounding territories, and the Zhao King is going to hole up in his unassailable capital, so there won’t be any opportunities for major achievements after this battle.

          • ReOsi

            All three will make it! but Shin will be a general by the end here.

            The reason all three will make it? Tou is a great General. Moubu. Ousen will be one. Three spots left.

            You think Kanki? Ha! He failed the exam- Kokuyou.

            By that time, all Qin *Tan the archer tells us later* knows Hi Shin and its captain to be ‘straight as an arrow in flight.’ Sei has a grand plan, and Sei is the one who chooses great generals, along with Shonbunkin or whatever his name is. (Sorry, I do this same thing with Game of Thrones, which for the record is way less cool to me)

            They’re not idiots. Only idiots would accidentally pair Shin and Kanki.

            They did it because it was a surefire test. If shin freaked out and there were reports of inner conflict, it would be because Kanki’s methods were barbaric. If Kanki’s methods are barbaric, making him a great general would help win battles but help lose the war, because no one would EVER forgive Qin after being conquered by General Kanki.

            Sei needs the six nations to be governable after being united. Kanki will always be a second string General. Three spots remain.

          • ivo

            What exam are you talking about?

          • ReOsi

            I’m saying, SHIN was the exam.

            Sei knows shin. half the advisors to Sei know shin. The grand commander of the military- shobunkin? knows shin.

            On one or two occasions prior, Shin has committed offenses against senior officers that should have gotten him beheaded. He wasn’t.

            a) because the qin King and Commanders NEED to win without committing what would now be war crimes, and they know it, and shin was standing against that, which they need in young officers, and

            b) shin kicks ass, which they need in young officers.

            If it were you, would you put THAT guy directly under an ex bandit who has a reputation for advanced brutality? The only way that happens is if Qin’s leadership is totally incompetent. Or, if they did it on purpose.

            They did it on purpose. They stay in Qin, they’ll never get a complete report on what Kanki’s doing out there- not from Kanki. Most other officers stay quiet too. But not shin.

            IF you want to confirm if Kanki’s kind of a monster, in the bad way, which he is, you put Shin with him.

            IF you don’t care if Kanki’s a monster, you send Ouhon who also wouldn’t care one way or the other.

            That’s sound strategy. unsound strategy would be pairing Shin with Kanki for no reason… obviously, it was always going to go badly and it did. Luckily, after they won.

  22. fame

    So gyou un see kyoukai as equally as general kyou and see shin as Equally as general ouki (since he inherited his glaive)

    Well those two will be next ouki x kyou

    • Letouriste

      Equally? Not even close! He only got a faint feeling,that’s all.meaning they are somehow alike in personality and fighting style,that’s all.
      Nothing said about them being on these legend level

      • ReOsi

        I wonder if he meant to say: Gyouun sees Ouki and Kyou in Kyoukai and Shin, to a degree their existance and continued growth is really scary, because eventually, they’ll be as strong as those two?

        And here, Gyouun was training to kill Ouki, so maybe they are more equal than we think….

        • For some reason I can’t reply on your post about Kanki above, so ill comment here. Alright, Kanki’s methods may be barbaric, but he does produce results and he is in his own way brilliant unorthodox general. Conquering all six states is the most ambitious goal in history, you need as much power for that as you can get. States wont join you just because you were kind to them, first and foremost you need power to shut everyone by force, then you can start playing good guy showing that under your rule life is actually better.
          But before that you have to kill shitload of people, condemn countless families to death or at least poor existence. Does it really matter if some of fathers were killed more brutal then others?
          For now I dont think Sei has got much of an alternative for Kanki. Shin/Ouhon/Mouten/Kyoukay is not nearly close.
          Sei commenced attack on one state and he’s already out of capable generals. Do you think next conquests will go easier?

          • ReOsi

            They don’t have to leave him home. They don’t have to strip him of his commission either.

            The question is, Does Kanki have more value being completely autonomous, and make all his own decisions during a campaign, including who to attack and where and how,


            Is it better to keep tabs on him and give him order, so he doesn’t run amouk and put a whole town’s head on a spike or something.

            How is this even a debate? The only thing a great general of the heavens under the old system had, that a current general doesn’t, is the complete trust of the King, enough to make their own decisions. Frankly, Ousen, due to his wild ambition, is a pretty risky candidate himself. You can’t just throw that title at people who might take it and, literally, run. Or declare themselves their own nation, conveniently taking for themselves territories they were protecting for Qin.

      • fame

        Well that’s just in my point of view.. Cause everyone have their own way of thinking.. So every point of view is precious..

  23. Letouriste

    Really pretty chapter:) epic

  24. Poopiedoopie


  25. Alisson Camões

    wondering if I get a back link from my comment.

  26. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! just love to see Kyoukai in a killng spree. And we start to get a litle of shin ability

  27. Gohoumei

    So cool how Kyoukai has a talking sword.. Wonder when Shin/Ouki spear will start talking as well since gyoun did say Ouki’s spear is special…

  28. nicee

    man.. give the damn kyoukai food already, she is starving for qin sake!!

  29. thank you again for another amazing chapterr–glad the hi shin unit survived–looks like the action is over–but interested to see the resulting effects of the battle

  30. Old timer here

    F5 army is here, for oshit-sama and annoying the rss feed guy

  31. Christian Tagulao

    F5 army and ignore the RSS troll!

  32. Geroprog

    I have rss feed. Still F5

  33. F5

    It will be out tomorrow I guess

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