Kingdom Chapter 555

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43 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 555

  1. 0verlord1

    Thanks Turnips! Dat cliffhanger tho…

  2. Jackson

    Awesome! Thank you guys! Great chapter… damn…

  3. Guess


    • Guess

      Qin’s right flank weakness is obviously Akou. His tactics are straightforward and when he is fighting at the front, he lacks competent sub-commanders in charge of reinforcements that know how to react and intercept these flanks. This was revealed on the first day of fighting. Even if Ouhon and Shin take out Gaku’ei, if they lose Akou the right wing will be in a tough spot relative to the Zhao who would only be slightly wounded by losing Gaku’ei.

      • letouriste

        yeah, i don’t understand why ousen allow that weakness though.
        like you said this is obvious so why did he not send a few skilled commanders in akou ranks? we have seen a lack-luster deputy and that 1000 man commander with wasted potential…
        well, the same weaknesses are also in the 4 zhao armies.
        maybe akou is stronger himself is more skilled than anticipated?

        • nicee

          No, the weakness is obviously Ouhon, Akou army is too protective to ouhon, they will protect the young master at all cost

    • Cloud

      Live action movies haven’t usually ended in success from manga to movie. I’d be more excited for another anime season..that being said I’ll see watch it regardless aha

      • Tyr

        Weeell there’s extra incentive to get this live action movie right. Have you ever notice how, um, formulaic action movies about ancient china are? At least the ones that make it over here… The heroes are real heroes. They are noble and epic and work towards founding a great nation for the future.

        …what I’m saying is, pity the people who make a BAD version of “kingdom.” they will have made powerful enemies.

        They know it. So, they’ll probably make a good movie.

        (think like a general all the time! lmao)

  4. awesomenessss-can’t wait for next chapter!!!!~

  5. Warcodered

    Something seems off with this whole food supply issue. Even if Heki hadn’t gotten his food burnt it seems like they probably would of had less than the city. I can’t see Ousen taking the kind of risk where they have to beat one of the two armies and then get food to just not lose.

    • letouriste

      ousen doesn’t even know heki food has been burnt^^
      the autor is dragging ousen plot in the background at a stupid level for building the tension but i find that quite lack-luster

  6. Junjiro

    LOL. the magazine cover has a bikini babe photobombing the guys from the warring states.

  7. Metric Tensor

    Judging by how hungry the people in Gyou are, it seems that their food won’t outlast Kanki’s. Riboku perpetuated this propaganda to lure Qin into recklessly attacking Zhao .

    • letouriste

      than ousen would have said a word to not attack

      • Cloud

        Bet the twist will be that none of this actually depends on food but rather diseases from all the injured and cramped civilians in that small town. Rather than starving to death all the soldiers and civilans will succumb to illness and by the time anyone notices it’ll be to late because everyone was focused on the food supply.

        • Junjiro

          you forgot the rats. aside from carrying disease, they also eat what humans eat. and they are fking hard to catch without cats or modern conveniences.

    • Snowy

      Nope the food in Gyou will outlast the 3 armies, It’s the one thing that must be true in this whole mess. Reasoning behind this? well one if Gyou fell because of lack of food, then what the hell are the Qin armies going to eat because they’re still cut off from Qin whether they take Gyou or not.

      My bet is this war will be decided based on the Mountain Tribes/Quanrong battle. Personally I don’t think Ousen ever rode out to defeat Ribuko, rather just keep him occupied. Ever since they left Retsubi everything has felt a giant gamble that the cautious and conservative Ousen would never risk. There is literally a piece missing to Ousen’s plan.

  8. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  9. Geroprog

    Thanks for the chapter guys. 🙂
    It is suspicious that ousen did not do anything for all this Time. There must be something hidden before our eyes.
    -And i Think that there is a plan for gyou.
    Kanki is too relaxed. They must have some
    hidden trump card.

  10. Shin

    I want more.

  11. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter! Its would be nice to see more plot changes on the future champters and Shin making something decent for a 5000 comander

  12. BAH! OP riboku. Needs to be demoted by use of poison words.
    If I am correct about which Qin campaign this is supposed to be, the Qin are going to pull out some rabbits out of their asses to win this one.

  13. X

    Thank you!!! Looks like Akou Army will be a budget meal for the next chapter LOL!

  14. Gyopoh

    … the greatest twist of this war: turns out Ousen and the central army hasn’t been just sitting around like idiots, but has instead been digging their way under the Riboku army. Soon they will emerge behind them at Atsuyo. Seeing the qin flags behind them the horrified zhao army turns into pillars of garlic (as did the sorhed army in the Bored of the rings book). And how will Yotanwa capture the quanrong city? With catapults. By hurling her troops over the zhao and dog rong..

    .. I would make a bad writer.. also thank you turnip farmers and sense group.

    • ovi

      Nah, the whole Gyou/food-battle was a feint. As soon as Ousen saw Gyou, he knew the city wont fall. So he secretly switched his gaze to Zhao capital.
      So he devised a trick by in order to fool Riboku and turn this into a long-term battle.
      It was done in order for Qin to have time to send small part of Ousen’s center army to hit Zhao capital.

      Similar to what Riboku tried to do during coalition war.. This is Ousen’s reply to Riboku: “This is how you do it”.

      or smth

  15. GayforMouten

    Ousen still has cards to play. Before they set out, he asked shouheikun for a favor we didn’t get to see. Ordo coming to attack Zhao was a prelude to something bigger too.

  16. Dajh

    is there a break or why can’t i see people shouting “F5 army”?

  17. Exeron

    Thank you. Great work.

  18. scuker for pain

    Chapter will be out tomorrow evening.

    • LeDecline

      How’d you know my man?

      • Always right

        It will be out today evening

      • Thanks turnip farmers

        I think they just assumed the chapter will be up quickly, since the korean raws have been up at the tieba baidu for awhile. So I guess that means turnip farmers will try to translate and release next chapter when they can and is most convinient for them, which will probably be soonish since gongitraped, oshit and team Sense scan has always been hard working lot.

  19. DemonHunter

    I’m smelling that Ousen is waiting for Riboku jumping on Akou army’s weakness. If Riboku knows that weakness, Ousen, who is Akou’s boss, should have known that as well for a long time. But I don’t know how he will capitalize on that bait.

    Anyway, thanks the Turnip Farmers for our weekly dose of Kingdom. Turnip for life!

  20. sikorumbe

    How do you open the dropbox link? It doesn’t work when i copy paste it.
    Thank you

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