Kingdom Chapter 573

Turning memes into dreams

Chapter 573: Read Online



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41 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 573

  1. Michiru

    Lol, All hail Heki!!

    Ty as always..

  2. Gyopoh

    Thanks… What a chapter.. We have king of furries whose arms look like muscular legs are placed at his arm pits (kinda looks like he is giving heki a piggyback ride?) and next page same man makes cartoon eyes popping/bulging out like in one piece.. Dreams into memes indeed.. I need coffee.. Thanks as usual.. sigh..

  3. Gledi

    As always you guys never disappoint. Keep up the good work😊✌🏻

  4. Shin bro

    Heki breh! Never give up!

    Thanks for the scan!

  5. Fahrenheit451

    Thank you! The story is awesome

  6. With this Hara finally gave Heki a way to redeem himself and his own path to become good general.

  7. letouriste

    i feel better about heki now:) page 20 is just awesomely drawed and psych me up. heki really pushed himself here. The star of the chapter if clearly feego to me tho, i love this guy now, he said in a really good way what i thought and showed a lot of depth in his character;)

  8. chyll2

    all hail GENERAL HEKI of the GREAT HEAVENS

  9. Jay

    Dang dis title! XD
    So, we have been “spoiled” even more now hehe. Grazie turnipfarmers, please continue to spoil us more and more! 🙂

  10. They make this similar as masturbating, too much fantasy, but never going to happen in real world.
    Rozo kills people like flies but unable to deal with plot armor. Rozo at least is as strong as shin, he should just plow into yotanwa. And his retainer seems like have no brain either.

    • Yohafin

      His retainer blockd by Mera Tribe and he was occupied with Feego king and tribe. Not to mention Heki’s men too

    • westf

      You realize that this is manga and not history?

      And there are plenty of other fantastic actions by all of the characters… which includes the whole story of Shin, a boy who became a super-soldier as a teenager simply by stick-fighting with his friend.

  11. Jackson

    Sweet! Many thanks!

  12. X

    What a scary chapter…. Heki is possessed! Look at his eyes! OMFG! LOL! IF he ever miss that then he will collapse. LOL!

    Thank you for the chapter!

  13. Peasant

    Damn, surprisingly Danto is a bro

  14. DeenTheMajestic

    Thanks you for the chap

    the king is dead , long live the king

  15. Go Kei

    Thanks for the chapter!

  16. Joze

    Chapter 371, on Sense Scans has a typo. It says ‘Chance for Redemtion’ missing the letter ‘p’ in ‘redem_p_tion’. Just noticed it now, hope this helps! Thanks for the great chapter and all your hard work! ❤

  17. Cloud

    What an eye popping chapter. Thanks tf

  18. Tyr

    Was what heki did really that impressive? Lol… all’s fair in war, no doubt, but he flanked and cut a guy down from behind, while the enemy was engaged, and it took two tries even then-

    He did however demonstrate “the strength of a man” even if not “martial might” (which he doesnt have)

    Hara hasnt defined what that one general meant by “the strenght of man” (the one enemy shin faced off with who question shin’s ownership ofnthe glaive), but I say it is ‘the will to stand in any situation, in front of any enemy, and be willing to win or die, and able to find a way to win, even if overmatched”

    • Ourorboros

      Well the world works somewhat on game mechanics and Rozo was a higher level character. Just the Feego King saying “how long do I have to act as bait” means this had to be a group kill if there was going to be any at all.
      On the other side of it, Rozo was dumb enough to turn his back without finishing the job. He’s strong enough to stagger Danto and his mis-hit collapses Heki – he could make time and space. So when he hit Heki with his haft, then completely ignored Heki, Rozo only showed he was too dumb to live.

    • Heki

      Wtf is your problem?

      • Tyr

        Strategy games are a poor model imho bc they dont include one hit kills by opponents much weaker than the one killed.

        Reality is a better model, in it, anyone can land a blow on anyone, especially if the person hit is being distracted. It doesnt matter how big ur balls are or how long uve trained, a blade will cut you just the same.

        Which is why Rozo Didnt have time to make sure heki was dead. He assumed, bc feego king was more of a threat.

        If anywhere, the “fault” with rozo’s death falls to the elites who let heki through.

        • Ourorboros

          Because anybody with a blade can kill you, Rozo had to make sure not to turn his back on anybody who wasn’t killed or disabled – like Heki.
          If you have time to turn, you have time to step over Heki and turn – make time and space. I mean, an unnamed character isn’t going to hurt him. The biggest threat is the armed person behind you. Do what I said and both are in front.

          • Tyr

            Ok, so lets say he takes your advice ,after swining at heki, he stands over heki then stabs down to make sure heki’s dead… and meanwhile, where’s Rozo’s back what’s happening to it??

            Its being stabbed by Feego who, unlike Heki, is still standing up and holding a weapon ready to stab.

            This is the essense of being flanked, your back is always to someone. Immortalized in such phrases as “I have your back,” meaning “I won’t let Heki come try and stab you in your back while you’re fighting Feego” or visa versa.

  19. inspiredKreatif

    great chapter and great work Turnips.!! thanks

  20. Yotanwa

    You will come to my chambers tonight Heki.

    • 0verlord1

      For how many years did Heki masturbate thinking of this night, and now the dream come true! 🙂
      But i fear the gorious moment will have to be delayed, which is never good with this kind of thing…

  21. Jack Georgie

    heki bro you did it, finally a normal military guy could kill a high level general.

  22. Cedric

    Thanks for the chapter guys! Can’t wait to see shunsuijus face when he realises he screwed up!!! And personally, I’d love to see the Bajio and Yotanwa ship sail lol

    • udin

      Wtf? that gloomy berserker? that only know how to swing sword? ..mehhh..
      i guess she cant get on ship from any of mountain dweller.
      that’l attract jealousy bc looks like she’d prefer a tribe.. like baji.
      also cant from plain people, some still hold grudes to plain peoples.

      Yotanwa is a smart woman
      so, she’l pick inbetween and neutral choice.. a hilldweller.
      she’l choose Ogiko off course.

      he’s a joker card, jack of all trades.
      hes an archer well as cavalary, a massage therapist expert, an ice breaker without equal, messenger, etc.
      then there is countles posibilities what he can be if he accept her love.
      the potential of this rough diamond is enormous.
      im sure u all remember how greatly he relieve tension of his allies at kankoku pass.
      not to mention theres a roumor spreads the he probably the 10bow in disguise.
      this guy soothing aura are the reason why the moody kanki able to remain calm and cool all time.

      he’l be kind and loving husband since even in Kanki army for a long time, he never seen bully civilian
      or surrendered people, nor having any dispute among his army despite being kanki no.1 fav
      manly and openhearted dude always shown broad chest even cause him snotnosed and cold he’l never wore shirt nor armor,
      for whoever going to be his lucky soulmate, so she can feel safe in his loving embrace anytime she need.

      an inteligent leader herself, she know thats no bloody hell way Kanki just gonna let him go
      there’l be huge dispute if she going to take him now.
      thats why for now, she do everything helping Qin to unite china, Kanki being judged for his crimes after that.
      thats if hes not death along the way, or fired.

      well anyway.. arent u guys curious how Yotanwa and Ogiko kids gonna be looks like? lol

  23. Mike

    Thanks for the great release, as always.

  24. westf

    The real hero here is YTW’s nethers…..

  25. holy f that was completely unexpectedly epicccccccccccccCCCC!!!! =OOO
    thank you turnipfarmers you guys are thee bestttttO =D

  26. Ka~Rin_Lovers

    spoiler come out

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