Kingdom Chapter 567

Kingdom is on break next week. DDL will be up when I get home from work.

Chapter 567: Read Online


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83 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 567

  1. Beta Male Heki


  2. oshit

    Biggest ass pull incoming.

    • asdfs

      im pretty sure bunen is gonna kill feego king and heki’s gonna go bail yotanwa out

    • Ourorborus

      Heki will get his moment, attacking from behind as Yotanwa’s lines are collapsing. The dead end will instead be an encirclement of Zhoa.
      That will be a few issues though.

      • Interesting

        I dont think there are enough troops to encircle zhao + enemy.

        • Ourorborus

          IRL there aren’t enough to pull this off. That never stopped the writers.
          But IRL you also don’t need larger numbers to actually encircle and gain the benefits.
          I do find the comic fun, but the writers just make up the military stuff.

  3. Gledi

    Thank you for your excellent work as always😊

  4. Ouki

    What am I going to do for two whole weeks now?!?

  5. Thanks guys for good work.

    Today chapter that was really amazing as ever πŸ˜€ ,Yotanwa rally call despite of the situation is something.

    Lets count the no of troops qin and yontanwa has right now
    Heki said in this chapter that he got less then half of their army.
    When the battle started today the heki total army was 10000 ( 5000 qin plus 5000 mera tribe), so i am assuming heki got around 3-4k around army now.
    While lets suppose yotanwa got 2-3k army with her right now,which is surrounded by quanrong and zhao, So overall yotanwa got around 7-8k
    From what i can assume that quanrong got aound 25k-30k right now because today when battle started Buhen army was like 15k+ ,Goba was having 20k and tork army was 20k and king Rozo also got his army which i suppose is 5k.
    Now i think zhao army did not get that damage and still got 2/3 of their army but in this situation they i think they did not bring all army but just enough to surround yotanwa, the reason of thinking like that is when they surround yotanwa before in last chapter they need to be quick, so they need to mobilze enough army which can surround yotanwa that time.

    So lets back to the current situation assuming that yotanwa got 2-3k and her army is surrounded.
    i have read this line somewhere on the internet that when
    ” A cornered enemy has nothing to lose and they become more dangerous than they would be otherwise.”
    So i think under the command of yotanwa her army is going to do some amazing battle and we also going to see her war tactics and her battle style and why she was given the title of “Lord of Death” πŸ˜€
    Heki army sure going to appear from beind or right side of yotanwa, while Enpo tribe is either going to kidnap those families or they are going to burn the city after stealing food.
    That’s all i think that gonna happen in next chapter, So what you guys think ??

    P.S. Btw reading comment after is most amazing thing as you wait for next Chapter and sorry for the mistakes if i made some while writing all this paragraph

    • Wkwkwk

      Yotanwa shall win anyway, lol

    • Tyr

      That concept was first spoken in record by Sun Tzu, the military philosopher who all the real-life counterparts of the age would have been reading… and which Hara surely has read.

      Sun Tzu would for SURE that Zhao made an escape, not leaving Tanwa an escape route. Now, they have to make one… straight through the middle. Every soldier will fight with every spark of life-force in them… instead of thinking about escape.

      If, at the same time, Mera/Heki hit the back of Zhao, even with the minimal numbers and exhausted troops Qin has, they have a shot.

      (And of course, because it’s both a manga and history, we pretty much know what will happen, lol)

      • Tyr

        aw crud “for sure zhao made a MISTAKE, not leaving an escape route”

        • Ourorborus

          Initially they did, but Yotanwa correctly attacked the encirclement rather than take the “escape” routes. Now she is seemingly cornered and outnumbered, but a Quanrong general left a sizable army behind them.
          That army, rather than “fighting on desperate ground” has revenge and lust (Heki) on their mind. For story purposes, largely the same effect.

          • Tyr

            …right, seems we agree- that second time, when the Quarong encircled them, By military strategy, was a mistake. and even if you do encircle someone, leave an obvious vulnerable spot they have no choice but to try to hit…and when they do, grind them down from behind.

            So, true, perhaps/probably Tanwa baited them into encircling her, knowing it was her best chance at rallying her people. but taking bait is always a troublesome idea.

    • gee

      Where do you see that many for Tanwa? On the last pictures I quickly counted about a hundred troops encircled. Is the drawing wrong?

    • letouriste

      i was bored out of my mind. i can’t believe you think this chapter was amazing

  6. wow that was pretty cool of Yotanwa—never give up attitude-so coolll~ interesting–lets see what happens next =D —-Thanks TurnipFarmers!!!!!!!!

  7. Tar

    In next chapter, you will find Enpo Tribe at the top of the hill raining the arrow on Zhao army.
    Three layers of force arranged by Yotanwa are defensive formation while Enpo raining arrow on the top and finally Heki will attack from the rear.

    End of theory.

    • Tyr


      So, the army that’s really good at tactical fighting but totally blows at hand to hand combat-Heki’s- will engage the enemy in hand to hand, while the army that is great at hand-to-hand combat – Kitari’s- will be attacking with arrows?

      Meanwhile, the trapped/encircled army will… play defense against a less tired force like 5 times their size, instead of doing what they appear to be doing, which is readying for a last attack?

      …btw cool name

      • Tar

        I think we stand at different conversation already. I just guess that the Enpo Tribe who Yotanwa talked to prior to this day battle will show up at the top of hill and take advantage of high-ground to rain arrow on Zhao (never mention Kitari anyway).

        For the Yotanwa herself, she prepare her army for something we will find out soon but I am sure that it is not just simply hand-to-hand combat.

  8. Thank you for the chapter!

  9. Guess

    Expecting a plot armor development anything now… if it was 1:2 it would not be impossible, but it’s 1:5 or 6 now.

    • Cloud

      Hard to call what’s gonna happen plot armor when it was clearly set up more than 5+ chapters ago. Plot armor is something you see in mangas like fairy tail, this is just good least so far, but I dont think Hara will dissappointing now

    • Ourorboros

      Sun Tzu himself did not recommend the direct approach unless you had a 10:1 advantage.
      He also recommended “fighting on desperate ground” – that is, have your soldiers convinced that the only way to survive is to fight like hell, no giving up, no running, no surrender.
      The writers have, to be kind, greatly exaggerated the effect of flanking and rear attacks. The very position Heki is in.
      Which seems a lot like the situation we have here.

      • Tyr

        Right, thank you! There is a HUGE percentage of the time people scream ‘plot armor’ when Sun Tzu literally wrote the book (first) that this plot is following lol.

        What we’re seeing, every battle, people, is illustrated examples of theories and practices recorded by a man considered to be one of the greatest military thinkers of all time. For real, its all in there.

        B/C kingdom is great.

        • Tyr

          And yes, I totally agree the examples are exaggerations. But everything that ever happens in any manga ever written is an exaggeration. (ok that was an exaggeration too… but barely)

  10. X

    Thank you! Let Heki the useless show your manliness now!!!! Your gf is in trouble! Anyway, how on earth are they going to beat fresh armies? Where is that old fart when then need it?

  11. inspiredKreatif

    great chapter… so tense.
    thanks for your great work as always guys πŸ™‚

  12. Aka

    I will try to predict some things for next chapter.

    Let’s see what is the situation now:
    – Yotanwa is cornered with nowhere to run, with her center army completely exhausted and overwhelmed by the quanrong armies, which is formed by the goba (already dead) army, the rozo king’s army and the bunen army.
    – We don’t know where is the quanrong little brother’s army but we don’t know where is the feego army either.
    – Heki and the mera tribe are heavily injured, but they are being reorganized and they know where yotanwa is.
    – We know that yotanwa asked the enpo tribe something.

    My opinion is even if the mountain army and heki army will not give up and have their morale high, they just don’t have enough manpower nor energy to overcome the situation. Of course feego, heki and kitari will try to pincer the quanrong, but they are against a almost untouched army. Shunsuiju is capable to predict that, making their strategy futile.

    So, the only possible solution (or miracle) that could happen is ousen sending reinforcements to them, requested by the enpo tribe. If we consider that the mountain army already had run for hours, and shin-ouhon probably run for hours while retreating too, their battlefields could be near and this could happen!

    • Ourorboros

      I don’t think the battlefields are that close together. Of course the writers may decide to warp time and space, but as laid out no army is within a day’s support of the other. Otherwise Ousen would shift the Kanki army around like crazy to gain advantage.

    • X

      I think the enpo tribe went into the quanrong castle using the tunnels and free all of the people inside which could be the miracle yotanwa could hope for in this development. Of course the quanrong army that is controlled with fear might start killing each other or the Zhao army. Oh a castle full of food is also nice to have. Anyway, this is possible since rozo went out full of confidence with all of his men which could possibly empty their castle.

      • Ourorboros

        I think Yotanwa kills the Quanrong king, which gives her control of their army. The Zhao get killed by the combined army.
        Qin gets the city, surrounding territory, and army – replenishing their numbers.

        • Tyr

          Tanwa has to go for the Quarong king, she has to break their army completely…

          And she can. Did anyone notice a really important detail about her?

          She doesn’t have a single scratch on her.

          Every other badass in the mountain tribes, including baijo, is bleeding, badly, and looking whipped.

          Tanwa has not a scratch on her.

          She’s about to kill some dudes

          • Ourorboros

            Just the fact that the king keeps saying how he’s going to whip her and rape her says that Yotanwa will kill him.

          • Tyr

            Yep, she’s gonna ride right at him, and he’s gonna let her. Then she’s gonna cut his gross rapey head off

  13. lore

    i could see shin going there, he cleared up his battle on the same side

  14. mostafa

    amazing chapter , I think Heki army is gonna beat the zhao army from behind and another army that is going to be there is the Feego tribe , however their numbers are less than the Zhao army but even so they can do a pincer move along with tanowa from the other side .

  15. westf

    Should Tanwa-sama choose the Feego King or Heki?

  16. Tyr

    btw anyone who thinks kingdom unbelievable AND has netflix, check out Roman empire: master of rome season 2, for historic accounts of some of Caesar’s most famous battles.

    They’d fit right in. when he was fighting vercingetorix the gaul, I thought Caesar was crazy. But, much like kingdom, its a bad idea to bet against the guy you know wins… even if you don’t understand the strategy.

    …btw Shin is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far away from Tanwa to help her. He’s in the crimson fields or whatever. She’s…not. And even if they were close, we already know Riboku has cut their lines of communication.

    • Tyr

      at one point, caesar breaks a cavalry charge with an infantry counter-charge, irl. that’s just madness. I think we all need to re-think what’s possible on a field… whoa. that dude pulled some ousen level stuff off

    • Ourorboros

      Haven’t seen the show and my history is a bit hazy, but I believe Caesar won by essentially ignoring his losses as being small battles and heading for the Gaul’s main fortress. Vercingetorix wanted to continue his guerrilla warfare, but his chieftans wanted a pitched battle – the Roman’s specialty. Of course they lost.

      You can break the rules under the right conditions. That’s the key, if not it’s just faster failure.
      I’m sure Harold would have charged William at Hastings if it were possible. But he just couldn’t. He had all that infantry that was holding their ground all day, but he couldn’t capitalize because the Norman cavalry could just withdraw and regroup. Then the Normans got a lucky shot in.

      • Tyr

        Oh mate its way more crazy interesting than that. You are partially correct though (netflix and my previous half remembered stuff matched up)

        Caesar was pulling an Ousen… raiding villages, stealing their food, moving on. The Gauls, under Vercingetorix (after this, V.), burn all the crops in the romans’ path… denying the Gauls AND the romans of food.

        Caesar’s men, wisely, think its time to pack it in, there’ll be nothing to eat. But, about half the gaul’s military might is now in place… as you said, they decided to try and fight rome head to head. V., wisely, tried to starve rome out before the battle.

        After they burn the crops, the gauls retreat to a fortified city to wait until the romans begin to starve. the gauls are planning to be resupplied by farther villages… and Caesar has other plans.

        He builds a wall around the whole gaul city, digs in, and makes sure he and his forces take any food heading their way.

        So now the gauls are starving. But, Rome has dug in… so the gauls send for their remaining forces. to pincer rome. They plan to attack out from the city, and flank rome from behind.

        When Caesar realizes they’re coming, he builds a SECOND wall, this time, around his men. he basically traps his men inside two walls- one between them and the outside world, one between the city V. and his gaul army are in.

        And he waits to be attacked.

        And he waits until the outer wall has been breached by gauls, and the inner wall is near collapsing.

        Then, he executes his plan: he sends a cavalary charge out to the gauls in the outer wall. they hit them from behind. the outer gauls think a whole different roman army has come… suddenly, caesar’s crazy/suicide play makes sense to them- he had reinforcements.

        They freak out (even though its a tiny cavalry detachment) and rout/run away.

        Caesar then takes out the innner gauls with V., who were starving and counting on aid to beat him.

        And that’s how rome conquered france ,aka gaul. An kingdom-level insane military gamble, requiring the ability to see four moves ahead. (caesar had planned the whole battle in advance… down to creating a ‘flaw’ in the outer-wall that the gauls would attack, positioning them for his cavalry counter).

  17. mostafa

    today I finally realized that what was tanowa meaning about the strategy of sacrifice and all of the battle paln was about to distract enemy’s attention and pull them off from their castle and make them to empty the entire castle to ran behind the mountains people far away then someone like old man enpo and his tribe take the castle with no more trouble and if tanowa’s army could to defeat the three blads of quarong army and cut their power to half then even defending of a castle like that is more easeir than befor and just now it’s enough for tanowa just some how break the enemies line and go through of them to the castle erea and then enter the castle and enjoying the victory , but there are alot of things may happen and I just told my thoughts , anyway I realy think something like what I think is going to happen

  18. Sonic

    I think there’s still 10k yotanwa army hidden from quanrong sight and 2k – 3k army lead by old enpo

    with my assumption 50k yotanwa army in the batle ryoyou, will lost 10k in eight day battle

    so there’s still 40k mountain tribe army
    with divided to :
    >>> 10k bajio army
    >>> 10k feego army
    >>> 5k mera army
    >>> 2k yotanwa surprise attack army

  19. Sonic

    and there’s something that still confused my mind, what is ousen request to shouheikun before this zhao campaign begin ??

    • DeenTheMajestic

      Maybe he want a secret army to support him hidden somewhere ,

      Maybe he want a huge land for him to start his own kingdom if he succeeded,( it’s rumoured that he want to be a king)

      Maybe it’s Maybelline

  20. Tyr

    hidden armies require:

    hidden food/supply lines
    hidden horses
    hidden soldiers
    hidden weapons

    One of those things– if they had one of these things hidden away- food- this day , the starvation and desperation of the Qin/Mountain armies, wouldn’t be happening. A drastically different course would have been taken after Heki’s food got all crisped up.

    Therefore, I’m going to way in on the hidden army theory as “highly unlikely.”

  21. God

    Ousen requested natural disaster, something like earthquake. Maybe he requested a spy to Zhao King instead

  22. Yeman420ph

    where are the raws?.

  23. Jack Georgie

    just saw the raw, no surprise sadly, outcome was rather obvious from 567 cliffhanger.

  24. f5 boi

    Where is the new chapter? Is Kingdom on break this week also?

  25. Heki

    Title: The strongest warrior

    YTW army charges to breakout the encirclement. Somehow, YTW and a small group of soldiers (without Bajio, Tajifu or Shumen, maybe they get seperated) run out of the encirclement. Rozo commands his troops to search and pursue YTW. Again, YTW is encircled by Quanrong. YTW’s group hits and runs to a forest but Quanrong is too crowded and they kill YTW’s group, only YTW is alive. YTW is alone, exhausted, willing to give up, prepare for death. Suddenly, Bajio appears to save YTW. It seems like his group is all dead, only he is alive and he is exhausted as well. Both of them try to use the remaining strength to break the encirclement but they can not do this. They are pushed to a brink of a mountain. And suddenly, Bajio carries YTW in his arm and they jump into the abyss.

  26. Go Kei

    F5 army at the ready!

  27. Quanrong King

    F5 why you no work button!

  28. Pssssst, want to know a secret? its been 15 days since the last update and no kingdom chapter is out.

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