Kingdom Chapter 569

hurrrgh… need more sleep.

Chapter 569: Read Online



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58 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 569

  1. asdfs

    is bajio going die? I DONT WANT HIM TO DIE

    • Ourorboros

      If he does, it will be after freeing Yotanwa at the last second.
      But I’m thinking no – the power of the Oath and all that.

    • Ourorboros

      Looking at this, I think Bajio is going to save Yotanwa right when Rozo is salivating over torturing and raping her. That is right after the Zhao general is like “whatever dude, I don’t care”.
      Yotanwa will have had a chance to rest, so when Bajio frees her hands, they will make their escape. He will be very wounded, but I think barely survive. This isn’t Yotanwa’s story (the series), but I don’t think it’s his time to die. There are still six other states to conquer.
      I think if Bajio dies, it will be when Shin is close to becoming a Great General. Maybe acknowledging his growth there.

  2. Spoilers are for tools

    Thank you very very much! Also, asdfs, stop putting in spoilers!

  3. Thank you very much, turnip farmers—you guys are the best===get your sleep.. the llong wait was worth it!!
    This was epic—bajio—wow i would have the same feelings as bajio if i was i n position—he’s so coolll–i hope he does NOT die–i mean the righteous Mera chieftan already died—man oh man–too nervous about the next chapter ughhh

  4. Peasant

    If Bajio dies, we will host a massive funeral and you’re all expected to attend

  5. I simply can never have enough

  6. inspiredKreatif

    thanks for the great work as always Turnips.!!

  7. Schaid

    It’s absoloutely Heki’s fault if Bajio dies.

  8. Bai_Qi

    hey tyr, it seem’s that my prediction was correct.

    • Tyr

      hat tipped. lol

    • Tyr

      It was a good call. My thing was- how could they REALISTICALLY pull the attack off? I hadnt considered “cliff face climb flank fortification” attack, lol.

      But, when reading the chapter, i could tell something was up— the mountain folk were not looking for Tanwa at all, which can be deduced bc quarong are blowing horns.

      No Qin ever came to help her escape.

      What I wonder now is, will the Quarong notice that too?

      • Ourorboros

        Well Alexander flanked a city with a couple hundred mountain climbers.
        Yotanwa had told each tribe to escape and meet at the rendezvous point, so they wouldn’t be looking for her.
        From this chapter, this whole tactic is pretty normal for her – getting chased down by the main enemy army, losing her personal army, Bajio saving her, having the rest of her army attack enemy strong point.
        It’s a wonder she has her own tribe at all. Those mountain women must be dumping out puppy litters every year.

        • Tyr

          Agreed… my point is, as far as the quarong would be thinking, qin/mountain folk SHOULD be looking for Tanwa. That they arent should be a clue, to a great general, thats something is up.

          Maybe there are no great generals on their side. But, the Quarong king forces should have a) protected against qin counterattack while cornerIng tanwa, b) noticed that none came, amd c) ask themselves why not.

          For quarong, two possible answers. Either 1) qin has been routed, or theyre up to something.

          Sure, it LOOKS like they’ve been routed- but “know ur enemy.” Mountain folk have no quit in them.

          So- if quarong paying attention, they may spot this gambit. They may not tho. Hara knows

          • Ourorboros

            I think the logic would run this way:
            Quanrong are conditioned to do what the person above them tells them to do – on pain of death and extermination of their families.
            The king wants Yotanwa captured. He is all but salivating at the idea of torturing and raping her, in that order. He seems to be thinking of nothing else.
            So for all tribe leaders, no other consideration applies. Capture Yotanwa or else.
            This is not a society to advise those above – like “be a F**kng general and keep it in your pants”. Because the Quanrong king is neither an instinctive nor by the book tactical general.

            Of course militarily, if the enemy is routed, all that remains is clean up actions – make sure that the enemy cannot regroup by targeting any large concentrations and any rallying groups.
            This does not take the entirety of an army. In fact it calls for the set up of an advance headquarters with good command and communications – the very thing Ouki was doing when Mobu lead him to his death. The Quanrong army should consolidate as a whole and pursuing groups should periodically do so as they chase down splitting groups.

            The interesting thing is both armies are lead by base emotions – the Quanrong by fear, the “Lord of Death” by horniness. Fittingly, neither lead to good decisions.

  9. Letouriste

    So do i. I’m starting to think water isn’t the critical ressource of the next century but sleep is. Too many people live on sleep deprivation every bloody day and that feeling of old paper skin and bloody eyes is the worst

  10. So basically she heavily relies on luck and her whole army desire to bed her and do everything it takes for it? Alright..

    • Ourorboros

      Yeah that’s just bad writing. Every tribe leader is horny for her, so Yotanwa has enough soldiers to be a Great General. Great character development there.

      • Tyr

        no, when her plans go bad, as happens in war/happened to her today, she went to what I see now is her fallback play- use herself as bait/a distraction, and survive by any means she can- her and baijo being very strong together helps- while sending her army into the enemy’s weak point (when they think they’re at their strongest.)

        There’s nothing unsound about that strategy at all. As long as its a last resort, which clearly this was. They’re starving

        • Ourorboros

          It has been plainly shown that Yotanwa could have crushed the Zhao army from the beginning.
          They had a week before the fighting started, which they apparently did not spend scouting, even though this is their type of terrain.

          While Yotanwa’s task was to screen any Zhao from that direction, she could have prevented them from consolidating any forces or flanking her if she destroyed that army. This is Zhao home territory and garrisons can be all over.
          By not scouting, she didn’t find out about the Quanrong – or anybody else that was in the area. Which lead to her current situation. She also didn’t know where to retreat, set up ambushes, or gather supplies.

          Yotanwa doesn’t seem to have accounted for the Quanrong army in the city itself. She is now merely taking advantage of the fact they have left the city – after her rout.
          This is her go to last resort strategy, but it’s a situation she has been in many times – which means she has lost several complete bodyguard units while after her army was forcibly sent to flight and picked off in desperate escapes.
          Avoiding continually being put into that situation when you have enough numbers is always preferred. A sign of good generalship even. A last resort being a Standard Operating Procedure is just a sign that she isn’t learning much.
          It is luck that every Mountain People tribe she fights end up emptying their city to the point that her reduced numbers can take it. Remember that it was doubtful that she could beat the armies in the field – there really is no reason for the full garrison to pursue.

          • Tyr

            IF tanwa had taken your advise and put her army between zhao and the quarong, she would have also put Zhao between HER and OUSEN.

            She’s there to keep that larger zhao army from reaching Ousen. She would have been making a horrible mistake, Zhao flanks Ousen, game over.

            Yotanwa’s on foreign land… the quarong never leave theres. hard to scout for that

            had she, she would have heard the NEVER cooperate with Zhao, which was true up until Riboku softened them up for years just in case he needed them.

            Zhao always had more troops than Tanwa. She was always outnumbered, but was outperforming her enemy, which is why they went to an (extremely diplomatically costly) backup plan.

          • Ourorboros

            I didn’t say Yotanwa should put her force between Zhao and Quanrong. I said that she should have initially scouted the area and crushed the Zhao.
            Had she scouted, she would have known about the Quanrong. They were a surprise to her.
            Whether or not she knew about the Quanrong, she should have crushed the Zhao before the Zhao could consolidate any forces in the area. Knowing about the Quanrong would have made that more urgent.

            This being the Quanrong home territory doesn’t negate the need to scout, it makes it more urgent. I said this is Yotanwa’s home terrain, not area. She leads the MOUNTAIN People and this is a mountainous area. Knowing where the dead ends, cliffs, and such is very important.
            Upon finding the Quanrong city, a general cannot fail to see that they need to know the area, which she wasted a week in not doing.

            Pointing out that Yotanwa was outnumbered just highlights her mistakes. Knowing that, why wouldn’t she scout the area to know her lines of retreat, know where to set up ambushes, or cut off Zhao lines of communication?
            In the initial fighting, she just went with a frontal assault and nothing else. No thought of what else was out there, no thought of preserving her own forces.
            Being outnumbered wasn’t entirely an issue, because she was leading a screening force. She had to pin down the enemy by existing. But she avoided every common measure to do so. Which happens to be a habit of hers, because when talking with Baijo she says this has happened against every tribe they fought against. Yes, she is making the best with what she has, but she is always in this situation.
            That is the issue – she hasn’t learned. She is constantly in this situation.

          • Marsius

            Actually, I think that it`s not just Yotanwa problem. It`s main strategy for all mountain tribe – force your way without any too complex strategy. She`s just used to this kind of warfare. Also while they all fight like that, she was the only one who managed to subjugate every other tribe. And while losess are big in this type of warfare, as I see it – after taking over of another tribe she don`t kill it off, but add to her forces. And that somewhat compensate for heavy losses while conquering said tribe.

          • Tyr

            Heki let their food get very, very overcooked (aka burned to cinders)

            This put a clock on them. called ‘starvation’

            strategy is dependent on such variables

          • Tuzak500

            Dude, you think they didnt scout ? Ofc they did but you know how good they track her after that jump!. They could have essyly hide from them. Its their terrain…. she knows the king eants her, and they are forgetting about heki.. you’ll see, they will open the doors of the city and heki will take it.

  11. Heki

    I’m ready to replace Bajio, lol

  12. Jack Georgie

    heki being useless as always

  13. ivo

    Heki comes to rescue and Bajio lives.

    All other mountain folk are going to rendezvous point, only Heki and Mera tribe looking for YTW.

    Heki needs redemption.

    Bajio needs to live.

    Quanrong soldiers just blew the horn to notify other units, hence calling Heki as well upon them.

  14. f5 boi

    Thanks for your great effort dear turnipfarmers.
    and F5.

  15. DeenTheMajestic

    Am I the only one exited to see bajio face , his eye looks like KaRyoTen father/grandpa?

  16. lore

    raw is out, are we looking at another break for translation?

  17. Heki

    Finally, RIP Bajio

  18. Schaid

    raw is out, it’s time for counter attack

  19. Muddyfarmer

    Fun fact: this war ends democratically. Considering Yasuhisa-sempai rarely deviates from the scriptures, this should all end rather unremarkably. By Historical accounts, the Zhao king has Riboku executed.

    • Snowy

      It has been said before a lot. Please don’t post historical Spoilers, they are spoilers regardless. If people want historical spoilers let them make the choice for themselves to go looking for them, Don’t make the choice for them and post them here like a d*ck.

    • CameoSoldier91

      Prepare this pleb execution!!!!

  20. lore

    i keep wondering where these guys get their raws from, i’ve had raw access for almost 3 days now , its even on youtube.

  21. The man behind the man

    Heki,I wish he would come and see both Yotanwah X Bajio’s all over each others and get his stupid heart crushed

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