Kingdom Chapter 558

Apparently Kingdom got licensed in France, wonder how long it’ll take them to catch up.

DDL will get added whenever that lazy ass Oshit gets home tomorrow and stops moping about the quality of pub grub steak.

Chapter 558 : Read Online 



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113 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 558

  1. Jackson

    Fuck yeah! First comment and kingdom? Thanks so much!

  2. Alexandre Ballegeer

    Riboku is just boring at this point, there’s nothing anybody can do against him, quite deceived by this arc, but let’s see what the fight incoming will bring !
    Thks for the good work !

  3. shin’s instinct kick will rescue akou or akou dies and shin takes command of akou army

    • yeh shin is going to be here, if akou dies then he will command akou army and then there is a possibility that he manage to slay gyou’un, But i think that akou will be saved by shin and banaji and gyou’un will lose their heads for sure this time, akou might get injured in all this mess.
      The reason i think akou not gonna die, cuz then qin right side have to fight 4 general against 2 commander(may be they will get promoted). but skou death will be a huge morale loss to whole army.
      ouhon gonna get that spear general czu of their fighting style are quite same

      • dolfinyo

        I share your opinion at least a part of it. I believe as well that on that panel Shin is actually realised that Akou’s going to get fcked soon so he rushed over with a handful of his man to rescue him. But i think that while he will save Akou, in the end it will turn out to be two separate 1 on 1.Shin will kill Bananji in a duel while Akou’s gonna die in a duel against Gyou’un.Meanwhile Gakuei’s going to kick the bucket against Ouhon ofcourse.And in the same manner as Mouten,Shin and Ouhon will be appointed as generals for the duration of the campaign and the Akou army is going to be split between the two of them.So in the end we will have a Shin and Ouhon vs. Rin Shou Jo’s left and right hand Gyou’un and Chou Garyuu.

    • ekid01

      Shin is certainly not taking command of Akou army while Ouhon is in the vicinity.
      While would Akou’s men follow Shin when the heir of their lord is here?

      • 0verlord1

        I have thought of the Rinshujou’s 2 last generals against Shin and Ouhon, it would be quite a battle for flashback fights for the author.
        But honestly i think Akou is screwed on this one 😀

      • Dajh

        at this point it doesn’t matter who is the heir of whom. It only matters how to win the war. Ouhon certainly knows that in this case it would be wise to split the army between him and shin but it’s a question of his pride that allows him to admit it. However it’s not the akou army or ouhon who decide who’s gonna take lead. It’s Ousen decision and he would most certainly choose to split the force between those 2 or maybe even between shin, ouhon and kyou kai,

  4. Kanki

    I’m french and it’s celebration time for the license 😀

  5. abxolute

    akou is dead judging from the last panel hes going to get sliced in half from both sides, both hi shin and gyoku unit maybe flanked if banani and gyou’un make their way there. by the looks of it the left army maybe wiped out here.

    Judging by this, ousen mostly likely was hyped so that he could be taken out by riboku and riboku probably dies how it happened irl.

    • Well, if you see shin before last few pages, he stopped and was thinking of some thing, i think that he will ride to akou side and then we will see gyou’un and shin duel again.
      Yes if akou dies here right side is really in dilemma, lets assume that akou dies then zhou 4 general vs 2 qin commander on the right side and even kyoukia lead a army it will be very difficult for qin to win the right side in limited time.
      So my bet on shin that he will rescue akou and then we can assume they will slay three zhou general of right side today

      • 0verlord1

        I think he’s concentrating so he can be at the level where he was even with the Gyou’on we just saw in this chapter, to one shot Gakuei and prepare to receive Gyou’on and Bananji pincer attack.

        Ou’hon intercept Bananji and settle the score between them, and Shin and Gyou’on get their big showdown, ending with Shin victory.

        This will get the zhao down to only Chougaryuu against Shin + Ouhon, and Riboku send another general to help.

  6. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!

    When Shin’s glaive was shaking, instead of excitement over over the fight it felt like Shin was surprised his instinct is telling him he should be elsewhere.

    • yes, it seem that we will see shin and gyou’un duel soon, i think shin will get there in just in time and gonna save akou, if my assumption are right qin can take down 3 generals in right side in one day and that can be hude loss to zhou
      what do you think of akou, will he be dead in next chapter or shin gonna save him ?

      • Cloud

        I agree shin shows up and duels gjoun while akou takes a mortal wound but kamakizes banji while ouhoun takes out gaukei while he tries to chase after shin. Dang such hype for the next chapter

  7. Apparently Kingdom got licensed in France, wonder how long it’ll take them to catch up.”

    About 2.5 years

  8. abxolute

    Akou is dead, shin is right opposite the other guy that shows he too far away. Shin just realised something went wrong but not sure what. Mostly likely because of that both shin and ohon will be saves

    • Cloud

      You are assuming that both battles are occuring at the exact same time just because they are shown in back to back panels. Shins side started before akou so that scene with shin could of occured way before gjoun got to akou, giving shin enough time to make it there.

      • abxolute

        unless you don’t see those 2 blades next to akou neck then he’ll live, at best shin miraculously appears and stops one blade, he can’t stop the other and neither can akou. you can even see akou glive below gyou glive and unable to stop both because he got distracted.

        • Cloud

          That’s why i suggest that Akou is saved but takes a mortal wound, resulting in him taking out banji before he dies. Kamikaze style

    • ovi

      Akou is not dead. Shin comes to rescue. 100%

  9. Gyopoh

    Ousen.. I wonder if getting his army commanders defeated is part of some weird and silly scheme. I think at least in sangokushi it is somewhat often used trick. Feign retreat and suprise the enemy that starts pursuing overconfidently.. Then again that is probably not how this story will unfold. Oh well.. Thanks for hard work.
    …Also pub grub steak? Was it overpriced or what? Pub steak.. that a thing nowdays? I doupt steak would taste good since its so damn warm. But then again what do I know. Thanks again and – add some kind of greeting here – . Laterz.

  10. Jack Georgie

    crazy cliffhangger, cant wait next week

  11. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  12. Geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work!
    In the Next chapter, we will see, either.: – Shin saves Akou sorry ass,
    – Or that stupid Akuo will die.

  13. Tyr

    If Akou is going to survive, he’s going to need to learn how to teleport. Or, maybe he could learn how to keep your central nervous system working after being chopped in half

    • Tyr

      actually, he needs to learn both- really fast. In the top right corner of the final panel, there’s a blade cutting into his helmet

    • Warcodered

      I don’t know if he was gonna kill him there why not show it. It would function as an even bigger cliffhanger.

      • Tyr

        So what will happen with the blade literally at his throat then? If it doesnt cut off akou’s head…

        Cliffhangers are fine, within reason. Anyway i found it exciting, the cliffhanger is “how do shin ans ouhon not die too”

        • abxolute

          shin senses they are gonna get flanked and probably moves towards the flank and send kyokai to fight the commander in front shin right now…probably something along those lines

          • Tyr

            Can she move at the speed of light?? How long will it take the blade literally at akou’s throat to sever an artery? Bc thats bow long shin has to stop fighting his opponent, realize the damgee, send a runner to kyokai, who then has to cross the battlefield and block two glaivea at once

            I tbink shin and kyokai have maybe .3 seconds. So… no, sorry. Lol

          • ivo

            Tyr please, teleportation jutsu is common. But even still, Shin was pausing in thought even before Gyouun reached Akou’s liuntenant. He had plenty of time to move over there.

  14. Mou Hon

    Shin teleport to akou location and slay Gyou’un after some chit-chat. Akou kills Bananji, and somehow it’s a total defeat for Zhao. Then Houken appear, final boss for Shin. Or maybe Akou is dead, Kanki running away and Yotanwa successfully conquer the enemy city.

  15. wowowww that was intenseeee~~~! thanks so much turnipPP

  16. letouriste

    kingdom in french? i will consider bying
    thanks for the chapter:)

    • letouriste

      i don’t get the last two panels,how come akou has no received the message?

      • abxolute

        there was hardly any delay in that guy getting killed and messenger probably moving towards akou.gyou reached before the messager could deliver since messenger was there when that guy got cut in half then gyou proceeded to akou location killing everyone in the way including the messenger.

  17. Apparently the manga will have a rythme of 2 volumes per month. So it should take around 2.5 years to catch up

  18. Jimmy

    I don’t understand this…why is Akou there unless he already killed banaji?

  19. Thanks

    If they started to sell Kingdom here in my country I would most likely buy it.. though to be honest Turnip translation of Kingdom is just too good and special to me so I dont know if I could accept any other english translation..

    Also Thanks as usual.

    Also I kinda miss Houken san.. looking the zhao commanders we have at the moment… yeah I really miss Houken..

  20. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter,Turnipfarmers.
    I think it’s time for :
    1-Ousen to show himself and his strategy
    2-Bow brother to take out one of Zhou general.For a record
    —Ouki was killed by Houken(Zhou) because he was injured by an arrow from Gi Ka(one of the Ten Bows of China)
    —Rinbou(Ouki/Tou Vassal) was killed by an arrow from Hakurei(Chu)
    —so far,Bow Brother have yet to kill an enemy general
    —and so far,no enemy general have been killed by any of Qin soldier by bow/arrow(apart from Bow Brother’s father(Sou Gen) killed Haku of Wei,another Ten Bows of China,but that was long ago…..
    3-It is time for One of Zhou general to die(Qin already lost Makou,Zhao lose none)

  21. Guess

    Even without help, Akou can survive this with a martial arts move. Not ducking since his armor probably doesn’t afford him much flexibility, but by holding his glaive side-wise and pushing up to deflect both blades over his head. Otherwise, he can give up his horse and roll off his saddle. It wouldn’t help him afterwards but it’ll buy a second or two, and his horse will be a shield against one of the two he is facing for a brief moment.

  22. Tyr

    Also worth noting- Akou contradicted himself. He previously stated the young master deserved and got no special consideration. Yet, in this chapter, he clearly takes a crazy risk, instead of pulling his army back. He does so because if he pulled back, Hi Shin and Gyoku hou units would be exposed.

    He wouldn’t risk himself and therefore his army for Shin. he did it for Ouhon. Because now Akou ‘recognizes’ him. Enough to die for him…

    (not that he meant to)

    • He did what he had to. When they made the plan he didn’t know that Bananji would crush his formation. When he ascended to kill Bananji he didn’t know Bananji would be his equal and that his subordinate would suck at protecting his side.
      If he did nothing he would have survived (at least until Ousen execute him) but lost his army and Shin+Ouhon, if he withdrew he would have lost Shin+Ouhon and right wing battle.
      Its not a matter of “doing it for somebody” rather then trying to not to lose battle.

      • Tyr

        He took a huge risk. he didn’t have to do it. His subordinate suggested they retreat and regroup. That was the smart play. But, it was impossible because it put two independent strike forces at risk.

        By the numbers, Akou has more men, is more senior, and therefore should have prioritized the lives of his men and himself more than shin and ouhon. As it is, he sent his subordinate to stall a legendary class warrior… after immediately doubting the subordinate could handle it.

        Sound strategy if the young lord weren’t there? I say: not at all. but, we can disagree, lol

        • Its not like they have an option to play safe taking huge losses (Ouhon+Shin) and hoping to fix it up later. There is not much time for this “later”. Remember they have less food (supposedly). Leaving Shin+Ouhon without protection – most definite lose. Taking big risk – maybe not.
          I guess he took into consideration whole picture rather then just trying to save as many soldiers as he can by the end of the day.

          • Tyr

            its impossible to say YET if Shin and Ouhon would have died had Akou pulled back and regrouped. But, it’s totally possible to say what would happen if he didn’t.

            Because it’s happening. Akou dies, leaving shin and Ouhon in exactly the same situation as they would have been in anyway… if Akou’d pulled back to protect his unit.

            Do you understand? If Akou attacked to prevent X outcome and X= Shin and Ouhon on their own against all those armies,

            His attack didn’t prevent X. It created X+ Akou’s dead.

            so, fake-algebraically, we can and must say, he should have pulled back.

          • To Tyr:
            First of all – he’s not dead yet.
            Second – had he left Ouhon+Shin they would have felt immediately like he is feeling right now – feeling of a few sharp metal objects scratching vital organs. Shin and Ouhon might survive but their armies would be devastated. Shin’s army takes losses just from serving as a distraction right now.
            After reading two last chapter we all know that Akou’s and our duo’s risks aren’t paying off that well for now, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they were wrong taking them.
            Should they not have set their plan to win right wing in motion because it’s not safe and just waited for food supplies to run out?
            Same for Akou’s last move. It’s doesn’t look good but he had to try it and it has nothing to do with Ouhon’s well-being. After all there are far more at stake then some lordling.

          • Tyr

            oh, I could reply by pointing out that the one thing kingdom is always true to is the relative strength of fighters, given that some have ‘x’ factors, and that if Akou and Bananji were equally matched, and shin and Gyo’un or whatever were equally matched, than akou facing both those two alone is equal to a random nameless soldier facing shin one on one.

            but…. whats the point?

            You win? lol

          • I don’t get what are you trying to say anymore so I guess there is really no point.
            Best of luck!

    • Cloud

      Also has to do with his pride since he appears like the arrogant type. After telling ouhon and shin not to worry and that he can handle the other 3. He’d be to ashamed to face them if he pulled back and would rather die in battle

      • Tyr

        He’d be far more ashamed to face Ousen!

        “Hey boss, guess what? You know that son of yours that we all finally realized is a total bad-ass? not anymore! He’s now crow food, your house is over. Sorry man”

        And even though I’ve confused people, btw, lets also remember that Akou already knew Bananji was no pushover. His plan to try and kill Bananji by himself in 90 seconds or less… this was madness. He and Ouhon together had already failed to bring Bananji down.

  23. X

    One head is better than 3 heads. LOL!

    Thank you!!!!

  24. Tyr

    prediction: given that akou’s absolutely positively headless in about .1 second,

    Shin will engage his enemy alone. Ouhon and his unit will engage one to two armies, to keep them off shin’s back, while Ten goes to rally Akou’s troops.

    Their goals will all, naturally, be to re-merge forces so they’re no longer scattered, hunker down, and survive. But that means killing at least one enemy general, I’d think. So Shin’d better wake up quick

    • ivo

      Akou lives – 100%, Shin will save him. No discussion.

      • Tyr

        lol if it goes like that, I’ll quit reading

        • ovi

          I don’t see the issue. This is Shin’s generals view moment.

          • Tyr

            A general still has to abide by the laws of physics. Even though kingdom does stretch the imagination, it still follows physics.

            So, if shin saves Akou, he either a) leaves like 5 minutes before Akou’s that last scene, so he can cross a whole battlefield, on which he’s totally marked by all enemys for death. it’s not like he can call for a taxi. Or just ride his horse at a gallop.

            Even if he did leave five minutes before, and if you’re right, he’d be leaving hi shin alone at a very vulnerable point. They will take heavy losses.

            And he will be facing gyu’un or whatever, whom he couldn’t kill in hours. It’ll be an even fight.

            What you’re saying shin will do essentiall is: abandon his unit.

            I’d quit reading.

          • Tyr

            oh sorry I meant to add:

            or B) he violates the laws of physics, freezes time, kills bananji and gyu’un. That’s the other way he can save akou

          • ivo

            Why couldn’t he gallop on horse? Moving back trough his friendlies and trough Akou’s army should be simple and much quicker than Gyouun finishing Akou’s lieutenant and then getting to Akou trough enemy lines. I mean, the 2 main engagements on right flank are right next to each other.

            Shin was showed paused in thought even before the Gyouun killed Akou’s lieutenant scene. And just because that scene was showed right after Shin’s, it doesn’t mean it happened at that exact moment.

          • Shin won’t just abandon his unit, he has Ten and Kyoukay to take care of it. Its role right now is to serve as a red rag for their revengeful opponents, even if Shin leaves Ouhon can take care of enemy general (which he intended to do from the start). No biggie.

  25. inspiredKreatif

    crazy chapter.!! thanks for you great work as always Turnip!

  26. inocense

    Shin realized akou is in danger sawing the gyo’unn advancing, so because shin is having his own duel he sent Kyokai to help. Or Ouhon realized that gyo’unn advancing towards akou and rushed to help akou, simple.

  27. Bed~Joe

    Shin must kill Gaku-ei in one slash, if Akou die there’s 2 Qin Commander vs 3 Zhao Commander

    • Dajh

      actually there are more qin commander. you probably mean 2 qin commander capable of leading a bigger number of soldier, but that’s still not correct. Ten as well as kyoukai are both capable leading 5000 + soldier imo.
      it could also be like
      1 army –> shin
      1 army –> ouhon
      1 army –> kyoukai
      while ten acts as supervisor.

      shin with his instinctual ability doesn’t need ten against gyou un.
      ouhon vs chou garyu
      and kyou kai vs bananji
      if we assume that kyou kai lacks experience to lead a larger enemy then we should also take into consideration that bananji’s army isn’t as strong as in the beginning.

  28. Marsius

    My prediction: Shin uses teleportation-justu, but will be a second late to save Akou. So, in rage he we`ll 1-hit-kill Bananji and give Gyou’on a run for his money, forcing him to withdraw. At the same time Ou’hon will kill off Gakuei, leaving Gyou’on+Chougaryuu vs Ou’hon+Shin for next day, old legends vs new and all that)

    • Tyr

      Seems a lot of ppl think that’s likely, lol

      …no one i’ve debated even considered kyokai unit saving akou, which is his only hope. Still dont think it’ll happen,but kingdom always surprises

  29. Dajh

    i still hope shin sent the archer unit to akou. i can imagine sou tan ( younger brother) to score a hit on bananji’s horse before the his attack reaches akou. Sou jin would shoot at gyou un but gyou un would in the last second stop his attack on akou and ward off the incoming bow. After that either kyoukay or shin gonna charge at gyou un.

    Or gyou un just dies is also ok for me. I just don’t want Shin to appear in last second again. You should do something like this only once in a arc imo.

    • Tyr

      Nice! that’s now my most likely “akou lives” scenario

    • Dajh

      sry i wanted to say “or akou just dies is also ok for me”. it would be a bit dissapointing to let him die with an arrow after all that hype.

      • Tyr

        me too, because if akou dies, either Qin loses (I’m pretty sure they don’t,)


        Shin, Ouhon and Mouten will have to step up to a degree that will guarantee all three are instantly generals. Not only generals, but, like, front line/heavy hitter generals

  30. Duhh

    i’m still waiting when the hell that riboku is going to screw kanki, Riboku mention in the previous war that he know the Kanki weakness. But nothing bad has yet to happen to Kanki.

  31. Guess

    korean scans out

  32. pops

    it will be out in short time

  33. mostafa

    there is no chance for shin to rescue Akou but some carzy guy like that wierd spearman that named akakin , he could be one great candidate

    • Symroy

      You obviously saw the RAW

    • Dajh

      if that’s true then fuck you mostafa and also fuck you Symroy for confirming it.

      • TrollZ

        Akou hold the 2 generals
        When Akou hit their helm and got hit back
        Akou gonna down but saved by akakin
        Shin and Ouhon didnt manage kill the enemy general
        In the end no one is dead

        • Tyr

          Agreed, you spoilers are assholes if this is a spoiler, but being assholes is what you like, so me calling you assholes will just get your little assholes all atingling with the knowledge that you are, in fact, being assholes.

          Worth noting, I think that crazy spear guy is Ouhon’s. Therefore, Shin doesn’t save Akou at all.

          • Dajh

            couldn’t say it better. they probably are salty loosers without friends thus their only joy in life is to be an asshole on the internet.

          • TrollZ

            You guys the one who curious and read until the END of our comment, then blaming us while MANY thanking spoiler since they can read Kingdom chapter 2 times. First raw + spoiler then turnip’s scan. Anyway thanks for the compliment, c u next chapter or dont read our comment at all.
            Cant stop your lust to read, just like a dog want to have sex lol

  34. f5 boi

    OMG why are you typing spoilers here idiots? Have a life!

  35. Anon

    Where in the hell is the archer brothers, maybe the author forgot about them

  36. Anon

    Where in the hell is the archer brothers, maybe the author forgot about them

  37. M Bian Arianandhika

    Just thinking u guys might be interested in this link

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