Kingdom Chapter 556

Ayyy Anzac day…. ok back to sleep.

edit: It’s Golden Week, come back next week (~ 8th / 9th of May).

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63 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 556

  1. The man behind the man

    Thanks for your hard work turnip / Oshit sama

  2. Not silent reader anymore

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Maybe akou needs to die for Ouhon temporary promotion to general.

  3. Not silent reader anymore

    Golden week in Japan, holiday for Oshit-sama

  4. Fahrenheit451

    Thank you

  5. Jack Georgie

    ousen has yet to show his worth

    • Hassan

      I think Ousen is waiting for Ribukou to jump on the weakness of Akou’s army. Ousen surely knows his loyal servent weakness. So either he will make Akou a sacrificial piece for a great goal or make a move to trap the three left generals of Zhao, probably ending in killing another general besides Gakuei that is already a target on the same day leaving the Zhao left with only two generals that can be taken care of easier later.

  6. Thanks turnip farmers

    Ayyyy ayyy national DNA day… me sleep go too

  7. Letouriste

    thank you very much

  8. X

    THANK YOU!!!!

    And there goes Hi Shin Unit… served as meat shield. LOL! Wonder how many of the left.

    Just wondering, is there any lunch break in between the fight?

    • Hassan

      That’s not even possible! They probably only eat two meals one at night and the other in the morning. That’s the normal thing I guess if you don’t have food shortage. Since Qin’s is little on food, they must cut the number of meals and how much served.

    • Tyr

      …but, over the course of the day, within an army, and within individual units, soldiers would be rotated from the back/reserves to the front lines and back… so no, the whole army would never take half an hour break. But individuals would. If you think of the human body’s stamina, if one army rotated out and rested its soldiers, and another army didn’t, by the third hour, the battle would be over.

      • X

        Just made me think how brute were their strength and stamina back in those days. No lunch break, No coffee break, Under the dazzling sunshine with full armor… must be hell of a life.

        Is rotation even possible when bunch of enemies are literally swarming at their face?

        • Tyr

          Yep, that’s what training is for.

          Soldiers can retreat, right? So, imagine, everyone on the front line who is not immediately defending a blow, upon hearing a signal. turn 90 degrees, so that their shoulders are to the front lines, and take a step towards their army’s rear. At that same time, the line behind them jumps through the gap their bodies make. If a soldier, engaged, is unable to be switched out, the guy taking his place on the line double-teams the person he’s fighting, and then, when able, the solder going off the font line takes a step back.

          I mean, I could be about the details, but if you think about it logistically, there had to be some method of switching out lines… otherwise, why bother to have them?

          • Tyr

            Btw to be clear: the soldiers going to the rear to rest are turning 90 degrees so that their right soldiers are facing the enemy, and their chests are facing the side of the field, and side stepping, towards the rear. given the spacing soldiers would need to fight, that would leave enough room between them for the second line to replace the first, with a blitz attack. In fact, properly timed, it would be pretty effective… a well trained army could roll through an enemy simply by switching out lines at just the right moments, crushing the enemy’s front lines and disrupting their timing, all at once.

          • X

            I thought they just stand there fight till dusk… if they are alive then they live another day. I didn’t know they can switch since all we can see are soldiers dying. LOL!

          • Tyr

            that’s usually how it’s represented, but have you ever watched a boxing match or mma or thai boxing… those fighters occasionally ‘gas out,’ aka, get so tired that they can barely fight effectively at their usual level. If their opponent hasn’t ‘gassed out,’ they lose, pretty much every time, quickly, because they can’t mount defense or offense, they’re so tired.

            And those are short fights- all professional bouts are under an hour and a half, I’d think- WITH frequently scheduled breaks. And without heavy armor, the beating sun, lack of food, having marched for days right before the fight, etc etc.

            No way a soldier could fight all day…

          • 0verlord1

            That’s one of the points i was wondering, the stamina of your average soldier in Kingdom (and in many other (arguably true) stories) is really stupendous.

            Even without thinking about the effort of marching fully geared and picking a fight right after that, you’ve got to give it your all in all those charges, charge reception, fighting, repositioning with your mind as clear as possible…

            I don’t think i could go for more than a few minutes at this (much less survive) before needing a break…

          • Tyr

            Exactly, no one could last more than 15 minutes effectively fighting to the death. The phrase “fighting shape” suggests to fight, you have to be really, really in shape. It’s pretty true.

            Think of it another way, often when these armies are pictured, the units fighting are arranged in formations of maybe 10 men wide by 10 men deep. think about it…. that would be 100 men, but only 10 fighting on the front at a time. that means that a) they’d be crazy not to rotate, and b) each individual soldier would only fight 1/10th of the time (until serious losses happened)

            With rotations, both the formations and the human limitations re: fighting all day makes more sense, I think…

          • 0verlord1

            Yes, your reasoning is logical. i’m also remebering a scene during the coalition army arc, when the Hi shin unit is fighting in Duke Hyou army against the Zhao army of Keisha. Duke Hyou set up a resting point and we saw units coming and going from it. This resting point(s), along with some form of switching (your method or another), would effectively mean that the men could fight (if they survive!) through a day.

  9. Hassan

    Ribouku has made two moves on Ousen thus far. But Ousen is still watching and didn’t make any critical moves as of yet, just ordinary battle set up. Is Ousen waiting for the right side to settle down the numbers first meaning that the Zhao forces are reduced by few generals and his real battle plan involves engaging Ribouku’s center or does he intend to fullly wipe the right which will result in Qin’s triumph. If Zhaos left is wiped, I think Ribouku is then lost the battle and will withdraw.

  10. Hasson

    It’s going to be a long campaign, I don’t think it’s going to end that way. Maybe both army will lose some general or Riboku read Ousen ploy and then another stalemate

  11. Yeman420ph

    R we on break?

  12. Mou Hon

    Shonen Jump didn’t take a break last week, and my friend in Japan don’t get any holiday either.

  13. asdfs

    is it a confirmed break?

    sense already announce break this week

  15. X

    I want to see how Akou die already!

  16. Cedric

    Maaaaaaan so many breaks so far this year!! It’s hard enough waiting 7 days LOOOOL! SOMEONE BUILD A MACHINE THAT WILL ALLOW US TO HIBERNATE FOR ATLEAST 2 YEARS

  17. discord

    See you in ten months then

  18. mac

    @oshit, there are still a bunch of chapter uploads missing, could you please upload them? Thanks in advance.

  19. Tyr

    Prediction- Akou dies, Qin still wins b/c Ouhon and Shin, who split his troops and both become generals. I also guess that the only way when Akou dies that they’ll be able to manage is that Ten replaces Akou as commander of his army, but that will leave Shin wholly controlling his unit.

  20. John Wick

    U wanted me back..I back!
    Where my chapter?..

    I should get John Wick to join in the battle…why? Cos he killed 3 men with a pencil..a fucking pencil..


    • shin the panda

      John Wick how did u learn to use pencil. Maybe u can teach Shin the slayer how to use strategy

  21. DeenTheMajestic

    Yo fam got dem crack ?

  22. thef5army

    *sniff sniff*

  23. Mou Hon

    9th of May

  24. pops

    it will be out today

  25. Always right

    It will be out in 3 hours

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