Kingdom Chapter 572

Multiple pages with little to no text! Best chapter ever!

Chapter 572: Read Online



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48 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 572

  1. Masaki Mukuro

    Thx as always =)

  2. Bai_Qi

    thx so much for your free hard work!

  3. Tito

    Thank you very much, that hit the spot!

  4. Cloud

    Rozo is baller. Page 10 crushing skulls with one hand and chopping bodies with the other. Rip heki

  5. Kaiserdark

    Agh, I never expect Danto still alive in this chapter.

    BTW, I wonder about Bajio ,He is dead or alive.

    • Ourorboros

      He was shown to be alive. I expect either he or Yotanwa will kill Rozo.

      • Kaiserdark

        It’s quite impossible. Yotanwa already exhausted, she even can’t rode horse herself in this state.
        Moreover Bajio, His condition in last picture looked like he is already dead and there are no picture someone help him to getting horse.

        • Ourorboros

          Impossible in a comic? Really? As opposed to cutting groups of armor soldiers in half with one swipe?
          Yotanwa is exhausted, but stopped fighting before Baijo. She has been doing nothing physical since being captured. You might call this “resting”.
          Baijo was fighting, then ordered to stop because their rescuers had arrived. Nothing is shown, so anything might happen.
          The hand to hand fighting has pretty much worked on a video game basis, with high level characters generally being much larger and just cutting through low level soldiers. Baijo has probably been patched up an is regaining HP as we wait.

        • ivo

          wrong, here is bajio on horse

      • ivo

        Heki killed him!! now he can bed ytw

  6. I think there’s 3 or more chapter for this battle conclusion. Rozo killed 2 chapters, city taken 1 chapter.
    After that, back shin’s battleground..

    Last time we saw Shin battlefield was on June..

    Anyways, thanks always for your time and hard work!

  7. inspiredKreatif

    woooohh.. awesome chapter.. and awesome work Turnips.. as always 😁

  8. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! I would love to see more of the city fighting.

  9. Shin

    Spoiler Alert: Heki kills Rozo!

  10. Mdkh

    I take back what I said.
    That ain’t funny though.

  11. Mdkh

    Thanks for the chapter,and glad there is the download link!

  12. Tyr

    Heki’s not dumb enough to try and take rozo by might. And with strategy, as long as he facilitates victory, it doesnt matter who carries rozo’s head home/swings the blade that takes it.

    Heki will make a strategic move. My strong suspicion is, it’ll be very helpful, but rozo dies by another’s hand. (I’d say tanwa, but i prefer guessing as if this ISNT manga lol)

  13. Schaid

    573 spoiler is out. Check it out by googling for your self. Some prediction here is become true.

  14. Heki

    Holy shit I slay Rozo by myself

  15. ivo

    Heki u daawg!!!! killing rozo, to nail ytw. Not bad u daawwg not bad at all!!!

  16. Okita Sougo

    Wow, Shin mk2 or he has developed protaganist power

  17. Jack Georgie

    heki was killed by rozo, the end

  18. Felipe Negro


  19. Go Kei

    It’s wednesday my dudes! That means Kingdom release 573?

    F5 army at the ready!

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