Kingdom Chapter 553

Might be a day or two late next week depending on how jetlagged I am.

Chapter 553: Read Online



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49 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 553

  1. udin

    thankyou turnipfarmers 🙂

  2. chyll2

    I wonder if the three are armies are just diversion. I mean going all out is pretty readable in that scenario.

  3. And the plot thickens…

    • How will Heki and co get out this mess they are in, where will yotanwa appear to fight, how were their intentions so easily read? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Kingdom.

  4. YellowSnowman

    It’s possible that Yotanwa uses same tactic now that Shun Sui Ju used against Heki. City is now (probably) empty and Yotanwa (or that old tribe chieftain) somehow attacks to the city and steals all food that they find and starts fires so enemy troops has to withdraw (so they can defend city and extinguish fires).

    This feel I got from the chapter.

  5. Jackson

    Awesome, thank you!

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. Nic

    An all-out gamble is more less your only move a situation like that. With the losses incurred and the rations being this low, their men are getting tense so you can’t do half-measures.

    However, that the Zhao general accepted their invitation and committed that many men is something I’m sure he will later deeply regret. A smarter general would have tried to use the situation to avoid fighting as much as possible even with the upper hand. Why risk so many men when you can simply win by waiting for their rations to run out? Once they do, they’ll start fighting among themselves, start deserting and then you can wipe out whoever is left.

    • YellowSnowman

      Well in his mind (Zhao general’s) this is not only battlefield that he has to win. He probably thinks that faster way will save Zhao lives in Riboku’s battlefield since after beating Yotanwa he would go to help Riboku (afteralll he probably knows that Gyou has enough food).

  8. To me, it really looks like the situation of Makou on the first day.To put the final blow, he puts all his forces into the battle, and he gets stabbed in the back. Here, Makou is Shunsuiju, and Riboku is Yotanwa.
    There are two reasons that make me think that way.
    First, Yotanwa herself says her plan will be decisive to win, and she doesn’t even include herself into it, letting Bajio lead her army, which is weird concidering she seems to be the strongest fighter of the mountain tribes. And second, Shunsuiju basicaly says at the end of this chapter that aiming for the three brothers/commanders is obvious, so Yotanwa probably knows that he’d expected her to do so when she built her battle plan for today’s fight, which makes me feel like she’s got something up her sleeve, probably related to the old man coming at her headquarter.
    And I also think that the “!” expressing surprise from Bajio in page 4 (when Yotanwa accepts Jeki’s request to lead one of the 3 attacks) makes him realize that she has something else in mind then simply charge into the 3 commanders (well, 3 reasons overall, but this one is not sure, he might just be suprised because he thinks the Mera tribe is stronger then Heki’s army).
    Yotanwa seems to be similar to Kanki in the sense that only her knows the full scale of the plan when she starts a war, the methods are really differents tho.

    • Hyuu

      Yeah, I’m assuming the real target isn’t the three brothers after all. There’s a nice line in Blacksails, where Rackham states why not let the opposing British think we are retarded pirates, only to capitalise later.

      Whether is the head honcho Rozo or the city I’m not too sure but I think Rozo is the safer bet…

      Much like Yotanwa holds her army together through her iron will…I’d assume the QuanRong to be similar and thus much like food is causing instability, the power vacuum will also be an issue…and plus Yotanwa has to kill Shunsuiji because of plot.

      Shunsuiji doesn’t really get to make any real good moves…and is sorta forced into the situation as the reactive army. Yotanwa has put enough forces into the field to make slaying the brothers a possibility but even if he thinks there’s another attack coming to the city or himself than by thinning out the soldiers he sent to protect the brothers will also then make the original “slay brothers” plan suddenly possible….

      • Guess

        Well, it’s only plot armor preventing Quanrong and Zhao from attacking at the same time after so many days, there’s really no way for Yotanwa to win without many asspulls.

  9. mostafa

    thank you oshit sama

  10. letouriste

    this is really dumb to call your war opponent a monkey,that mean you understimate a killer. That’s the one thing to never do in war, that’s why racism always lose at the end.
    i still expect the three brothers to die today but now i also expect the food to be stolen…or even the fortress itself

  11. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter Turnipfarmers+Sensescans.
    Was hoping to see Rozo siblings or/and Shunsuijuu head rolling on the ground this week(been waiting for it since the first time he made his appearance.Didn’t like his haughty face since day one,but maybe it is just me)

    • letouriste

      i like him,you can really feel there is a strong personality behind his eyes.that’s a great character. (he doesn’t feel overpowing,just nasty and shemer.we lack long lasting characters like that in this novel.)
      i expect him to be yotanwa long term enemy in this war,making her pushing herself more (we never seen her outwit an opponent, i don’t even know if she is smart).
      i don’t the city army though,these quanron or something feel way too much as a filler

  12. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter TF!!!

  13. yet another filler chapter, when is this war going to end?

    • Ash

      @ dolyharianto

      Totally agree with you,the filler chapter drives me crazy sometimes.But I’ve been reading Kingdom since 2007,somehow I get used to it.

      • camoes95

        Jesus, I started at 2013 and can’t die before kingdom final chapter, Barely can imagine what you go through.

        • Ash


          Pretty much the same thing with Naruto(700 chapters),Bleach(686 chapters) and Toriko(396 chapters).The wait is always drive me crazy.
          Somehow I managed to finish reading them

          Not sure if I can finish One Piece,which have reached 900 chapters now, and Detective Conan,which is 1000 chapters now,and the mangaka(Gosho Aoyama) is currently sick and the series has gone on hiatus.

          Heck,I was in primary school when I started reading them.I am 30 years old(feels very old now that I mentioned it)

          Old habits die hard.And waiting is always painful.But all we can do is wait.

          Kudos again to the mangaka,and of course,the translator/redrawer and etc(Turnipfarmers and Sense Scans,thanks again)

    • letouriste

      not sure we can call that chapter a filler.
      i agree half or more is useless but some panels are important for building tension and expectations.

  14. keep updated and read manga keep it up and thank you

  15. Thank you

    Thanks.. Luudin means I sweeped (with broom)in my language.. so its kinda funny chapter.. though I do dislike shun sui ju and the Doge people.. welp Thank you turnip farmers and Sense scans.

  16. 0verlord1

    omg, that chapter let me split into 2 emotions:

    – “Come on Heki-bro! It is your time to shine, you can do it! Ignore the flags and the obvious fact you’re the laughingstock of the mountain people, you will prove to them today that you can earn their respect!”

    – “omfg Heki, is there a limit to how lame you can be? the search continues… Seriously how can you not see/ignore the “yeah you are in command, not the mera tribe which should have been leading this flank and that just have been had to your army but promise, you are the boss”. Stop begging ffs, and you can’t even do the “Luudin” thing on the first try? you have to repeat yourself louder? -.-“

    • Dajh

      wtf what exactly is your problem lol.
      about “luudin” he said it loud enough but the mountain people were confused and surprised because they didn’t expect him to say it so he had to repeat himself.

  17. Shinthebuffon

    This week break.

    • Who the hell is buffon?!

      ? But the Korean raws of chapter 554 are allready out? You think our beloved turnip boyz would … NOT scan it this week!? No! I believe in them! The ellusive Gongitraped, the mighty Oshit! They will provide rhe new chapter! And smite our enemies! You will see!!

      • muddyfarmer

        It should be released this week, unfortunately Hara-san is going on Hiatus starting after this weeks chapter. He’s not feeling well & expects to be out of the game for a month. So lets just all wish the man a speedy recovery.

        • Thank you

          Oh .. well Thanks for the info. To be honest being mangaka is probably very though. Having to produce a chapter in a week is … demanding to say the least. And then there is the issue of Kingdom being such a long project. How the hell are you supposed to think this much this far with the same mind set? I dont think its possible. Hence there are the producers and all that jazz.. and hence we have wei fire dragon arcs me think.. anyway Thanks @muddyfarmer for the info. And indeed lets hope Hara Yasuhisa gets well and can enjoy life.. in fact lets hope we all do..

        • Tyr

          Oh god this is exactly what happened to ‘world trigger’

          please no not again

          *curls up in ball, whimpering*

        • Nox

          Where did you get this information

  18. TK

    Kingdom Live Action movie announced a couple of days ago… how did I miss that?

    • osi

      (imaturelly comes out of retirement just to say:)



      HELL YA! XD

      • osi

        in fact given how often I watched that trailer in december or whenever, and the timing of this announcement (which I verified)…

        yall should be thanking me lol. I watched it A LOT 🙂

  19. Accidentally trolled people and made the next post visible when it hadn’t been uploaded yet… Sleep deprived and multi-tasking a bunch of things right now.

    Chapter’s done on our end. It’ll be out whenever someone at Sense Scans gets around to uploading it.

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