Kingdom Chapter 576

Thank god! No more mountain kingdom speech bubbles that are a pain in the ass to typeset!

Chapter 576: Read Online



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55 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 576

  1. Symroy

    Wow, I’m actually first. YAY!!!!!!

  2. Tito

    You guys are the best, thank you very much!

  3. Cloud

    Well, did not see that coming. Thanks for the surprise team

  4. Opal

    Waiting for the download link !!!!!!!!

  5. Solaris

    Where’s Maury??

  6. Great General F5

    Ousen is GAY

  7. What? Supreme commander Ousen is letting family drama affect his decision making? I am disappointed.

  8. Ka~Rin_Lovers

    Thanks Turnip team

  9. wow thanks man really appreciate your effortssssZ–CHEERS!~~

  10. letouriste

    thanks guys:) Ousen don’t strike me as the kind of guy who would let emotions in his choices so they are full of air. I think ousen doesn’t care about what happen the next day because he think he already won the city.

    • Ourorboros

      No, you can never run a battle that way.
      Lose the right wing and he is grossly outnumbered and outflanked. That means he loses a large part of his army and possibly his life – no chances to be a king if that happens.
      Win the city, lose his army and he still ends up losing the city in the long run. He needs largely intact armies.

      • ivo

        If he put Ouhon in charge, he gonna try some offence and probably fuck up or get the battle closer to being finished. Ousen don’t care about win or lose there, he is just buying time for his lackeys back in Gyou.

        • Ourorboros

          The question isn’t whether a wing commander will go on offense, the question is having cohesion in action.
          Ouhon better care about how he loses for two reasons – taking Gyou is meaningless without food. Remember Qin is starving out the city. It doesn’t fall until all food supplies are used up. Ouhon can’t hold the city without food of his own.
          And if you lose a wing of the army, you won’t even have an orderly retreat. Ouhon sure cares about having an army. Getting flanked by a motivated army can get ugly. No guarantees Ouhon even makes it to Gyou.
          So Ouhon still needs to run a competent battle, which he cannot without commanders.

          • ivo

            It’s very similar to what Karin did when she didn’t appoint commander of 1st Chu coalition army after Rinbukun died. It was basically attrition warfare aka drawing out the battle. The army still fights, every unit has it’s commander, there is just no overall commander that employs a certain strategy. They just fight as is.

        • Ourorboros

          *I mean to say Ousen instead of Ouhon. Ouhon still needs to run a real battle instead of letting his right flank collapse, losing that army and getting his center flanked. Period.

        • Hyuu

          Nah, he just wants to keep the Shin and Ouhon rivalry alive..those two always fight better when their competing to outdo each other!

          Let Ouhon take command and he’d just relegate Shin to guard duty and leave the big fish for himself…letting the right flank seem “weak” will push the Zhou to wanna wrap up and go on the offence, only then can Shin and Ouhon actually win. Much like how the day went, Zhou were blown away by the Akou army sticking there and so they didn’t commit. Ousen can’t win the right flank unless the Zhou commits.

    • Marsius

      Yeah. I think this battle is only to drag time. Riboku and Zhao generals think time is playing in they favor, but in reality it`s the other way around. Maybe Ousen`s agents are digging a tunnel under Gyou walls)) And in this kind of a situation Ousen might not give explicit commands to use this opportunity to see if there`s anyone worthy of recruiting.

  11. Ourorboros

    Thanks for the work.

  12. Tyr

    Ousen has no emotion… he didn’t give Ouhon a battlefield promotion to general-but unlike Mouten, Ouhon really quite earned it yet on the field. (Mouten TOOK command during a rout, and turned it around, before getting the official nod, and Ouhon can still do that. I’d guess shin may remind Ouhon of that next chapter)

    BUT, Ousen didn’t take the opportunity away by appointing a replacement either, did he?

    “continue on as you were,” or “Fight on however you see fit.” If Ouhon wants to be a general, he should just be a fucking general. I hope shin plans to point this out lol

    • Dajh

      so you want to say mouten earned his promotion but ouhon still didn’t earn it yet, right? Cause You’ve written it in a confusing way imo. IF that’s what you mean, then I have to to approve. While Both, Shin and Ouhon could have been both promoted in their last war to generals, they haven’t earned it in this war yet or at least their achievement was smaller than mouten his, whose idea and action saved the whole left wing.

    • Tyr

      Lol, thats what i meant, yes

      • Hyuu

        Pretty sure, whilst Ousen himself shows no emotion he’s actually pretty good at pulling the strings of Ouhon and Shin.

        Much like earlier in the battle, Ousen predicted that Ouhon would do something amazing after Mouten got promoted to the left field commander, that’s cause Ouhon is truthfully as emotionally driven as Shin.

        It’s pretty much foreshadowed that when you put Shin and Ouhon side by side the two just step it up and try to out do each other. Promoting Ouhon because he deserved it, would just throw off this dynamic. Having the two butt heads while strategically seems absurd is again just Ousen pulling the two to fight harder…their rivalry is what will lead the right to victory.

        Just think about having Ouhon ordering Shin around…shit would not go down well. I have no doubts Ousen believes Ouhon let’s his emotion get the better of him and by tempering him to understand working with others much like Mouten can he actually be a general.

        • Tyr

          Agreed. I’l add to that the second reason I think Ousen is doing this- I hinted at it-

          Riboku took down Akou because he knew what Ousen would order Akou to do, in terms of formation. This is because Riboku has done his homework on the Ousen army, and had them all scouted. Remember, he also warned Gyou’un abt shin by saying ‘he’d be the independent unit leader with Ouki’s glaive,’ which basically was Riboku’s way of trying to remove Shin from the field (Gyou’un being a super badass and all, now has extra motivation to get shin/went straight for him… only… it didn’t work like Riboku hoped)

          Ousen KNOWS though, he has a move Riboku didn’t scout. Give no orders, and Let Ouhon, Mouten and Shin evolve into Generals.

          Mouten proved the concept, and in Ousen’s own words “is skilled enough to upset the balance” between Riboku and Ousen…by being unknown.

          I think, he’s hoping Shin or Ouhon will do the same. (however, I am unsure if he really has much opinion about Ouhon, I think he sees him only as potential. Potential may or may not become actual energy)

          • Tyr

            …Ousen would have learned this from Mougu, btw. It also fits with his personal history, while a change in tactic. But he needs a change in tactic rather badly, he’s getting his ass handed to him (slowly, but surely)

  13. Ourorboros

    Since this is a story, then I’d go with Ousen believing Ouhon isn’t his real son.
    However, Ousen also wants to be a king. Given that any sizable and worthwhile territory is occupied, the only way to do that is to take it himself. For that he needs assertive commanders of daring. He would want Ouhon to show he knows when to take charge if that is his plan.

  14. Executor

    pretty sure this is all ousen’s plan.

  15. BadabimBadaboom

    Ousen, the general that was cucked to death

  16. Ouki’d ghost

    Ousen learned his war from
    Mou Gu, who was quite content to let his vice generals create openings for him to exploit… and skilled at stalling until the opening appears. Perhaps that was his only skill, would you agree, Tou?

    But, in terms of the drama of battle, the most exciting part still lies hidden… There is still the matter of Houken to settle. One imagines he plans to interrupt Shin’s evolution before his violent god becomes too distracted. I, however, will certaintly rest better if Houken fails. Nfu fu fu

    • Hyuu

      Uhh technically he learnt from one of the six great generals of Qin…and even then his talents were unknown…he merely hid under Mou Gu because he harboured deep ambitions and Ouki was still around so he wasn’t exactly head of the Ou family…

      • Capitamo

        He was head of the Ou family, Ouki is just part of a branch family.

        • Ouki’s ghost

          Being a ghost is more interesting than pointing out the obvious, ousen couldnt have learned from the six generals- did they sit down and each give him private lessons? Ku ku ku, He must have been very young at the time, kou died 20 years ago.

          One learns being a vice general when one is a 5000 man commander, from vice generals. As a vice general, one learns being a general from one’s general.

          Of course, the idea around here is war is nothing more than moving pieces on a board… but this has never been true.

  17. F5 army at the ready!

  18. Heki

    Ch.577 spoilers title : stranger

    So shin says why ? Is it something very big ? Is ouhon like a war orphan that was adopted by ousen or something ? B: no way in hell ouhon sama is low class like that .

    Ouhon mother is from noble family , she is the princess of the Kan family . When the Ou family another noble family got married to her family the ceremony was held for 3 days and 3 nights ( that is how big it was) B :I don’t know how many thousands have came for the ceremony . Soon after the marriage .. shukei (Ouhon’s mom) have become pregnant , ofcourse that child was ouhon sama .

    But , when the days of delivery were near , a strange rumor have been floating , That this could actually be the child of a man she met before the marriage When the surronding ppl asked her , she just kept her mouth shot .

    Until she finally gave birth to ouhon sama , and just soon after the delivery , she passed away

    Kanjo says , if by any chance that was true then ouhon sama to Ousen sama is nothing but a total stranger who took away the life of his beloved .

  19. Count Treats

    Sounds like trivial nonsense

  20. f5 boi

    Ousen is a weirdo. Believing the right wing that much without a reliable experienced general is a bit risky. I know that it is manga, Shin and Ouhon probably will shine brightly on next chapters. But the plot is a bit weak now.

  21. Great General F5


  22. Saad Ali

    This is the first time I’m not excited for a Kingdom Chapter. No one wants a family drama in the middle of the most hyped war. Well perhaps this will turn into something good.

  23. Telur

    It does not give a damn whose child ouhon is. But he give everything he got when it comes to battle and kill big fishes. Ousen should see him as a good soldier which has no any family connection rather than his son.

    Simply ousen can choose other girl to be his wife. A general and high status like that, many options from commoners up to nobel level. What a fool.

  24. Cedric

    I think I understand why Ouhon hated Shin so much. He’s a commoner, and he’s climbed his way up to 5000 man commander. Ouhon himself is unsure whether or not he is a commoner as well and his hatred towards Shin is slowly turning to admiration as he himself might be a commoner. However, he cannot admit to admiring Shin because that would mean he accepts that he is a commoner as well, so his persona is that of a mighty noble

  25. Great General F5

    I need my dose. F5 F5 F5

  26. Skarbang

    Imo Ousen is known to lay traps (like he did with heki before) , all this is just to make to Zhao Army commit to fight in the left wing.
    It would allow Ousen to know when the Zhao army would commit , why , and pretty much gives him control over the context of that wing…. : as long as he knows what hes doing .
    If Ouhon not being Ousen son is a thing , the comments above seem to forget that EVEN the smartest people , tend to be idiots when it comes to personnal stuff , the best exemple is Tywin lannister in GOT.

  27. DeenTheMajestic

    New chap is out boiis , Chargeee

  28. Ourorboros

    Shin missing the point multiple times, as always.
    At least there will be resolution soon.

    As always, thanks to the Turnip Farmers team.

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