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Kingdom Chapter 563

Here it is, chapter got delayed due to technical issues.

Chapter 563: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 562

Out already on Sense Scan’s reader.

There’s going to be a slight delay on announcements popping up on this website until oshit gets back since Sense works on a different timezone and we’re not delaying releases just so we can make posts simultaneously.

Chapter 562: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 561

Releases might be a bit slower the next couple weeks as oshit’s buggered off again so we have someone else filling in as typesetter instead.

edit: Just a note from oshit here: I’ll be taking a break from scanlating for 1-2 months due to being busy in real life. Nothing urgent, just relocating cities and being buried under a ton of work.

Chapter 561 : Read Online


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