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Chapter 550: DDLRead Online



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54 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 550

  1. Thank you very muvh

    Yeah I know what you mean.. That Riboku sure is randy. Especially with the way he toss that message at the end..

    Also thanks for hard work and merry christmas 😉

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    That’s some serious advantage although underestimating Kanki and Yotanwa may cost you dearly.

  3. Bata013

    thanks turnips!!!

  4. F5 is real

    holy.. if if gyou can hold out for 20 days what would happen next ousen? don’t just let them killing the Hi Shin Unit ..
    btw thanks oshit-sama!

  5. Musa991

    Thanks. Best thinh I can get after coming back from my office.

  6. Tyr

    Funniest chapter in a while!! When it comes to that aspect of being an adult, Kyoukai really doesn’t know what she’s saying… “My clan has many secret techniques!” lol

    Also, Quite bad news for Qin. Heki has even less food than Ousen.

  7. letouriste

    why i feel that kanki will take care of that? i mean,i would not be surprised if he has a few men inside the city really to burn things down or incite riots.
    the loss of men will help qin to hold out longer too

  8. Ekid

    How did a soldier from Gyou managed to sneak out? Isn’t Kanki supposed to have the city totally surrounded ?

    • Keyen

      Message from a bird, for instance.

        • chyll2

          This is actually what I believe. Somehow that information is wrong or at least, partially manipulated.

          • Geroprog

            Why everyone thinks this….
            There are messeage birds, or with flags they can convey messeages. And i Think ribuko is not that stupid that he would be decieved with a false messenger. zhao must have some code in the messeages that shows It is legitimate.
            It is a big city. It can hold for long. I Think kanki will do something with the citys food..
            They could have Sent spies with the refugees, spread some poison, arson or something….

  9. Jay Done

    I don’t think that’s messenger from Gyuo. Kanki might be able to capture him and swapped the message.

  10. Kevin Schmitz

    somehow i think the messenger was send by kanki to make them think they have enough time

  11. papabear

    If Kanki is currently surrounding Gyou, where the hell did that letter came from?

    Is it possible that is from Kanki himself?

    Pls help 😀

  12. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!

    I agree, I think Ousen and kanki set this trap up to make Riboku at ease. Art of War

    • Guess

      A second possibility was foreshadowed actually, spies could have infiltrated Gyou with the refugees, and will destroy Gyou’s food reserves.

      If anything, if this theory pans out it’ll happen tonight (3rd day) from storytelling conventions.

  13. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  14. Geroprog

    Gyou can easily send messeages. There are birds, or with flags or with smoke they can send secret messeages.
    I Think that ousen has some plan. It was obvious to me the city will hold more Than the armies. But qin can have some secret strategy. We will have to wait to see clearly.

  15. Tyr

    I really like the theory that it’s Kanki saying “20 days,” because, given how fast they were going through their food stores when we saw them last, that would suggest they have like 20-30 Granaries

  16. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter! I think the info is from the city and not from Kanki, most likely he will have to make a move to make for the food storage deficit

  17. Metric Tensor

    The 20 days estimate can’t be correct. I doubt Ousen would have made such a huge miscalculation – deciding to starve out Gyou despite having less food than the city you’re trying to starve out. If that were the case, the better approach would be to siege the city and take it over before Riboku arrives. I’m guessing either Riboku is lying to prevent a drop a in morale, or there’s some scheme at work. I don’t think Kanki could have swapped out the message. You can swap out a message, but you can’t swap out the messenger.

  18. Renseo

    Riboku is not stupid, when considering his men morale , he will say 20 days remaining instead of 5 days in the letter.

    • Guess

      This Riboku would not do. If they can outlast Ousen on food and go in to finish Qin off when they are starving, they would not fight as hard then the Qin soldiers are at full strength.

  19. Cedric

    Could be either Riboku lied to keep his men’s morale high and they actually only have ten days, of it could be that Kanki killed the messenger and changed the number of days to 20, or it could be something else entirely. Either way it just keeps getting better. Hands down. Can’t wait for the next chapter, thanks Oshit sama!!!

    • ivo

      Not to keep his morale high but to fool Ousen. If they win by holding out, means they only need to defend. Ousen will notice this and assume Gyou can holdout longer than his army, forcing him to attack. Then Riboku can exploit holes in the hurried offensive from Qin.

      • Hyuu

        I do believe that saying twenty days works either way…regardless of the message actual truth…

        Firstly, the army knowing it doesn’t need to fight to win the war is a huge boon…

        Secondly, it’s to be expected much like the beginning of the Zhao Qin war, Zhao has spies in the Qin army much like Qin has spies in the Zhao army. Merely stating the Zhao can just sit and wait Qin out will eventually filter out to the Qin side which will hurt their morale.

        Thirdly, by posturing a defensive stance it will regardless put doubts in Ousens mind as he’s been fooled by Riboku before.

        Nevertheless, even if Riboku cannot gamble and faze Ousen into committing to an attack, he can in a few days time, simply say I think they’re weak enough…let’s get them lads!

        What is interesting is if a game of chicken happens, where both Ousen and Riboku start doing a stare off regarding how much food they actually have 🙂

  20. Random Guy on the battlefield

    Reading the last page and seeing Gyou had 20 days it was at this moment that I knew Ousen had something planned. His meticulous calculations can foresee the number of days, something feels off. Excited to see his next move.

  21. The ship has sailed

    did anyone else notice a death flag or was that just me?

    • Tyr

      Can you elaborate please? Even I saw it, I doubt I’d have been able to recognize it… let alone grasp the larger meaning! However, I’m desperate to know-

      • ivo

        He’s talking about kyoukai mentioning that they will need to fight to near death in order to win this fight.. But it’s hardly a death flag like there have been for other characters previously..

        • Tyr

          my dumb behind was thinking there was a flag with a kanji for ‘death’ on it, wow. I even reread the chapter looking for it

          *slinks away in quiet shame*

  22. Gyopoh

    .. would be funny if the great plot twist is that the reguest Ousen made at chapter 499 I think(?) would involve this campaign directly.. like if he asked Qin to send more stuff along the yellow river with boats or something.. that would be.. well.. something lol? Still history has some intresting stuff writtenregarding this campaign.. intresting how Hara Yasuhisa will implement it..

    • rey1010

      You are right. I have been wondering why there is no mention of yellow river in Qin´s strategy. Last time I thought a unit of Qin might sneak attack Gyou from the river.
      And there is no info from where Qin would get their supply when Gyou has been captured. The Yellow River will be the answer for that.

      Don´t forget Sai has many boats 😀

      • rey1010

        And the overall objective of this campaign is to capture Gyou and maintain control over the city for future campaign. So the issue of supply is the utmost importance.
        There is no need for Qin to defeat Riboku’s army. Qin only need to prevent Riboku from breaking the siege of Gyou. Ousen must have prepare an ambush for Riboku.

        Dont forget defending is Ousen’s forte 🙂

        • Tyr

          thats way too easy to foil. They’d have to only sail at night. If ever they were sighted by a patrol, which would pretty much be a guarantee if you’re sailing down literally everyone’s water source, a dove will go to the next city down the river. The next city will block the river, and then shoot qin’s supplies with fire arrows.

  23. Oushit_Dono

    I always wondered if Gyou kept consuming its supply and due to that Kanki army somehow managed to capture it, then what? the Qin’s army food supply still will all be consumed, and without a supply line from their boarder all the way to Gyou they would still be as good as dead, its not like Zaho will give them food as a reward of taking over the city.

    • Gyopoh

      Weeell.. I thought that they could use the surrendered citizens as hostages and threathen to do what Bai Qi ( or as he is called Hakuki ) did after changping .. as in say give us food and temporally peace treaty or we will kill the hostages…

      Well… According to History there is going to be couple on events that Hara cant ignore that will be.. hm… quite important considering current events… … I … I just.. don’t want to spoil anything… so I will keep my mouth shut about historical stuff.. sigh… though I really would like to talk about it… welp. No van do?

    • Guess

      After they take the city, they’ll be able to hold it with just 1/3 of their total men and use the rest to open a supply route. The only reason they’re cut-off right now is that they’re unable to invest enough manpower to be able to cut through the 50-100 men units patrolling Zhao territory.

      If that isn’t sufficient, they can exile the citizens as refugees like they did before, and the Zhao would have little choice but to accept them.

  24. That was an amazing chapterRRR–for some reason the chapter felt a lot longer than usual–which was awesomee!! more kingdome experience hehe=D

  25. Marcusx8

    There is always a short caption introducing about next chapter in the end of manga (for current, page 20, bottom one). The caption said “Ch551 start from Kanyou, Qin capital city while SHK/Sei receiving ongoing battle reports”

    Hey TF I asked two weeks ago but is their a reason why y’all don’t translate the short caption on the bottom.

  26. F5 hunter

    This is nice. No F5 army fuckers now, maybe they learnt there lesson.

  27. Shinthebuffon

    It will be out tomorrow.

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