Kingdom Chapter 560

Chapter 560: Read Online

Edit: Looks like Kingdom’s on break this week, possibly related to shoulder and back pain if his twitter is anything to go by.



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104 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 560

  1. DeenTheMajestic

    we all gonna die one day

  2. Kingdom since day 1 brah

    f5 LOL

  3. AB

    Where’s the Update !! 😦

  4. jimmy

    In the raw, 3 pages are missing, perhaps that is the reason of our wait…

  5. kreich

    so where the hell are the next chapter? its been 2 weeks already

  6. shinx

    no one edit kingdom 561?
    japan edition already out for 2 days

  7. Muddyfarmer

    HOOOOU KEEENNNNN!!! Yeah I said it…

  8. Merathros

    Thanks for the work

  9. Moody


  10. Tidarius

    We need our crack boiiys

  11. mac

    the best way to get scanlators and translators to say “fuck y’all, we quit” is to bitch about the release date every god damn chapter thread. just relax.

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