Kingdom Chapter 563

Here it is, chapter got delayed due to technical issues.

Chapter 563: Read Online



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50 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 563

  1. Jack Georgie

    thanks as always, great chapter

  2. max

    Thanks as always!!!

  3. Sasi

    That’s dark stuff..

  4. geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work! 🙂
    Yotanawa will save the day for sure. Heki is just a useless shit…

  5. Oomann

    as usual, Heki is lame

  6. Tyr

    hey now…although heki surely did get his ass kicked (and ya fuck me, I have a habit of being correct, ha ha), He also saved Kitari and the last of her elite cavalry/command structure. If he hadn’t, even their slim chances of turning this around (strategically) would now be nonexistent.

  7. Bonbenk

    Heki is just too pathetic. It’s better if Hara kill him fast.

  8. Shin

    I am better than Heki. All I need to do is ki11 Kanto.

  9. Guess


    I don’t think Katari is down, it’s probably a fatal wound but he’ll take Bunen down with him.

  10. Someone

    Losing the battle in the beginning => come out as winner in the end

  11. Tito

    Thank you very much!

  12. Hyuu

    Well that’s another way to beat a superior fighter….

  13. Snowy

    Honestly it looks like Bunen’s blade missed Katari. On the last page it looks like the blade has penetrated the 2 Quan’s and gone through off to the right of Katari

    • Letouriste

      The heart is on the right and his men were holding him down so that weirdo can’t miss the heart

      • ddoc

        I do not know how your body works but the normal people have their heart on the left hand side of their body…… not the right.

        • Tyr

          I mean, I noticed that too…

          But at the end of the day, if it went through his chest, he’ll have a collapsed lung at the very least, on the battlefield, and he’s done.

          Kingdom has been known to get tricky with panel-angles so maybe we’ll find next chapter it didn’t go through his chest, though.

  14. Thank you Turnipfarmers!!!!!! Amazing crisp HQ pages and series and everything hahahahh =DDDDD

    Dang just when i thought i found another awesome fav. character in Kingdom–he goes down already =[[[ so sadd

  15. Thanks for the hard work guys, as always! Too bad we’re at the “Oh the enemy leader can’t fight on his own but has to sacrifice his own men (literally) to kill you” stage. Reminds me of the battle against General Seikai of Han, just not as interesting. I know that this is a normal story piece, but damn does it feel so worn out thanks to overused manga tropes.

  16. inspiredKreatif

    holy wow.. what a chapter… tense!!

    thanks for the great work as always Turnips!

  17. asdfs

    i hate bunen so much

  18. X

    Thank you!!! This is the lowest low blow you can get in a battle…. group hug + back stab… worse than cheap shot. Heki did a good job today to try group hug but was really going to mount a loli. O he can also be a good meat shield… must be his innate talent.

  19. name

    Honestly I still think Heki is the worse. If we think about it realistically his a military officer who got his position with politicking from his family. Not from his talents or achievements. Sure he makes a barely passable officer whose usually incompetence. Just think about how many thousands of people died because of his negligence. I understand why the need of having Heki has a contrast of showing what an average officer is like compared to the godlike talent of our main characters but still, he should die.

    • Heki

      Use google translate dude

      • Tyr

        Terrible officers die young. The very fact that he’s made it this far shows that Heki’s not so bad, he’s just not great. Think of it this way:

        Shoubunkun was to Ouki as Heki is to Shin.

        They were the older officers, solid, but not genius, who watched a younger crop of more talented officers take them over, eventually making shoubunkun irrelevant in the field. Should Heki live, I’d assume he’ll follow a similar career path.

  20. Yeman420ph

    Are we on break again?..

  21. ivo

    Not even raws are out yet, so hold on with f5

  22. ivo

    Edit 1:The title of the chapter is Sunset
    Kitari screams : sto.. STOOOOP . she have a fighting while enraged scene . Then she is shot by arrows , she is then saved by heki . Heki is telling everyone not to falter and thinks that the best thing to do now is to save as many people and re-group .
    Kitari is mumbling : brother The translator with heki is telling heki that the sun is setting . heki looks at the sky and realise it is true starts saying ” darn .. darn it ”
    The narration box says that the feego army have lost easily about half within this half day . BUT , in compensation ..
    Danto stands infront of tork and says : “What is wrong tork ? “Won’t you try to kill me ?” “This is a lovable chance”
    Tork charges at him . Danto easily pierces him with his spear and says one word : “WEAK”

  23. – deleted –

    Please try to avoid posting direct spoilers – oshit.

  24. JackJariJari

    Spoiler bastards…
    Admin should ban these Fckers + their ip’s…

  25. Cedric

    Please ban the people dropping spoilers! keep that shit to yourself man some of us wait for the hardwork of Oshit and Gongitraped you fucker

  26. ivo

    Guys we go over this every week. There are no bans here. If you don’t wanna be spoiled, don’t read previous chapter comments till new chapter comes in. Simple as that.

  27. X

    In the next chapter… MAN BOOBS is too tough for a sword. LOL!

  28. Chapter will be out tomorrow most likely. Nevermind, we finished it.

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