Kingdom Chapter 562

Out already on Sense Scan’s reader.

There’s going to be a slight delay on announcements popping up on this website until oshit gets back since Sense works on a different timezone and we’re not delaying releases just so we can make posts simultaneously.

Chapter 562: Read Online



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44 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 562

  1. eds

    every time i see kingdom new release popped out in other sites i usually go to turnip to start reading, but yesterday 562 was not released yet here, thanks for the explanation, will always reread it here and read the comments.

  2. Bai_Qi

    My name is BAI_QI over there.

  3. Bed~Joe

    thanks turnipfarmers team

  4. The man behind the man

    Thanks for the chapter,
    For some reason Oshit is in my mind singing frozen song ” I’m never going back…”

  5. AL

    Thanks for the chapter. 🙂

  6. Guess

    Thanks turnips.

    I actually think Heki was given an opportunity to redeem himself. The elites stopping him are down, he just need to gather his remaining men and push down the archers/HQ and save the Meira tribe at the same time.

    • Tyr

      Well I agree Heki will see it that way.

      My thought is, he’s gonna rally his men and rush the archers. They’ll get their asses kicked, again, but, having to kick their asses will distract the wolf tribe from the Meira tribe.

      The Meira tribe will rally, and take out their target. Possibly before Heki dies.

  7. Tito

    Thank you very much!

  8. Link

    waiting for total war three kingdoms

  9. Oomann

    Heki battlefield are lame

  10. inspiredKreatif

    thanks guys.. you’re both champs

  11. Poor Heki constantly seems in over his head…

    Thanks for the release.

  12. Marc

    Hey thanks for the chapter.
    I don’t understand why you don’t upload theses chapter as you did before. That’s extremely annoying.
    The only alternative I have, because I can’t stand reading online is to download the page one by one but it’s painful given that I don’t want to spoil myself so I have to hide the pages somehow.
    I been waiting for the chapter to be uploaded on the dropbox for 3 days now, I guess I will have to do the one by one way.
    I mean it’s not that hard for you to zip and upload, it takes 30s. And if you need to rename theses pages I can make you a script.

    • Kidsjamannow

      Try this crawler, download it from another host.

      • Marc

        Nice one thank you.
        Too bad it doesn’t have Sensescans and when possible I only takes chapters from the source. But it will be useful for some other manga.

    • Actually it takes much longer than that if you live in a country where the max upload speed caps out at 100 KB/s.

      Anyway, it’s because I’m the one who normally does it and I’m currently busy and not involved with the release at all.

      • Marc

        20s of doing, 5min of upload.
        Anyway I don’t feel like I deserve any second of your time. But It’s a shame that even the best scantrad team on the WWW are going the awful read online way.

        • 0verlord1

          I will never understand people for whom it’s never enough, even if someone give them something awesomely made for free, they will still rant because it’s not exactly like they want…
          Seriously dude, if you can’t enjoy what the Turnip guys are doing (once again, for FREE), just walk away.
          “I can’t stand reading online”, what a wonderful life you have if you consider reading online to be insufferable…

        • I totally understand there are people who want the direct download links asap for whatever reason.

          There’s really only so much I can do about it right now.

          When we switched over to dropbox, I actually did do them the same time as the chapter release until a couple chapters ago where I was no longer working on scanlating Kingdom.

          I’ll shoot gongitraped a reminder that it needs to get done even if we’re just uploading un-renamed chapters for now and I’ll try to stay on top of itwhen I get back to typesetting etc.

          Even with all that though. Often, releases are done by Sense Scans outside of us being awake. It will get released at 4 a.m. our time since Sense are generally in the U.S. and you’re not going to be seeing anything until we wake up or get back from work the following day.

  13. X

    Thank you! Heki is on the move…. flying backwards. WTH!??? Where is his “basics” over an overwhelming enemy?

  14. Guess

    Full chap out in Korean, stop reading, spoilers below

  15. X

    I want to see the low blow to the 3rd level. wth are those apes doing????

  16. Kingdom since day 1 brah

    F5 like crazy

  17. Beta Male Heki


  18. Muhammad Awe

    its out… Check it

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