Kingdom Chapter 565

DDL with fixed numbered pages will be up as soon as I get home from work. There’s still a copy of the chapter in the dropbox if you don’t care about the numbering though.

Chapter 565: Read Online



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68 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 565

  1. ovi

    This is all going according to Yotanwa’s plan. She drew out the remainder of Rozo’s army from the city. Now that old man she asked a favor can sneak his way in and capture it.

    • tot

      Yep, as soon as they introduced the name of the old man’s clan it was clear what the plan was.

      • ivo

        when was clan name introduced?

        • tot

          chapter 553. The plan requires them to go all out otherwise the Rongs will not leave their city undefended. Now that it is night time, the Qin need to fight for like 2 minutes and they win, since the Rongs will be locked out and in an awful position. Although Tanwa may be trapped in the city for a bit an unable to assist the other battles afterwards, leading to a reverse siege.

    • The man behind the man

      My thoughts exactly, the old man will most likely go through the path which shun-suiji used to burn the supplies, and capture the city.

  2. Lie

    hikss.. second…

  3. Tyr

    Well the Quarong’s plan works perfectly… unless Tanwa turns her troops towards the king, takes his head, and then takes that other Zhao underling’s head as well.

    If that happens, it was a terrible plan, and the Quarong lose.

  4. letouriste

    thanks for the chapter!:)
    can a horse really do that thing on page 6???

  5. Gyopoh

    Thanks turnip men! So glad that shunmen is still around! For some reason just seeing shunsuiju ticks me off.. and quangrongs are not much better.. in fact Quangrong being part of western zhao arc .. me no liek.. but I guess theres bound to be someone somewhere who likes the way Kingdom is going. Good for them.. I .. kinda wished something different from Kingdom at this point.. something more .. down to earth I suppose..welp anyway. I still read it. And I will be thankfull that turnip farmers and Sense scan makes it possible. Thanks and take care!

  6. Thank you for the chapter!

  7. Finally we get to see the Queen fight!!! ❤ *swoon*

  8. Luis

    Thank you so much. This always makes my day.

  9. Guess

    Getting exciting for this west army fight finally. Been bored the last few chapters.

    • Guess

      Prediction, Yotanwa planned the all out attack to lure out Rozo’s army in the city. The old man Yotanwa entrusted finds the tunnel used to burn their supplies to sneak into the city that is now minimally defended. Old man also frees families held under captivity to side with Qin. These famlies agree and march out to the battlefied under Qin’s flag. The Quanrong fighting for their families instantly changes sides to Yotanwa. Game over for SSJ.

      • Letouriste

        I doubt that will happen so smoothly. I guess they will still be hostage but on yotanwa side.forcing the quanrong to change sides

  10. Jack Georgie

    qin position has been bad from the get go, need some real miracle now.

  11. Captain_Usopp

    what’s the plan Tanwa_Sama after take bago head, is full scale retreat or after Rozo and Sunsuiju head ??

  12. X

    Thank you! Finally we can see an ugly king with spiky boobs!

  13. Jose E

    Sorry if im wrong, but werent there a big amount of zhao soldiers fighting tanwa before the quanrongs? (And they already were a bigger number than the mountain folks, though less quality). What happened to them? If they joined the quanrong this battle would be over (or they could go back the other fields).

    • Guess

      Ass pull by the Author IMO. They should have left for the city they’re supposed to relieve in the middle of a pitched battle and Qin would never be able to catch up. They would also 2vs1 Yotanwa with the Quanrong.

        • Tyr

          I think you guys are confused. Yotanwa is keeping Zhao from attacking Ousen, or relieving Gyou. She has no interest in the wolf people’s.

          The Zhao and Quarong wisely, because they had more numbers, waited until this moment to bring out all of their armies. They’re going to try to defeat Qin right now. One way or another, this way will be decisive… I see very few ways out of this situation- completely pinned between two armies- for Tanwa, but pure might.

          • Tyr

            Oh and yes, I’m aware, there’s food in the city. Tanwa does care a lot about food right now. But, if she actually wins, there should be a decent amount of horse meat to go around…

  14. amazing the plot just super sped up here—-great super amasszing quality of chapterss–is this the end for yotanwa–no wayyyyy = [

  15. inspiredKreatif

    thanks again for your great work Turnips.!!
    hope the move’s all settled and you adjust well to the new city

  16. Tito

    I think Hara drew Shun-Suiji so he was unlikable from the start…

  17. Shin

    So it begins…

  18. ivo

    Yotanwa kills goba sama. What a hype!! finally yotanwa showing off her real skills.

  19. Go Kei

    F5 army at the ready!

  20. Shin

    I am back

  21. Schaid

    f5 come on! the raw is already out yesterday

  22. vsuxx

    signin up for the f5 army

  23. Cedric

    Oshit-sama is there any way we can sign up to get notifications on the latest chapter??

  24. Rozoo


  25. Lie

    putus kepala nyaaaa

  26. Fr

    Wkwk land detected

  27. Kingdom since day 1 brah

    Dayum this is some intense waiting lol, thanks for the work turnip, i’ve been following for a few years now.

  28. Stand

    And fight F5 army!

  29. Oshit

    Kingdom won’t be coming out for a while! Some major problems we are facing.

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