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Kingdom Chapter 556

Ayyy Anzac day…. ok back to sleep.

edit: It’s Golden Week, come back next week (~ 8th / 9th of May).

Chapter 556: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 555

Just a reminder, all the chapter DDL links can be found at even if they aren’t on the post.

The DDL for this chapter will be uploaded once I get back from work today.

Chapter 555: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 554

Some people have been saying in comments and elsewhere that there might be a break next week?

I haven’t found any information that says that explicitly though so maybe there’s still a chapter next week?

All I know is that in Turnipland:

  • If the chapter comes out -> we scanlate it.
  • If there’s a break -> we get an unexpected holiday.

The DDL will be up when I get around to it. I’m juggling a bajillion things in my life right now.

Chapter 554: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 553

Might be a day or two late next week depending on how jetlagged I am.

Chapter 553: Read Online


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