Kingdom Chapter 551

The heck… there’s a Kingdom discord? How do people talk about one manga enough to make a chat room about it…? I think I’m getting old.

Chapter 551: DDLRead Online



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66 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 551

  1. Thanks for the chapter! Not lets read some action..

  2. Alright, its Yotanwa’s time to shine.. Although she took her time. And Heki in all his worthlessness as always.. His growth to general was relatively quick but despite his rank he is portrayed as a total greenhorn every time. I guess in this battle should come moment of truth for him and most likely it will be pretty soon.

    • ivo

      Heki seems to be going Mougu route. A solid general that has all the basics, will never loose to weaker opponent, but will never beat a stronger one.

      • Yeah, well, maybe. But at least Mou Gou had two brilliant protege which allowed him to be fairly competitive as one of state’s major generals. Heki has nothing but still he was allowed to join campaign with so much importance. Im just curious why is that. There should be some hidden potential.

        • Tyr

          Not until his utter mediocrity had destroyed his son’s childhood, forging him into a future total badass

        • ivo

          Yes but MouGou is still a great general with +40years of experience.. Heki is only a greenhorn general but he still is going that ‘top of mediocre’ route.

          And why wouldn’t he be allowed to join campaign, he is one of numerous lesser generals that are assigned to each great general.

          • Dunno, Ousen’s generals shown to have some sort of speciality. Same for Kanki’s band leaders and Yotanwa’s tribes.
            What’s Heki’s speciality?

          • He’s not even constant part of any commander’s army.
            Just some independent force which has no distinctive features and can’t do shit.

          • ivo

            Check chapter 535, it was mentioned multiple times how Ousen has many other generals in his fold. Akou and Makou were his left/right hand, so of course they are head and shoulders above the others, but he has many more that may be just as ‘ordinary’ as Heki.

            And who says he’s not part of Ousen army?

      • 0verlord1

        I called Heki “the new Mougou” a long time ago in the Tsukkomi on mangahere and i had taken a flamethrower assault by other reader about that being “disrespectful” and “impossible”!

        • Geroprog

          Well Mougou had a talented eye to see gifted young generlas. I think it was mentioned that he had a great vision for potential people.
          But Heki do not has any of that. I hope he dies soon.
          He is just a hindrance for everyone.

          • letouriste

            you’re too hard on him,the guy looks talented but so far he only has been a fuss.
            i think this battle will change him a lot,this is probably the battle which the autor plan to use for growing that character AND really start the ship yotanwa/heki forshadowed since the beginning…or just give him an heroic death for yotanwa benefit

  3. Jack Georgie

    thanks as always, there’s tons to talk about kingdom. then again its the 3rd best selling manga.

    • letouriste

      really???? you mean this is at the same level than one piece,attack of titan,hero aca,one punch man and HxH?

      • Dajh

        nope first of all one piece is at a different level (just from the sales i mean)

        it’s noteworthy that of all top 10 mangas on this list, kingdom has the shittiest anime adaption, but still manages to be on 3 rank. Trust me an anime makes a huge difference.
        for example when attack on titan season 2 was released the manga saes of attack on titan increased a lot thus attack on titan rised from rank 4-7 (not sure anymore which one) to 2nd rank. same was with âssassination classrom when 2nd season was released it was rank 2. same could happen for nanatsu no taizai this year. It’s also important in which arc a manga is. for example haikyuu is now in an arc which you could call the coallition arc of haikyuu (from the importance and hyp) so the sales of haikyuu will probably increase a lot during the next few months.

        i just hope one piece ends soon (cause 1 rank is undeserved in my opinion) then kingdom might be nr. 1 *_*

        • One piece is not ending anytime soon, not in upcoming 10 years for sure. Even if Oda suddenly dies (which I hope won’t happen, long live Oda) I’m sure Jump will find plenty authors+editors who will finish the story for him, although I doubt quality will be anywhere near Oda’s.
          You may not find it worthy of being top-1 but any story going for 20+ years deserves proper ending, at least for the sake of faithful fans.

  4. Jackson

    Thank you for the incredible chapter!

  5. asdfs

    some guy came in here a while back and left a comment saying he made a kingdom discord and asking if you want to join, i guess you didnt see it

  6. Thank you!

    Thanks as always… on an unrelated note.. was that shunmen at the last page? At the far right next to Bajio?

    • 0verlord1

      After checking, yes it’s (very probably) him! i’m also happy to see him well, wasn’t sure he made it after the first clash on the first day (which should have been insight).

      • Thank you!

        Yup! Shunmen was/is cool character! He was there when Shin was (was? kidding) just a boi and a runt.. To be honest.. I was a bit sad that the damned quanronqs (just why was those damn dog dudes made such a big deal… Qin state literary was build by people/tribe that kicked quanronqs ass…… Right?) just came out of no where and poor shunmen was sacrificed to make them look.. Bah… Cool?… Hmpf.. I am intrested at xiongu and i would love to see their chanyu clash with qin instead of these darn doge dudes… But… Sigh… That is just not going to happen.. Right… Siiiiiiiigh.. Anyway such a good manga.. Eternally thankfull that you revived the.. Uh milkyway scans project? Sorry… Cant remember the first scanners. And… I guess no one cares either? . Man… Such a solty night… Sorry about that…..

  7. Let me guess, Yotanwa will devise an all out attack plan to defeat the enemy, they really have no other choice here.

  8. Geroprog

    they should find a hidden route inside the wolf tribe castle , and kill them inside the castle, there is enough food inside.

    • 0verlord1

      I was wondering about that, but it’s pretty easy to watch/block such long tunnels. It would definitely be a good move for the Yotanwa army if they could get inside the city unnoticed tho, but with how many men? how many would they need to engage in the tunnels to be able to take advantage of this plan?

      • Geroprog

        I know that it is easy to block them, but if they go unnoticed, like for example Troy, a small unit , can open tha gates, or they can just make some fires, in the castle, it would be a huge help , for the armie.

  9. X

    THANK YOU!!!! HEKI OMFG!!! You are the man! You got your girl giving you food! LOL!

  10. Marcusx8

    Thank You TF/SS for everything you do but if you’re not going to translate the caption at the end of the chapter why deliberately black it out for others.

  11. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  12. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Wasn’t expecting a 5 day time skip, but it makes sense for Yontanwa to be in a do or die situation first.

  13. TinyToon

    First thing first, thank you for the chapter!

    I saw review where speculated about that Yotanwa is about to die. If Yotanwa really dies or is atleast in grave danger, how that would affect to Heki? Heki is general who has more emotions than other leaders. We have seen how depressed he was when he lost half of the food but we have seen determination and how he cares other people in his path to be general. He did attack against fearsome swordman when Shin was in danger and he shouted when Shunmen was wounded by enemy (because Heki cares about him as fellow comrade (p12 ch 528)). Also, we know how Heki adores Yotanwa…

    So, my theory goes that Heki will going to be berserk in this arc. We alreary saw some rage in his eyes at page 11, chapter 540. Lets assume that SSJ or Rozo kills Yotanwa, that situation could be one and only situation where Heki would go to fierce rage and lead remnants of mountain people to pure berserk stage that cripples both armies so badly that they can’t threat Kanki’s army.

    • swongy

      Yotanwa cannot die. Yotanwa (Yang Duan He) is a real/actual figure in History. Yang Duan He minimally lived past the 18th year of Sei’s rule

      • ivo

        Did you just post historical spoilers you FUCKING MORON?

      • Thank you?

        Well I am sure it was a mistake without no ill intend… after all this IS based on Sima Qians works so.. it is .. quite hard NOT to spoil stuff….. since the story is quite .. limited … with what can happen in a way… still….. to be honest its kinda fun to see WhAT new stuff Hara yasuhisa can think about qin and chinese history today… after all. Some new stuff has been and is …. uh … studied? As we speak… I just recently heard at university some intresting stuff about legalism and why the damned term legalism is infact inaccurate and unfair term that should NOT be used… according to some dudes… it was a intresting presentstion for sure… uh … sorru.. Just.. ignore my ramble as uskalla ha ha ..take care everybody! Have a good day and be sure to eat something yummy!

  14. algarban

    Thanks a lot for the chapter! well now is time for quin to start outshining in tactics, if not they will have to go back with their tails between their legs

  15. ivo

    So Ousen has a greater plan.. if he knew that Gyou can holdout longer than him, then he would know that Riboku wouldn’t push with center army. Since center armies are quite a distance from each other, he could’ve made a detachment of 10-20k soldiers to go elsewere. Similar how Riboku did during Coalition to attack Sai.

    And Ousen has a tendency to show up unexpectedly, like during Renpa campaign, or to save Kankoku pass..

  16. Geroprog

    The most important thing right now for them is food. Even if they beat one of ribokou armies, qin will need food, and supplies. So I think ousen did some scheme with the city. They must get the food from gyou. And i think yotanawa will do the same, they need to get the wolftribe city. there must be a lot of food. There must be secret passages.

  17. Skyeaeger

    What happen to Yotanwa? She lost her boobs and looks very skinny

  18. GayforMouten

    Whats the odds of Riboku either lying or getting false information about Gyou’s food supplies? Kanki’s sieging that city, he’s tricky enough to manipulate things. Hell, he might have been going easy on this all this time waiting for Riboku to get the report, only to drive up the assault now. He could literally stop killing their enemies, leaving them wounded. That would skew the food supply prediction considerably?

    • ovi

      City will not fall to an attack, Ousen said so.

      No way for Kanki to trick the information. It came either by messenger, which I’m sure Riboku checked for authenticity or, more probably, via bird, which could only be from the city.

      If Riboku is lying, what is purpose? That lie only means that his army doesn’t need to attack Ousen army, but only needs to hold. No reason to lie in order to holdout if that is the case.

      I think Ousen has everyone dancing to his tune right now, we just need to see what it is. Afterall, man does not fight a battle he has no chance in winning.

    • Gyopoh

      … gay for mouten? .. well arent we all ha ha. Seriusly though your name made me laugh a little. Thanks for that… oh right. Thanks oshit & gongitraped.. and Sense Scans.. hope you keep up the good work.. turkish farmers.. (ouki joke?)

  19. Boo

    There’s a discord for everything now. In fact, you can probably make a discord for turnip farming!

  20. Guess

    Spoiler: on break next week

  21. Jack Georgie

    manga up in sense web

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