Kingdom Chapter 552

DDL won’t be up until I get home from work.

Kingdom is on break next week.

Chapter 552: DDLRead Online



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77 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 552

  1. Bon Jour

    P. 9 1st panel and p. 11 last panel have 1 translating error each in them. The first panel is missing the word second and in the latter there should be an are instead of an is. Did I miss anything?

    • I’m assuming you mean in page 10 “While the alternative is…)”. This is still correct english though I agree adding a “second” in there would be better.

      Page 11 should be plan instead of plans rather than are instead of is. Unlikely we’ll fix since it’s not major.

  2. Junjiro

    damn, I was expecting that feego king to say that he wants to cunny yotanwa to her face. I am disappoint.

    on the other hand, seeing yotanwa flash ko somebody and give them the boot was great! that’s why I said to rename this series to queendom!

    thanks, turnip farmers!

  3. Guess

    On break next week, like it says on the last page. );

    Yotanwa’s fight is the only one that hasn’t used much tactics in the war to date.I still think it was a mistake to follow the Zhao when they retreated, she could have remained where they were and moved N or S to intercept them if they tried to slip past. I still hope to some trickery because they shouldn’t be in a position to simply hack their way to victory.

    I also don’t understand why the Zhao army hasn’t simply slipped past the Qin to go to Qyou. The mountain tribes have been fighting evenly for 8 days, if the Zhao army went a day N or S and went to Gyou, it’s impossible for Yotanwa’s army to intercept

    • letouriste

      you need to keep the nature of that army in consideration.yotanwa army is made of crude warriors and inactivity is their doom.she can’t just wait and let the ennemy go because of that.they would get bored and fight each other.
      we didn’t get the details of the battleground so i guess yotanwa has that covered.she is bound to have good scouts and fast raid teams so i would not do that move in zhao stead.not when the city troops will not chase the Qin if they leave

      • Dajh

        letouriste wtf that’s so not true, the mountain folk aren’t as savage as you believe them to be. they might not lget along but under yotanwa they can work together just fine. the only reason they were fighting against each other was because they didn’t have food.
        inactivity is their doom? lol

    • Dorael

      Not quite. If Yotanwa army doesnt keep pressure on this zhao army then they could very easily slip away and reinforce ribokue which cant be allowed. They have to keep them exactly where they are.

  4. 0verlord1

    Wow that friendzone burn, sorry for you Heki 🙂
    But i do hope you will not fail miserably this time again, that would be REALLY lame.

    • Schaid

      Nah u got the point bruh

    • letouriste

      i’m pretty sure he will succeed or die trying.that guy will not accept any other outcome

      • ivo

        I think yotanwa will have her own men lying in backup in case Heki fails.

      • 0verlord1

        Yeah, he’s the kind of guy who goes “go hard or go home”, but i would add the “knocked out and rapatriate somehow” as a third valid option (and the lamest of all, but that’s heki there…)

        • Tedd

          Try Ravages of time bro…it have grand strategy like kingdom and set in 3 kingdom period…very2 recomended

          • 0verlord1

            is it the one where a couple of japanese high school student are time-transport in the 3-kingdoms china?

          • Junjiro

            nope. ravages of time is like kingdom: a what-if. qin shi huang aka sei in kingdom was historically a tyrant according to records. both series takes on a new spin: what if sei wasn’t really a tyrant as opposed to what historical records painted him to be? put that kind of premise in the 3 kingdoms period and you get a whole lot of awesomeness.

          • 0verlord1

            thanx, i will give it a try!

          • Tedd

            In term of story ravages is equal with kingdom but in term of artwork is more better

  5. Yet another filler episode, and another break. This is dragging too long IMO.

  6. Geroprog

    Thank you for the Hard work!
    Boring chapter. i knew they need the Castle, and its food. still dont know how they will get the Castle. And i hope this shithead Heki will not f..k up again….

    • letouriste

      well he didn’t really fail.i don’t see how he could have protected against underground tunnels when he didn’t know their layout.he could have predicted one of the tunnels lead in that forest but that’s heki,not the most brillant man.

  7. Jack Georgie

    thanks as always, hopefully heki would prove he could do it, with getting bed as the reward.

  8. Heki for sacrifice! Hurrah!
    Heki is as easy to play as always. If he manages to do his bidding it will finally be something worth his title, and he will, otherwise I don’t know why all the fuss around Heki for so long. I also hope that Heki will find his own way of battling and become somebody interesting to read about.

    • letouriste

      will take time^^ he is really bland right now…actually he always been bland.the only things of note are his loyauty and his motivation…and his teenage love for yotanwa i guess.not the most interesting character but he could turn in someone while getting old

  9. Nick

    You’re awesome guys!

  10. letouriste

    LMAO that bunny head page 9^^ i can’t believe the autor really did this

  11. mac

    Thanks, happy to see that you guys don’t have the source problem anymore.

    There’re no DDL for 538-548…

  12. Kanki

    Maybe it’s a stupid question but, every time we’re seeing yontowa’s army fight the ennemies It’s the ryuyuu tribu and not the zhao army.
    So the zhao army is on stand by or the are fighting also ? Because if they are not fighting and wait the result between yontawa and the ryuyuu tribu it will be impossible to yotonwa to win.

    • ivo

      I think core of fighting power is ryuyuu, zhao army is just filling the numbers. But if ryuyuu is defeated, zhao army will collapse just as it was at the beginning of the battle.

      The ryuyuu did match mountains-folk, but other than that I feel people still largely underestimate their power when compared to other armies considering hyping them up from the beginning of the series.

      Even if they have 10k leftover after ryuyuu fight, I’m sure they can power trough even an 40k zhao army no problem.

      • Geroprog

        The white haired guy came to take over the command, I dont Think It would be that easy to win against them. And It is a mistery to me what are they doing all this Time.

      • letouriste

        the fight happened offscreen but i guess the zhao took one side of the fight(like the left flank or something)
        i think we will have a map of the field next chapter

  13. X

    Thank you!!!! Oh poor Heki, he just got…. “friend zoned” LOL!

  14. great chapter of emotions–though cannot wait for the action!

  15. letouriste

    heki got lead by the nose^^ yotanwa seems to lead in the same way than kanki

    • ivo

      I don’t think yotanwa wanted him to volunteer. She needs this done, meaning she assigned her 3 strongest armies to the task. Heki is not strong by a long shot, but after he fucked up with supplies, she couldn’t refuse his ‘sacrifice’ in front of all tribe leaders.

      She will grant his request, but probably have her men in backup in case he fails.

      • Try

        Agreed, accept- while she didn’t plan for this, Tanwa may find use of Heki’s army as a distraction and/or bait. His army needs to contribute, per his own words, and they’re willing to sacrifice everything, per his words. That’s valuable, even if his force is lead by a mediocre general.

        Tanwa may actually have seen this coming and has a plan for Heki… I’d hope not as a vanguard as he requested, but something. A diversion, bait, something. After all, she waited until there were three days of three days of food left to hatch this plan, but what, a week since Heki’s was burnt? She’s known the math since it happened. She’s letting her troops know at this point, when they’re backs are against the wall, to get a survival-related burst of ferocity out of them.

        • chyll2

          If this is true, then Heki is a real Bait material. LOL. I vaguely remember but he was once used as Bait by Ousen.

  16. Does anyone here knows a thing or two about warfare in warring states period? why most of foot soldiers use only spear instead of spear and shield, even elite units who can afford to buy it. I would like to know how was the fight, the formations, the main weapons (read that they used to use a dagger axe kind of weapon)

    • Tyr

      I don’t know much, but here’s what I do-

      Re: spears, think of the expense of a weapon. They would have been very costly, at least for a foot soldier. Metals were quite important. The cheapest weapons would have the least amount of metal in them, basically, the cheapest balded weapon would be a small blade tied to a stick, aka, a spear.

      Cavalry charges in manga tv and movies are always very overblown. Kingdom is drastically embellishing the physical strength of all members of the battlefield, including horses. Real horses couldn’t, and wouldn’t, mow down rows of men… cavalry then was almost more akin to air support now. They wouldn’t directly engage, they would strafe. The horses would ride near people, and then the riders would then try to cut the people down. Historians think it mostly worked as a flanking technique, but only if the enemy’s lines were so scattered a team of horses could easily ride through them.

      Infantry would then be way more important in real life, and there were many different kinds (I’m not sure how many in this period in china, but in general.) some had heavy armor, some had light armor, some had no armor. Some were well armed with swords and shields, others had spears. Some fought as individuals, others fought in unison. Some where well trained standing armies, others were farmers, conscripted for a campaign. The various combinations of factors would lead to drastic differences in fighting strengths.

      To the point the most famous military philosopher of the age said that the amount of soldiers you had was far less important than the kind of soldiers you had, and how you used them.

      • Tyr

        And I change my mind about the war horses, by the way. Youtube strongly disagrees with historians, who are probably too busy being historical to every try youtubing “horses running people over.” the visual evidence is pretty clear. A war horse could run someone down and barely break a stride. Cavalry could therefore walk into a crowd of infantry and wreck it. Run? may not. But a horse walking fast knocks a person flat easily.

        • camoes95

          yeah, just what i thought. I imagine it would be like a bull running amok between a crowd of people. The question is, how far could they advance agains’t a solid infantry battallion? How much more would they advance if they charged at the flank of the infantry company? Would they switch the horses of the front with those in the middle that didn’t have to knock down as many man as the ones in the front? how well did they do that? so many questions lmao, war is an amazing thing indeed.

  17. Tedd

    Is there anyone here read The Ravages Of Time…it was 3 kingdom period and like kingdom has detail in all sceme and grand battle

  18. Yeman420ph

    Hail to Oshit sama!.

  19. Tyr

    Hey! I want everyone who called BS when the newbie got stepped on by a horse and lived, to watch this:

  20. SHAUN

    but war horses are bigger n tougher.. so most people would have died from stepping on.

    • Tyr

      i didn’t necessarily mind people pointing out in real life Kanto would probably have not survived that. The part that made me post it was how people were saying it was yet another example of how dumb kingdom and its writers were.

      Point 1: Kanto was also wearing full armor. Depp was wearing a t-shirt.
      Point 2: Are we talking about the same manga? Don’t forget the part where shin jumped up a castle wall? or the parts where his wounds heal by themselves? Or the part where Mougu got his arm chopped off on the field but didn’t immediately bleed out? or like all the parts with Kyokai? I’m not saying its totally unrealistic. I’m saying, its a story, and if it stuck to pure reality, chances are, we’d all be way more bored. The same people complain about all the talk about logistics- guess what real warfare of the period was about? supply lines and not getting cholic.

      Third of all: are we talking about the same art form?? did you miss the one called bleach of Akira or Dragonball Z or Naruto or …

      What is this expectation that it both be larger than life, super-fun crazy exciting entertainment and completely and totally realistic?

      • ovi

        Don’t forget the part where shin jumped up a castle wall?


        or the parts where his wounds heal by themselves?

        -there was a scene in hajime no ippo (boxing manga) where character managed to stop his bleeding via adrenaline rush.

        Or the part where Mougu got his arm chopped off on the field but didn’t immediately bleed out?

        -well he probably tied that up with some cloth during whole mess on that hill

        Or like all the parts with Kyokai?


        All is real!

  21. I am a F5 person.


  22. Yeman420ph


  23. Yeman420ph


  24. Coraline

    any update when the next chapter is gonna come out?? 😦


    Must wait for 554 chapter. Then exciting. I saw trailer on u tube

  26. Guess

    sense don’t have the raws yet.

    • asdfs

      will it be out today, tomorrow or the day after i dont mind waiting i just want to know if i should stay up tonight

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