Kingdom Chapter 554

Some people have been saying in comments and elsewhere that there might be a break next week?

I haven’t found any information that says that explicitly though so maybe there’s still a chapter next week?

All I know is that in Turnipland:

  • If the chapter comes out -> we scanlate it.
  • If there’s a break -> we get an unexpected holiday.

The DDL will be up when I get around to it. I’m juggling a bajillion things in my life right now.

Chapter 554: Read Online



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65 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 554

  1. The chapter 554 is not there. hahaa

    Thanks anyway!!! =p Love u guys!

  2. Roy

    Its chapter 553 not 554

  3. joey

    link for read online is only taking to old chapter?

  4. Imamuto

    Lol a troll! Probably because sense scan is not uploaded it yet? Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

  5. I read the whole chapter thinking mangaka was lazy and tried a little recap.. šŸ˜­šŸ˜­
    Only to find out it was 553.. šŸ˜­šŸ’”

  6. Kevin Schmitz

    1.april was 10days ago šŸ˜¦

  7. My bad, I somehow un-ticked the hidden box on autopilot when I was saved the post.

  8. jimmy

    Thanks for the update!

  9. Nina

    Thanks for the scanlating the new chapter event though you are really busy!

  10. Nick

    Good job on the quick release despite whatever else happened. I’ve been following you for a good while now (from way before you caught up!) and I’m really glad you’re the ones translating Kingdom. So thanks, and beware of rabbits.

  11. muddyfarmer

    I’m not sure how concrete the information was, I’m trying to find the link but it’s gone now, all it said is he’s not feeling well & needs a break. He’s been going non-stop for a few years now, so it should be about time he has a rest, better that than a drop in quality I say. Quality over quantity. But thanks gongitraped & oshit, keep up the good work.

  12. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  13. Junjiro

    thanks for the big effort!
    man, turnips really has a quick turnaround! both in games and IRL!

  14. Jackson

    Thanks guys! Great chapter! How was the trip?

  15. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! Love you guys!! that was a decent show down for our quin general, lets hope he doesnt screw up.

  16. chyll2

    strong basic!!!

  17. Geroprog

    Thank you for the Hard work!
    I hope the mangaka is all right. šŸ™‚

  18. Harry

    Thank you Sir for all the effort šŸ™‚ keep it up

  19. X

    Thank you! Hope there will be a new chapter next week. šŸ™‚

  20. Damn, Heki army is hilarious, that look on their faces when Heki talked about “our strength”. Like wtf, we have it too? Where was it all this time?

  21. jean-yong

    I waited so long to see this…Heki being competent as a real general.
    Thanks for the chapter šŸ™‚

  22. Tyr

    …somewhere, En-san is getting a very confusing erection, because his body is automatically reacting to all this perfectly executed mediocrity. Which is most inconvenient for him, as he’s also on a battlefield

  23. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Great to see more tactics.

  24. inspiredKreatif

    thanks again for your great work as always… much appreciated

  25. letouriste


  26. GayforMouten

    Oh, can’t wait for this battle to develop further. We still have that ‘weakness’ of Kanki Riboku spoke of waiting to be revealed. Not to mention the special guy that drove of the Yan General.

  27. I am a F5 person.


  28. Cedric

    I can’t wait to see what’s happened so far on the other battlefield šŸ˜€

  29. Cedric

    Muddyfarmer what’s your predictions?

    • Guess

      Its gonna be out today

    • muddyfarmer

      Chur my bro, someone mentioned kanki, so we’re gonna see what that weakness is. I think it’s just the fact that kanki takes huge risks & he’s found a way to exploit it. Bro tower of god, baam has plot backup so maybe he’s gonna win, what do you reckon bruv? Bro Shingeki no kyojin, I hope you’ve been keeping up g, it’s absolutely mind blowing. Spoiler alert: just letting you know stop reading right now, but Eren Yeager is now the war hammer titan.

  30. swongy

    Comment to check time

  31. So Heki’s dead in the end, no wait, when is this war going to conclude?

  32. jackjarijari

    So any chance chPter will come out ths week?

  33. Michiru

    The raw is out already

  34. John


  35. Always right

    F5 ARMYY!!!!

  36. Michiru

    They have no patient, I hate that. It just like they putting pressure to the turnip farmers team…

    • Dajh

      Well i dont think they feel pressured. I would give a fuck if someone said “hurry where is the chapter”

      • Michiru

        Who knows?

      • Cloud

        It also goes back to their early days when people would f5 and there would magically be 5 new chapters. As a result it became an running theme/joke as the F5 army to flood the comments before a release. Since Tp never expressed any distain for it, most (not all) continue to do it for some light hearted fun and not as disrespect for Tp and sense.

        Just thought I’d give one explanation since so many tight wads seem offended by the F5 comments now. Although this has always been my interpretation from following them for so long. Unless corrected by tp I’ll probably contii to do so aha

  37. Kanki

    It’s just frustrating because the chapter is ready and it’s just have to be upload haha

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