Kingdom Chapter 561

Releases might be a bit slower the next couple weeks as oshit’s buggered off again so we have someone else filling in as typesetter instead.

edit: Just a note from oshit here: I’ll be taking a break from scanlating for 1-2 months due to being busy in real life. Nothing urgent, just relocating cities and being buried under a ton of work.

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62 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 561

  1. AL

    1st again? Thank you for the chapter! So that is what a general’s blow like? lol…

  2. Ouki's Ghost

    Did you notice my cameo? Nfu fu fu

  3. Jack Georgie

    thanks as always, great chapter

  4. Geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work guys! πŸ™‚

  5. Jackson

    Super sweet, thanks guys!

  6. Heki

    Alright, my time to shine

  7. Cloud

    Watching gakuei die 3 times over was really satisfying. Thanks

  8. Isa

    Soooooooooo sweeeeeeetttttttttt!!!!!! OMG, I am at the iniversity and i’m so fuckin’ hyped!!! I think is this is the best chapter in this last two months!!! c: So happy

  9. mostafa

    thanks alot , if bushin could feel shin’s super blow from that distance , then it’s obvious that people like riboku and ousen have sensed it too

    • Rooster

      I doubt it. Otherwise it would have been shown in this chapter. Houken felt it because he is a bushin, a pinacle of martial might. No reason for Riboku and Ousen to feel a powerful blow. The closes person besides Houken who might feel such a think is Kyoukai and she didn’t.

      • 0verlord1

        Bananji, Gyou’un and now Ouken… That’s tough πŸ˜€
        Which one do you think will fight Kyoukai?

        • MasterJack

          Gyou’un will fight Kyoukai I think. In Chapter 550 he went out of his way to name her during a meeting, even comparing her (and Shin) to Qin’s great generals. To me it’s the author slowly setting a fight with her and Gyou’un.
          The 3 remaining general of this side of the fight all look crazy strong. If the 3 of them fall we can expect one to fall to Ou Hon at least. And 1 to Kyoukai we hope because other wise Shin will have a lot to do with Houken, the remaining general AND he promised to kill Riboku during this war.

  10. Kevin Schmitz

    poor heki

  11. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Prediction for next chapter, Heki gets played by enemy and trapped, Yontanwa sees opening, swoops in to take the kill.

    • Heki

      Fuck you, the kill is mine alone

    • 0verlord1

      Probably the Mera tribe will intervene to transform Heki’s failure (and final burst of bravery/mediocrity/lust for yotanwa) into a commander kill.

      I’m more interested in what Yotanwa asked that old mountain tribe chief…

      • Goro

        Obviously since they are the sneaky monkey tribe they are good at climbing and being sneaky. They will capture the city while the other armies are engaged. Even if all three subcommanders are killed, the king still remains but he will toast when sandwiched between a defensive city and the Yotanwa army, reinvigorated with a feast of 10,000 roasted horses.

  12. fame

    Hohoho i see houken.. I think.. He will be join the battle.. And i hope shin is the one who kill him 😈😈 hahahaha ouki revenge (it will be fantastic duel)😁😁

    • 0verlord1

      It will be a fight that will drag for a year in chapters publication time… i’m not really sure it will be worth waiting the obvious result (but i damn hope so πŸ™‚ )

  13. algarban

    WOW thanks for the chapter! it was nice to see the after match effect over the other troops.

  14. Thank you for the chapter!

  15. Shin

    HSU will always lose to Riboku because Kanto is a spy. See 322p12

  16. inspiredKreatif

    great work as always.. thanks guys

  17. Nick

    Oh shit not again. Anyway good luck dealing with that!

  18. Shin

    I do remember Ten, Kanto was still in Riboku’s army that time. See 322 page 12. Kanto the spy joined much later.

  19. Shin

    #$&@ u Kanto!!! I blame you for the death of Duke

  20. Thanks

    Portugal vs spain! … I mean Yotanwa vs that-stupid-zhao-commander-with-lame-looks-and-annoying-personality! Who will be the prevail team Ronaldo or team Ramos!? .. I mean Doge rongs or Heki army!?

    For providing such an intresting soccer game, thank you turnip farmers… I mean Kingdom chapter.. cough.. turnip farmers translates football.. I mean Kingdom manga … ok.. I just stop now…bye..

  21. Shin

    Down with you Spy. You will be sliced by my girl a 1000 times.

  22. Jackson

    Oshit, best wishes with the move and with the too much work!

  23. Snowy

    Is kingdom on break this week?

  24. Guess

    Full chapter out, stop reading comments you been warned.

  25. f5 boi

    f5 f5 f5 guys you are getting old.

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