Kingdom Chapter 564

Right, I’m back! (oshit)… Sort of anyway – I’ll be on a short break again on the 17th/18th in 2 weeks time.

I’ll be fixing the page numbers for the DDL chapters over the weekend. As always, all the chapters can be found at:

Please try to not post direct spoilers in the comment section.

Chapter 564: Read Online


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44 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 564

  1. Ademir

    Thanks and happy holydays if it is the cause of your absence in 2 weeks 😉

    • I wish. 😦

      I’ve been swamped with work involved with relocating to a different city and job and only just been getting my free time back now.

  2. letouriste

    thank you guys!
    ”my humongous balls” he said. you need that to say such sentence,indeed.

  3. Tyr

    I’m scared for Heki. His choices seem to be:

    1. accept defeat

    2. rally the remaining troops for one last suicidal charge at the enemy, which is surely to amount in severe casualties, perhaps total annihilation of their combined army… it would only work if Heki leads from the front, and even then, their changes for success aren’t great…

    So basically, for heki, he can either lose, or win and likely die

    • Nope, right now his choice is good according to situation because if he did not retreat his army and mera tribe they were gonna Slaughter there.
      So now there is chance that they are gonna save 1/3 of army that they have now.

      • Tyr

        …if i catch your meaning, you didnt think this through… what happens if heki is content to withdraw?

        He fails yotanwa, in a situation where failure has been described as catastrophic… if heki fails, according to the plan, tanwa fails, and they all starve. If tanwa fails, ousen fails, and qin fails.

        So, i humbly submit, youre missing the point…

        • F5

          They should have more leeway for foods since a lot of mouths died

          • Tyr

            True, but if we’re talking about splitting each share of food three ways instead of five…

            Each day, they get weaker… tomorrow, less men and less strenght does not increase their odds.

      • Guess

        Narrator said on page 16 that Feego king’s battlefied had seen more death this day. This means Heki/Mera combined has lost less than 1/2 of their men. Probably 1/3

        • Tyr

          You do realize how many assumptions you’re making?

          More men is quantitative. Which army had more men? do you know? how many more men is more men? Exactly how many more men? And exactly how many did the Feego king lose?

          Until you have all those numbers, your statement is basically meaningless…

          That’s not even very important though. What’s important is, Heki is now leading an army of broken, leaderless Mountain people, and he doesn’t even speak the language, and even if he did, he’s somewhat mediocre. Numbers are NOT his real problem, lol

          • Guess

            Loss is always a %. You don’t say to a squad that lost 90% of its men that it’s nothing because your division lost 1% just because that 1% is more in absolute terms.

          • Tyr

            Of course it is a percentage… which we have no data to calculate, not even with the huge spread you gave yourself. 🙂 U just basically said “x/y= z” , z=25%-50%, while acknowledging you have no data on x and y… aka how many people died on each field, and how many men qin fielded in the first place . You can’t give a numeric percentage if you dont have actual numbers on what you’re measuring. Its a … guess

          • Guess

            You don’t have to have actual numbers, the author dropped hints. Even IRL you almost never have actual numbers, only estimates, guesses, polls, etc.

          • Tyr

            sun tzu would not agree with you. like, at all.

            and I mean, a all

          • Tyr

            I mean, like, at all.

            You do realize there are people back then who’s sole job was to report on the size and movements of enemy armies so they could CALCULATE numbers, right? instead of, yaknow guess.

            they’re called scouts.

            the scout who says: “well, see, the enemy on the other field took really heavy losses, more than ours, so that means our enemy must have lost between %25-%50 percent of their force, because we kicked ass!”

            …that scout immediately gets beheaded for gross incompetence

  4. Someone

    “so weak”
    That words better used on heki

    • 0verlord1

      Meh… he was actually good this time, not over imba good like the main characters, but i will give him credits for this battle.

      Crazy general killing a large part of his elites willingly (which IS truly insane, strategically and tactically speaking) + (somewhat) lame death of your co-leader/strongest fighter, can’t do much better 🙂

  5. F5

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. Gyopoh

    Thanks turnip boyz and Sense ladies (joking) . Gongitraped did quality work as usual.. humongous balls he says.. I guess that feego dude is the old man from next door that the good duke Hyou was singing about back in chapter .. 289 I think…

  8. Nick

    thanks turnips!

  9. Shin

    Too much Heki. I miss myself.

  10. Thank you!

    Yep yep. Thanks and welcome back oshit. Too bad you didnt have vacation yet. Being busy sucks.. Speaking of things that suck, I wonder if shunsuiju will interfier with Feegos battlefield.. My guess is that Yotanwa hopes to lure both Rozos and zhaos troops away from their city so that those mountain dudes with super noses can storm the place via those underground passages.. Or monkey mens could climb there. Who knows. Who cares. I just hope this western zhao arc will make sense when it finally end, because it most certainly doesnt at the moment…

  11. Kalo

    Oshit he is back!

    The download links are much appreciated!

  12. X

    Thank you! Man boobs too much for a sword.

  13. Damn, he actually died–Katari-dono..NOoooo comeback…oh wellz. Wow that feego guy is OPPPP~~

  14. Oh yeah for got to say THANKS Turnip Farmersssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  15. Alex_And_Re

    SPOIL :

    Quite sad that the mera tribe’s chief was slain but i think we lacked of background for all the emotive scenes of this chapter, not like for Makou who was strong, everybody said he was strong, and got a big presence (until his dead), there we see a masked man we never seen before getting slain and no information from before..
    And i am sorry but the hype for this side of the battle isn’t equal to the hype of Shin’s battle, maybe because of Heki’s appearances and because i just don’t like him leading men, like when he went right into the trap that they prepared for him..

    Thks for the scan 😉

  16. Lord Poldo

    Im new here! Just wanna say, thank you so much for the work! This is one hell of a job well done! One of the best manga available with the best scanlation! Thank you so much!

  17. Lore

    who wants to see shin fight the mountain people, something like “kitari-dono witness what a great general of quin looks like.” …..Then shin goes and wreks the general

  18. Jack Georgie

    cant see heki winning this, unless there is some help by yotanwa

  19. Go Kei

    F5 army at the ready!

  20. ivo

    Goba Head Quarters getting reports flowing in:
    “Bunen managed to slay enemy commander on his side”
    “Tork died in battle against his enemy”
    Goba says “The shame of the Quanrong has died.. isn’t this the worst?” (Read in a sarcastic tone XD)
    Chapter continues with Bajio fodderizing Goba’s troops – title of the chapter drop (see image in album)
    A panel with Tajifu, no action
    Shunmen kills a Goba army’s commander (Yeah he is alive)
    Yotanwa and some of her troops suddenly appears in front of Goba’s army out of nowhere (?)
    But Yotanwa is seen surprised when she sees Ssj behind her (He read her move?)
    There are some dialogue panels by Bajio soldiers – one of them being Shunmen. He says something along the lines that if SSJ is here Rozo might be here as well. (He is like the narrator in the chapter like CGR at Shukai plains lol)
    The last panel shows Rozo joining in on the battlefield meant for the fight between Bajio and Goba troops. Yotanwa is left with no path to escape with SSJ and Rozo making a pincer attack on her troops.
    Note: Kingdom not on break next week. Kingdom will be getting a lead color page along with issue #33 next week to commemorate the release of volume 51 of Kingdom on July 19th, 2018. Peace.

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