Kingdom Chapter 568

The magazine Kingdom is released in should be on break next week.

In other news, we need a redrawer for Kingdom. For more details, see Sense Scans’ post here.

Chapter 568: Read Online



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78 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 568

  1. DeenTheMajestic

    Noice , thank you

  2. Jack Georgie

    wow another break, darn. then again thx for the release

  3. mostafa

    it seems tomorrow morning is the winning of yotanwa’s army !!!
    mountain’s king has made a big surprise for both zhao and Quarong army

  4. Cloud

    Bawaha what a chapter. There’s gonna be some trolls complaining but I liked it.

  5. Jackson

    Sweeeeet! Muchas gracias!

  6. Ourorboros

    I was hoping to see Heki have his day.
    Back to Ryouyou I assume?

    • Ourorboros

      If Yotanwa takes the city, does Rozo get killed by his army? Protecting the city is the responsibility of it’s highest commander and death is the penalty for failure.
      Also the Quanrong army is motivated because their families will be killed if they fail or disobey. But if Yotanwa has the city, she can kill the families.

  7. Heki-bro

    Where the hell did I disappear off to?

  8. Jeremi Tura

    I hate the word “Break” except lunch and coffee break 😝

  9. at last after 15 fucking days

  10. f5 boi

    Thank you for your great effort guys.

  11. letouriste

    that’s some wuxia shit right there! 😀
    thanks for the chapter!

  12. This play looks very risky for great general caliber and she wasn’t even engaged by some big shots but still somehow ended up injured and left alone and saved by solo Baijo. That’s more like something Shin would do during his times of 100-1000 man commander. I mean if you tell your people you’ll be fine you should at least be able to deal with fodder by yourself.

    • ivo

      What you/everyone needs to realise is that YTW army is fighting the worst odds out of all 3 Qin armies. Originally they only needed to hold back 90k of Kyouson’ryu, but got put up agains additional 60k or more of wolf tribes. And YTW only had 50k + 10k Heki reinforcement. Plus they got their food burnt to ash so.. It’s miraculous they still even fighting after 15 days. And despite all that she still sees victory ahead. Great general worthy if you ask me.

      • I’m not arguing about odds and such. She obviously has something up her sleeve. What I don’t like is her mostly unharmed with only her leg hurting laughted at by some fodder. She’s called Lord of Death, conqueror of numerous tribes, slayed one of quanrong top commanders like he’s nothing and now they laugh thinking they won already, wtf?
        Remember Ouki, his name only made his enemies tremble.
        Houken one-man-army – people ran from him thinking he’s some invincible god.
        Shin – killed Zhao general with one swing and instilled fear in his whole army so they didn’t even pursue him.
        And now this girly moment with Tanwas needing Baijo’s help.

        • ivo

          Well all of those generals are brutes with immense power. Moubu on one leg could still swipe away at enemies with ease. But for YTW, who fights with finese, technique, speed and precision, being one legged is fatal.

          And those soldiers could be fodder, but still fodder among quanrong who are miles ahead from average plains soldier.

          Also, she is a woman, they will always underestimate her.

          • Kyoukai was called monster even by her fellow assassin’s and anyone who witnessed her merciless slaughter. She’s not really brute.
            Kyou of Qin six Great Generals – wasn’t brute either – was very fierce and feared same as other five generals.
            I don’t think they were/are underestimated even though they are women.

          • ivo

            I was refering to the characters that you mentioned: Ouki, Houken, Shin.

            Kyoukai would, like yotanwa, also be a much more diminished fighter if only had 1 leg compared to other brute types.

          • Maybe she will, maybe not. Her priestess dance needs breath, not healthy leg, but anyway I don’t think they would start underestimate her.
            Moreso was it ever stated that tanwa relies heavily on technique rather then brute force? I think I remember in some bonus chapter she was shown as a very strong person, not a delicate lady.

        • Ourorboros

          Well you are arguing against situation and story.
          Moubu hasn’t faced an enemy on their home ground who just sprouted up an army that was his equal that had the possibility of having a secret way of destroying his supplies. He was pretty easily lured to a situation where he would die or Ouki would. Ouki’s death was really Moubu’s fault.
          At the Siege of Kanyou, the story demanded that Qin would win, plain and simple.

          It is pretty well implied that the trackers are pretty focused on getting her. The fault of the writers – and page limits – are that you don’t see how many enemies she ploughed through. Yotanwa knew she was acting as bait though.
          But – her injury was an accident, not one inflicted by the enemy. Important difference in any story. They weren’t that good or she that bad, her luck was running out.
          Yotanwa also knew Baijo was coming for her. Look at her words – your horns summoned him.

          In terms of story, this is just a way of showing the desperation of the situation (yes, piling it on) to lead to a miraculous appearance and her (presumed) victory. Darkest before the dawn, true heroes rising form the dead and all that.

          • It is all as you say. The only thing I don’t like is Quanrong guys taking Lord of Death lightly dispite knowing what she is capable of and following “princess save” strengthening this feeling of her helplessness.

  13. X

    Thank you!

    I really don’t think they were able to kill a huge number of fresh army with an exhausted one and wounded ones at that. Seriously, WTH really happen? Did someone drop a nuke or something to kill that much? Anyway if there were 10 trackers, 3 on Yotanwa and there are I think 6 chieftains? Wonder how many are still alive when the sun rise.

    Aaaaand another break. -___-

  14. S

    What if what happens is that Yotanwa freed the quarong families?

  15. holy crap that was sick as FFFF–especially, bajio–dang does that mean he is even stronger than yotanwa?? I found the artwork to be pretty spectacular, particularly the moon night sky scene and the last page where they jumped off =OO—can’t wait fo rmore–too bad next week is on break = [

  16. Bai_Qi

    I can’t uderstand these people saying yotanwa Will Free the families. She Will simply use them as hostages to make quanrong army fight zhao

    • Tyr

      I can’t understand the idea that Tanwa and Heki can do anything but regroup and counterattack. They’re going to mount a siege with no food and 1/4 of an army? Wow, that… makes no sense at all. The quarong would have had to literally leave the walls defended by infants for that to work, because they have way more numbers and… city walls that the Zhao haven’t been able to knock down in centuries

      • Tyr

        even “counterattack” is a bit of a stretch at this point, but it’s Tanwa, she’s a hard lady

        • Bai_Qi

          Well, you forget that both the armies off zhao and king rozo (the only ones who weren’t on the Battlefield until tanwa showed herself And the opportunity to finish the battle in a Swift move came into view) now you have the Guy who tanwa asked for to go for the city with the tribe oficial mountain escalators and seize It as she was going to use herself as bait since she already knew she wouldn’t bem able to seize the city after great losses for having killed the 3 commanders… So she would have 2 options(shunsuiju predicts she will appear on the Battlefield And commit their forces to pursui her lr she succesfully kills 2 ir 3 commanders And Deal great damage on quanrong thus allowing them tô fight further(worse option))
          Believe me, I’m Bai Qi, Master of predictions, although Hara sensei is Sun Tzu so se never know lmao.

          • Tyr

            I will enjoy seeing if you are correct, and will greatly applaud you if right.

            If not, respect anyway lol. 😀

            One point of order, did she really send a guy that same day to take the city after the three targeted quarong generals (two of which died) fell?

            If so I need to reread, I had thought their plan was to try and take the city NEXT day after that.

            My feeling now is this: its a manga, so I guess I think there’s a chance Heki/Tanwa will win, because of that. But, I kind of feel like, by the situation, it’s more likely they lose.

            However, their job is to stall Zhao. Its totally possible for them to lose in a way that still does that. Tanwa, I predict, has already switched strategic goal from ‘victory’ to ” the kind of loss that cripples zhao’s ability to flank attack ousen.”

            As far as flank attacking Ousen, those Quarong guys aren’t a factor, they’d do ok maybe just killing that one guy with white hair from Zhao, and a few others. To do that… what they really need to do is to break the uneasy alliance between the quarong and the zhao somehow, at which point, the quarong would destroy the zhao, who they kind of don’t like anyway. if she can do that, it’s all over, even if her army is decimated and starving.

            now, sure, I have no idea how she could do that. Just saying. Her leg is messed up, her army just took crazy losses (guessing, true) and their all starving. So that, to me, makes more sense than going for all-out victory.

            We shall see who’s view of the battle is correct. ka ka ka

          • Bai_Qi

            yeah, I agree that her army will be beaten up, in fact she is already beaten.
            The Feego king lost more than half his army,
            bajio as well and tanwa is the only survivor.
            Heki we already know.
            The only way for them to deal significant damage on zhao is for quanrong to fight them, and the only reason quanrong would fight zhao is if tanwaave their families made hostage.
            in the previous chapter or the one before they said that the armies of de rozo king and shunsuiju were in the city “intact” and came all together to make sure they killed her already and zhao could go make war with kanki.
            To pursue some scattered soldiers like yontanwa had her army spread you would still need many man, that’s why she told them to survive till the morning when the warning about hostages families inside the city would spread.
            with one tribe of 3 thousand man you could easilly assault an unguarded city with few man on the walls and threat to set fire into it if quanrong doesn’t kill zhao soldiers.
            Your final view agrees with mine and my theory makes the view very possible,
            hope to predict right lmao, that will be my first prdiction time xD

          • Ourorboros

            I still like the idea of Tanwa taking the city and command of the Quanrong armies. Though the writers often pull numbers out of their butts, it would be inexplicable to continue to conquer the rest of the Warring States without intact armies. The Quanrong would do that nicely.
            If Yotanwa grabs the city, by Quanrong rules, Rozo should die. As King, it is his duty to protect the city. The King also makes the strategic decisions, like taking his army out for pursuit. He failed, by which means he should die.
            Rozo & the Zhao commander are written like they will be knocked off their high horse.
            Also, Yotanwa’s tribe originally came from this area and they speak the same language as the Quanrong. I think that was a huge tell. It isn’t a degenerated form of the language, but the same one.

            But the Quanrong would not attack Ousen unless he came into their mountains. That’s why nobody knows about them, not even most Zhao. They stay in their mountains and kill all intruders, except for Riboku and I suppose anybody else with a huge herd of sheep.

          • Tyr

            one thing Hara and company have taught me is really what Ouki was saying long ago- the thing about who’s vision of war is correct. “Know the enemy and know yourself”- sure, that means troop movements and sizes of armies and types of soldiers (heavy infantry, elites, cavalry, etc)

            but more importantly, it’s- how does the enemy see battle? how do you?

            no one’s right or wrong until the day ends. Its all a clash of perspective.

            As long as they’re well reasoned, none of us are wrong until the next chapter comes out lol. And then, what we’ll see is the vision of war Tanwa has, via Hara and company…

          • Bai_Qi

            I’m planning on learning C# and making a tabletop strategy game like kingdom has showed us many times.
            Something like total war arena but making it look just dots on a map representing each soldier.
            Each soldier will have some caracteristcs and it will interact with other soldiers (point with point interaction) in a map.
            the goal is to make a 1vs1 battle where you are a point in the map and convey commands to your troops. You will have to take into consideration the time for the messengers to travel to determined point of the map and be sure that those troops are not isolated and blablabla.
            take into account terrain and etc.
            It isn’t difficult to do so but it will take lot’s of time.
            Annyone willing to do so and test his view of the battlefield in the future? xD

          • Why C#? Are you aiming for specific platform, mobile/tablet maybe?

          • Bai_Qi

            sorry, meant C++ since it’s the same main language used in total war and other games.
            Acttualy I don’t know a thing about programming and I am just starting learning design and programming to make this project.
            Guess that’s what you can really call pursuing your dreams xD

          • Marsius

            If you`re just starting with game development, you might want to look in the direction of Unity engine. It allows you to concentrate more on the game itself insead of technical part and it`s free under some conditions. Also, there was a good book called Intro into game design, but I don`t remember the author right now. Well, maybe you could fine something similar.

          • C++ can be hard to start programming with, but it pays off better in the long run.

          • De

            Actually you should all re-read, most of her army was able to escape because they were focused on catching her so her men were able to slip away and separate with the knowledge that they will regroup at a pre-arrange rendezvous point, so yes YTW army has taken losses but not as much as everyone thinks plus with Baijo’s army and the Fego Kings army all being able to regroup this could prove to be the point where things turn but only if the Mera tribe and Heiki can creep up and attack the last brother while he is distracted trying to catch YTW. I think that before the sun rises they will catch and kill him because he over extends himself from his main forces.

            Also the tribe YTW called are tunneling experts so who better than to track down and find the tunnels into the city, one or more forces will “disappear” from the battle field and attack the city, keep in mind that during the chase a lot of groups have peeled off and now are scattered all over the area which will make it easy for them to regroup, but who knows how this will actually work out.

            I am looking forward to the next chapter.

        • Tyr

          …actually sounds like a cool project. I never play those… but, I would in theory.

          I never play them so I don’t have a right to criticize, but- it seems to me those games are always so structured. Part of the fun of kingdom and part of the challenge of real battles, was random shit.

          Random shit happens. often, its not the most thorough plan that wins, but the most flexible.

          For example, a winter storm might have been the difference in WWII. The N*zi’s (I don’t respect them enough to type their full title( didn’t send enough winter coats for their troops in Russia, which was stupid on the surface of it, but also a gamble. The n*zi’s lost it. had they not lost that gamble with the weather… well lets all just be glad they did.

          Basically, my one piece of advice- design and implement a ‘random shit happens’ algorithm. How you’d do that, I’ve no idea. 😀

          • Qin

            It’s not random, all possible outcomes should be considered. It’s just adding more gameplay experience, like most developer do nowadays.

          • Marsius

            It`s not that hard to add some randomness. The hard part is to choose how much to add it and in what way to make it appear. Wellm different games approach this differently.

          • Tyr


            probably too late for anyone to pay attention now (except break week and we’re all desperate, lol) so let me put it another way…

            …even us religious kingdom readers probably can’t consider all the variables a real general would need to, in battle. For example, we only really touch on supply lines, but supply lines are one of the most important parts of war.

            my point is this. A game designer, if doing a bang up job, may consider… X amount of variables, and program the game via algorithm to combine the variables of battle- such as morale, training, hunger, injury levels, home turf vs invading army, weather, generalship, general officer skill, etc- into a cohesive experience that makes sense.

            But, if they were to completely program the perfect game, most people probably wouldn’t play it. Being Ousen means sitting on a hill and thinking for hours on end before making a move. B/c variables. I find that even in strategy games, they like to manage my process more than I’d like. Honestly, I don’t think its the designers. I think, no one would want to play a perfect version… it’d take way too long to get decent at it, perhaps.

            BUT I haven’t played any in quite a long time, so

          • Bai_Qi

            Yeah, you gotta make things playable att the end.
            My Idea was to First make a tabletop game with points with n values representing Power, stamina, morale, stance, armor, etc.
            Make It able to mimic interaction as real world depending even How many miles tour army had to run, the weight of the unit etc.
            Once I’m able to do this with few points on the map, want to escalate to thounsands And hundred of thounsands.
            Than I add terrain details, And about the supply lines I Will Just make It to be able to defend And secure It on the map oficial battle.
            I’m more interested in Battlefield tatics with fighting than logistic itself.
            If course interaction with that many parts of the army itself should be taken into consideration André that’s why I’m planning on doing a central piece that commands others And you should make sure about the time delay a Messenger gets to relay messages

          • Tyr

            its funny, I came back to say ‘messengers’ are the most important detail. lol.

            fake messages, hidden troop sizes… delay of info… the essence of long distance warfare is that type of deception.

  17. Yeman420ph

    thank you! however, break again??…wth

  18. China win Asian Games 2018


  19. ivo

    where u hiding them spoilers

  20. ivo

    yotanwa lands on her bad leg, bajio spins into safety. Heki wounds rozo, kyousonryu becomes pirate.


  21. DeenTheMajestic

    I need the fix man , I’m shaking over here

  22. Peasant

    Will suck dick 4 new chapter

  23. KarinLovers

    this chapter will comeback to shin batleground

  24. I love spoiler

    As predicted

  25. KarinLovers

    Gezz…Old Enpo so cool, if he participation in asian game for wall climbing……he will have gold medal for sure

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