Kingdom Chapter 559

Up over at Sense Scans. DDL will be up tomorrow since it’s 1:30 a.m. here right now and I’m going to sleep…

Chapter 559: Read Online



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74 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 559

  1. Tyr

    well this is a first. My guess would have been accurate if it hadn’t been spoiled by that darn akakin. lol… Ouhon, on his way, was going to be too late to save Akou, but he would have had to try to revive his army…

    • Docboy

      Bananji will fall… Soon

      • Tyr

        Probably, and it looks like Ouhon will still have to take command. On my second read, Akou took a lot of cuts, will likely need immediate medical attention probably will need to pass out. Akou’s army currently has lost their general and his second in command. They’re leaderless.

        Its still, currently, kind of a disaster for Qin… unless Shin and Ouhon beast out and turn it around.

        Come on, lads

        • Tyr

          sorry meant to add, so bananji will probably fall because Qin’s only hope is for Ouhon to ride in there and change the whole dynamic. The best way to do that is to take out either Bananji or Gyou un

    • Your guess was that Akou is dead man no matter what because there are glaives at his throat and yet he managed to stay alive log enough so even messenger had time to come and tell Ouhon that he’s fighting two generals right now. Akakin saved him. but you were wrong from the start about Akou’s survival capabilities.

      • Tyr

        Ok, well, if we’re going there, you said for sure shin would save him I think?

        and reread. I said nothing for sure…. while I did occasionally, as every human does, make difinitive statements, I also said kingdom always suprises me. What i said for sure is “shin will not save akou.”

        he didn’t.

        Was I wrong? yes. But, was everyone else, including you, also wrong? yes.

        So, go ahead and call me out about it. does it make you feel better? if so, congrats!

        if you’re wondering, I predict because I enjoy kingdom and it helps me enjoy kingdom and grow by analyzing situations. I don’t give a F*** about what calls I got wrong in the past as far as shame goes. I was wrong. oh well. If you want me to feel bad about it, I feel bad for you for caring about a total stranger’s emotions. *yes, there is a flaw in this logic, lmao, intentionally. I don’t care at all*

        • Tyr

          Hm, if I’m being totally honest, though, I do think, having done martial arts, the defense akou used to stop two blades both equadistant from his neck and moving at roughly the same rate towards his neck would not work in real life. It was a decision by the writers to fudge reality (as they often do) to add drama. I am not mad at this. nor am I sad I misinterpreted and assumed that because both blades were moving at the same rate, and one was behind him, that the writers would yield to reality. There is no move, with a straight staff ending in a blade, that can simultaneously block two blades coming from those two angles. Akou blocked one and then the other. Yes, it worked in Kingdom, but I don’t feel bad for thinking that it wouldn’t work. I do, however, acknowledge that I stated it is impossible to simultaneously block, at the same time, in front of you and behind you with the same glaive. If you want to call me out for that… well you did. congrats again, lol

          • Tyr

            Ok, ok, totally hypocritical for the guy who triple posts to have said “I don’t care,” but, to clarify, I just don’t care about your opinions of me. I do care about analyzing, and your opinions are grist for my mill…. the chaff is that you think you’re I’m. lmao.


            we’ve illustrated an important point. In warfare and in guessing kingdom, its a truism, no one ever completely accurately predicts events. There are too many variables. Its too chaotic.

            In our situation, we can call the writers a variable.. but we, including me above, often say so when we saw things wrong.

            But, who ever sees things right? when it comes to the future, even the greatest guessers guess wrong… a lot.

            in warfare, maybe its… whoever comes closest in their guesses, most consistently, is also must able to adapt to the new situation.

            So, we’ll use what just happened as a case study.

            I said akou would die, Ouhon would take over his army, and shin would fight his apponent alone. I was wrong.

            Akou is fleeing the field, unconscious, but alive, Ouhon is rushing to save his army, and shin is fighting his opponent alone.

            I was wrong, but if I’d based strategic decisions on my guess, I’d be juuust fine.

            Some said shin would leave his field and save akou from both those guys at the last minute.

            If they made strategic guesses based on that… the field now looks nothing like that.

            Maybe it will.

            But, I say: Shin is realizing what is happening, and knows he can’t leave. He’s thinking of what else he can do… the decision comes down to: either he or KyouKai will fight …the spear guy. I think shin will. but, he will send Kyoukai, if he already hasn’t, to basically go to where ‘the fire is,’ aka, where ouhon’s heading, and tear shit up. She will, and bag herself her first general’s skull. (I am over reaching with everything after “shin sends kyoukai.” but I hope it happens)

            I am not sure if both Bananji and Gyou’un will chase Akou. I would assume only one will. The other will focus on destroying his army.

            That’s actually what I think Shin’s realizing too. Ouhon will only be able to take one target. now that I put myself in ouhon’s shoes… I resurrect the army, instead of chasing the guy chasing Akou. I leave that to someone else. (Kyoukai.)

            I’ve said too much. War and kingdom are both too unpredictable. but, I suppose we’ll see how off my picture of the battlefield next week…

          • ivo


            btw shin will save him, just next chapter 😛

        • The man behind the man

          Guys, don’t fight just agree that both of you were wrong and let it be the end of it. LOL

  2. Docboy

    Thanks a lot for the scan!!! Enjoyed it thouroughly!!!!

  3. Alexandre Ballegeer

    Das good shit !
    Akou even stronger than expected, thks for the good work !

  4. Gyopoh

    You guys worked at scanlating Kingdom even though its past midnight?! Wow Many Thanks! Its nice to get good quality chapter so fast. Though this may not be my favorite arc, getting to read it so quickly is Very nice. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks

    May the Force be with you Akakin skywalker. Thank you turnip farmers and who ever it was that first came up with that akakin skywalker joke. Wasn’t me btw.

  6. Geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work! 🙂

  7. Jackson

    Thank you very much, guys! Your late night work is greatly appreciated!

  8. Jack Georgie

    brutal 2v1 fight. when heavyweight does the fighting, things sure looks nasty.

  9. ivo

    I’m still sure that Shin left to help Akou as well. KyouKai will finish off Gakugei, Shin and Ouhon will duel Gyouun and Banana-san.

    It’s time to feed KyouKai. When was the last time (or only time) she killed a general that had earlier screen time as much as Gakugei?

    • Schaid

      I think so. Shin and Ouhun are headings to Akou and they will engage soon. Shin will take Gyouun’s head and Ouhun will slain Bananji. Gyakuei forever alone emote

    • Jack Georgie

      yup gotta go with this, gakukei doesnt has those monstrous streght, plus ouhon obviously cant win 2v1 either.

    • Marsius

      If that`s how it is, then I can totally see Ouhon berate Shin for it, and Shin be like – Ha? We need to focus on enemy in front of us.
      Also, have we seen a general tag team fight before?

  10. Guess

    Great chapter!

    Akou might be out of the fight for a while but his men will be out for revenge. Ouhon will have a chance to save the Akou army, but I don’t expect there to be a chance for him to defeat a general . The Zhao general should know better than to make that unforced error. Shin on the other hand will have a chance, because his opponent is blinded by rage.

    I only fear we won’t see the conclusion of this ‘day’ until the end of this year though.

    • Guess

      If Akakin’s darts were poisoed though, he just took two generals out of commisson. Probably not due to story but darts usually don’t do much physical damage.

      • Guess again

        Akakin is not in safe position, Bananji and Gyou’un still chasing him to kill Akou. If it’s poisoned, maybe it will weaken them enough for Ou Hon to slay them.

        Ou Hon achievement should be bigger than Shin in the right wing. Shin’s achievement in this campaign should be Houken, for the story sake.

  11. Thank you for the chapter and for your efforts!

  12. Cloud

    Dang I feel trolled by Hara, was really hoping to see some more growth and development by shin. O well maybe one day. Great chapter nevertheless. Thanks turnip and sense team

  13. DeenTheMajestic

    Akou is the man ,
    May the force bless Akakin Skywalker with the high ground

  14. Marsius

    Okay. Now we know that the only one, who can kill a general without an over-ten chapter firght is Riboku.

    • Dajh

      What about shin in the fire wei campagn?
      Ouki vs fat guy?
      Rinbukun vs dou kin?
      Haku rei one shotting rin bou?

  15. ddoc

    Thank you and a great chapter as usual though a little frustrated with the title as I was expecting the conclusion of this battle but I see how it makes some sense.

    With Akou injured and needed at least a few hours rest after being pressured as much as he was the army now will need a focal point or points to rally behind. My prediction is that Ouhun will take out Gyou’un and Akakin delay Banaji long enough for Shin to take Gyakuei’s then start decimating the rest of his army and Kyokia will catch Banaji as he tries to escape which is when she will get his head.

    My guess is that in another 5 chapters this part of the battle will complete since at some point the story will switch Yotanwa’s battle and what Kanki has been up to as well.

    Just my thoughts, any comments?

    • Cloud

      The battles been set up for banaji vs ouhon and gyouun vs shin. With all the hype around shins evovling instinct general abilities it’d be dissappointing if he wasn’t the one to take out gyouun. That and gyouun been set up to be the biggest fish on that side so for that reason he should go to shin

  16. Shin

    Where is the next chapter?

  17. onir

    Thank you very much for your great works!

  18. There he is, haha!! I was wondering where Akakin was in this whole mess when he even had a chapter title named after him.

  19. Ask

    who is akakin again? which chapter he first mentioned? Thanks

  20. Yasuhisa Hara

    Tyr, why don’t you work for me?
    Help me with the storyline

  21. Amazingg; brilliantt; a ‘magnificent’ chapterrrrrRRR!!!!!!!! hehe =]]]]]]

  22. mostafa

    I think there is going to be one of the hi shin unit’s lieutenants to rescue Akou too and it might be one of those beasts Kyukai sama or Naki san

    • Dajh

      Ah the idiot from last time who spoiled to compensate for his little dick. Its kyou kai you moron.

      • mostafa

        oh , eh , I really didn’t spoil it , I was just guessing , everyone were ignore it and I thought it should be that crazy little guy who called Akakin , I’m really sorry if it turns to a spoil , But how can you be so easy to disrespect others

        • Thanks

          What a polite response. I hope Dajh will give you the courtesy you deserve. I mean.. neither of you seem like a ” bad” person. In fact mostafa made the most polite answer I have ever seen online. Anyway.. lets just all appreciate Kingdom and refrain from talking about historical stuff… its hard though.. there is soooooo damn many histrorical stuff concerning Kingdom I wanna taaaaalk… but its so spoilerish.. so .. Oh well.. lets just try to behave..

          • Dajh

            it’s not a historical spoiler ( i hate them too, but they are avoidable because most of the time people writes “from a historical point…” so you can stop reading it.) Mostafa however guessed that akakin would save akou just after the spoiler/raw chapter came out and now he acts like his guess was right. Chances that he didn’t read the raw/spoiler chapter before are rather low if you ask me.

      • TrollZ

        See, its not even spoiler yet he just angry to everyone lol

  23. Boo

    Anyone else hear Deja Vu playing in their heads when Akakin Skywalker made that horse drift? What high ground advantage?

  24. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter Turnipfarmers and Sensescans.

    I wonder whose head gonna go flying next chapter.
    Ousen still hiding in the shadow.Kinda hoping he will come out in the next chapter.

    And now that I read from earlier chapter again, I wonder if Ousen is as strong as Ouki(like how Moubu is strong because he has Mougou blood in him). Would be good for Ousen to take a Bananji head if that is the case.

    And…..please,no spoiler this week.

  25. DeenTheMajestic

    Why nobody talks about Akou here , he just duel 2 great general like a boss

  26. spoiler alert

    Spoiler 🙂
    shin cut gaku ei

  27. Habli Rohmat Hadid

    Men chapter 560 sure is great

  28. Spoiler

    Akakin dead in next chapter

  29. ALERT

    Gakuei is slain just like a trash

  30. TrollZ

    1 hit, 1 kill ❤

  31. Gakuei

    F5 F5
    F5 F5 F5
    F5 F5 F5 F5
    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

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