Kingdom Chapter 557

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38 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 557

  1. Bata013

    thanks turnip guys!!!

  2. Oshit worshipper

    All hail oshit-sama

  3. Kanki

    For god sake how annoying riboku is…. like he knows everything , every formation of his ennemies etc..
    I hope Ousen will make a big entrance or a big move to compensate that because so far it’s riboku show time.

  4. Mou Hon

    Long explanation from Riboku, he is going to be outsmarted soon.

  5. Gyopoh

    Ya, Thanks as always. Good job with the chapter.. still.. for some reason this chapter doensnt really excite me.. I was very looking forward this arc too.. this is unexpected.. and just to be clear turnip and Sense teams have done exelent work. I guess this arc is also well made an all.. I just hasnt been able to immerse into it.. how vexing..

  6. letouriste

    the 4th and 6th page are really awesome:)
    but something disturb me a little,when riboku said to bananji the weak point of that formation? the first time the formation has been showed was AFTER their discussion.did riboku send a rider later with the information? from what bananji is saying that doesn’t look like that

    anyway,thanks for the chapter guys:)

    • Tyr

      Ever since the coalition war, RiBoku has known Qin would come. Even though his position with the King of Zhao was weakened, and his reputation was, he managed to rework the defenses on the Qin border enough so Qin had to make this desperate move in the first place of trying to attack Zhao’s softer underbelly.

      What is clear now is that he also has had the tendancies of ousen thoroughly scouted, and is aware of ousen’s moves, formations, and tendancies. Akou, who’s basically an offensive thinker, didn’t come up with this formation. It was given to him by Ousen. Stands to reason, Ousen and others also use it. So, Riboku put two and two together, and assumed that if Akou ever defended, he would use this formatin.

  7. X

    Time to get some pointy headed Qin general~~~ Oh less mouth to feed. 🙂

  8. Guess

    Akou’s formation isn’t strong at all… not as it is drawn. Once you breach a line, you can hit it from the side and back, collapsing it instantly. This is why the armies thus far use thick lines or arrow formations, to avoid being split. There’s no conceivable outcome where a cavalry unit that breachs a line can accidentally find themselves spat back out by accident as described by the author.

  9. Thank you for the chapter!

  10. Jack Georgie

    within this battle ousen hasnt been doing much, hopefully could in the next 2-3 chapter.

  11. Jackson

    Thank you very much!

  12. Thank you

    ..When this war started I liked the idea of Zhao being the underdog and still making Qin fight with everything they got. But in the end Qin is the underdog and Zhao looks stupid.. If zhao had quanrong living next to their capital WHY was the mountain peoples coming to Qin aid during the coalition war such a shock to Riboku. And zhao sure has lotsa soldiers as usual.. what with the threat of Qi, and attack of Yan and the matter of their orginal defencive position being on the other side of the mountains.. yet they still outnumber qin again..

    Oh well.. I still enjoyed the chapter. Thanks turnip dudes.

  13. DDL:
    PS: @oshit you did put the private link, if you want people to get to the folder, you need to provide them the public link (this one: )

  14. muddyfarmer

    Guess: The only way I can see the Qin winning this war is through diplomacy, using the discord between the king & Riboku. We may see Rishi using his old Zhao contacts to sow the seeds, or maybe even garnering the help of Ryo Fui. Riboku gets called in, judging by the kings demeanor, it should be execution, I know that’s a bit of a stretch, but I can’t see anyone taking his head. That is the only way they are gonna win this war, Riboku is just too good. It’s his counter strategies that makes him way too OP.

    • DeenTheMajestic

      Ousen haven’t show his true “power” yet , look even Zhao supreme commander have to took command on their left wing and Ousen still chilling in the middle , he’s not the kind to pick a right he can’t win :p , I’ve been dying to see Ousen himself get down in the battlefield

  15. DeenTheMajestic

    Ousen haven’t show his true “power” yet , look even Zhao supreme commander have to took command on their left wing and Ousen still chilling in the middle , he’s not the kind to pick a fight he can’t win :p , I’ve been dying to see Ousen himself get down in the battlefield

  16. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. inspiredKreatif

    great work as always Turnips!

  18. ivo

    They found Shin’s sword!

    • Tyr

      On one hand, lol. 🙂

      On the other, Shin was a real dude, and probably the only kind of warrior who’s body wouldn’t have degraded by now would have been a very, very rich warrior… and to be a rich warrior, one either had to be born rich, or have won quite a lot of battles.

      so its actually, in theory, completely possible. eep

  19. Tyr

    btw if you want to see a masterwork of a feint, take a look at what Lyoto Machida did to Belfort last weekend. If you watch, what happens is, Belfort, anticipating a kick that isn’t coming, starts to block said kick. The kick that didn’t come wasn’t only set up by the leg wiggle, but everything Machida’d done all night.

    When belfort, trying to anticipate machida to gain the upper hand, tries to catch a kick that isn’t there, the kick that is there- he never even sees it. he just wakes up five minutes later, with Machida respectfully bowing to him.

  20. abxolute

    not sure why everyone is underestimating rikboku and overestimating ousen. Ribuko is doing what hes proven to do ever since the beginning, taking out ouki, sneaking past kanko pass without any1 realising, taking down duke hyou. Whereas ousen faced only 1 good general renpa and ran away when thought he could win. Comparatively speaking ousen doesn’t even come close to riboku in terms of merits.

    The only way i see riboku being defeated is by shin, Kyou Kai and ten which is too soon for them to do (not sure how though).

    however im curious why ousen chose to face riboku since he only goes to battle if he thinks he can win or did he underestimate things.

    we havn’t seen houken yet either so not sure how ousen gonna win (apart from anything got to do with food supplies). but In the most craziest scenarios if ousen wins i don’t see riboku being killed yet.

    • ovi

      Not that we want to underestimate riboku.. Its actually Ousen that was hyped previously in the series and as you said, he has no accomplishements to back it up.. but now he has a chance to show it off, so everybody is expecting good things.

      • Tyr

        Also, if Qin loses here they’re window on advancing forward towards unification closes. We know they unify China, so we also assume Qin wins

        However, on paper/without the benefit of seeing this from the future, they’re F**KED

  21. abxolute

    hmm … .. understandable

  22. Got this from some history online… turns out Qin will convince the Zhao King Riboku was planning a revolt and thus executing Riboku. Turns out he will not be killed by Qin after all.


    I got a feeling. Someone will send them food from the river… Just a hunch…

  24. abxolute

    i read that too, riboku being executed by the king, would be shame if the manga went the same route. i feel it would be bit easy if zhao loses here, there is only one state that i see being a good match up (chu). others i don’t see being any good match up.

    i hope zhao doesnt lose here and qin escaping narrowly, then it would become interesting

  25. abxolute

    chapter is out ooh my that was brutal gyou’un

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