Kingdom Chapter 571

Proper zip will be up sometime in the next 24 hours probably… Dunno why I’m up at 2am releasing a chapter of manga when I have to get to work in 6 hours… Shoot me now.

Chapter 571: Read Online



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72 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 571

  1. Schaid

    Proud to be first comment :’)

  2. f5 boi

    Thank you bois you are the best.

  3. jackjarijari

    Damn,, i thought i’d be the first commenter…
    Thnx for the chap

  4. Gledi

    Ty for your hard work mates✌🏻

  5. 123456

    Because you’re the best 🙂

  6. Heki is the funniest charakter in manga period.
    TY guys for bringing us kingdom week by week

    • 0verlord1

      Totally yes, even if this one who’s obvious from wayyy back, the setup is truly funny.
      But i’m honestly happy if Heki finally has his moment of glory.

  7. Fahrenheit451

    Thank you

  8. Tyr

    I’m just going to go ahead and say this now

    In the best strategies, if things go your way, you win. If they don’t, you still win, because you’ve thought of everything.

    Tanwa didn’t WANT to win this way. But, she was prepared to. B/c she’s Awesome

  9. M Bian Arianandhika

    Thanks everybody in turnip
    Super stuff as always guys

  10. Rabee-3

    But will Danto get Yotanwa’s nethers if he kills Rozo ?

  11. Jackson

    Thank you very much, Turnip Farmers! Great chapter! Eh? Eh?

  12. Heki


  13. Heki


  14. Tito

    Thank you for staying up til 2am to release it! I think the reason why, is cuz your dope!

  15. Letouriste

    Your dedication is worthy of praise;)
    Thank you so much guys!!!
    Btw, heki is really pitiful in that last panel xD

  16. Renseo

    Hey, do anyone realize that suddenly HE KI able to speak ‘mountain tribe

  17. Go Kei

    Thanks for the chapter!

  18. DeenTheMajestic

    Kitari basically ask Heki to go Kill himself

  19. Green

    He’s way bigger than him!! How can he still be so confident?

  20. kaiserdark

    Surely, Danto(Feego’s Chieftain) will die in next chapter.

    • Marsius

      And then Heki will really kill Rozo? I doubt it. But Danto did act a bit too confident. Maybe, it will happen, but only in the case – Danto mortally wound Rozo, die himself and Heki finish Rozo in a big stroke of luck.

  21. Muddyfarmer

    R.I.P Feego king

  22. inspiredKreatif

    thanks for the great work as always guys… nearing the climax of this whole ryouyou war!!

  23. Tyr

    oh and also: the answer to the below question is:


    “Dunno why I’m up at 2am releasing a chapter of manga when I have to get to work in 6 hours… “

  24. Weather Forecast

    based on this we can guarantee, that feego king will loose but will create a chance for Heki to take enemy head. Mark my shoes

  25. X

    The conceited and the worthless join together to kill a huge ass nigga! Seriously whats up with the blings on Rozo’s face? Anyway, by the size of it… someone will be cut into two on the next page. While a back stabber worthless Qin commander comes and poke Rozo’s ass…. But hold on a sec… how on earth did Heki even manage to come close that fast? Aren’t they worthless, useless, exhausted, and wounded? They pierce to a bunch of elite troops?

  26. ivo

    There has been earthquake now in Hokkaido after typhoon jeby. What is h´going on in Japan. I hope this doesn’t mean no more manga for next weeks. I hope mangaka keeps working on manga, even if more tradegies or anything happens. I just need my weekly kingdom and op dose. I don’t care about people of Japan!! #being honest#only manga# no bs

  27. wow that was superrr epicccc thanks TURNIP FARMERSS you are daaaa besttttt i the world =D

  28. Yeman420ph

    good job! keep it up! thank you!

  29. Yohafin

    And now. Waiting for 572. Maybe in atound 2-3 days

  30. Shin

    Spoiler Alert: Heki kills Rozo,

  31. I'm not an ass

    Spoiler: Qin conquered and unites all 6 states. Sei becomes the 1st emperor of China. No point of reading Kingdom anymore since we all now know how the story ends and yes I’m an asshole.

    Hint: If you want to know how Kingdom would really end, read the One Shot manga written by Hara Sensei himself. Its about the bromance between Shoheikun and Moubu. Real spoiler

  32. Ka~Rin_Lovers

    a litle hour later

  33. domobob

    572 is out at Sensescan’s website

  34. Gledi

    Thanks a lot Turnip buddies. As always are on the top😊✌🏻

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