Kingdom Chapter 577

Can someone invent a hyperbolic time chamber so I can get more sleep already?

edit: next chapter is delayed due to people being busy.

Chapter 577: Read Online



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56 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 577

  1. Person

    Thanks for the hard work.

  2. turtleturtle

    Saisho Wa Guu…

  3. Solaris

    Thanks for chapter guys! Was dry asf though hopefully we can get back to the war next one lol

  4. Jack Georgie

    thanks oshit

  5. Opal

    You’re the man for these releases

  6. Jack Georgie

    some real sad sh!t there, poor ouhon

  7. Cedric

    Ousen needs to be paid a visit by Houken I think hahahaha #TeamOuhon

  8. X

    Another bastard story of a big headed baby killing his mom that made his life Tyrion like… somewhat.

  9. 0verlord1

    10 bucks this fighting day there will be some great move from Ousen, completing a go for the kill on one of the Zhao generals by Ouhon and Shin.

    • letouriste

      100 bucks on everyone retreating to the city and all these fights on the right wing being useless and just a distraction from ousen side

      • 0verlord1

        now THAT would be funny, i thought something similar on the last chapter comments, where Ousen go take retsubi and secure an area with Retsubi, Gyou and the Quanrong city.

  10. Thanks

    Still wainting for DDL …

  11. Go Kei

    Thanks for the upload!

  12. Heki

    Oshit, just stop translating and enjoy your life. There are other scanlation teams willing to do the job.

    • Thanks

      It will be a shame because there is a high probability that the quality drop, but I’d rather not get my happiness for free from someone else pain.

      • letouriste

        SUFFER, SUFFER for my pleasure! mwahahaha…no seriously just get some rest if needed, we can even wait a few weeks or months if needed

  13. This arc is really near to its end.

    With that little ration left. And no move from ousen. It’s gotta be some unthinkable strategy from both foe and friend alike.

    But probably in the next 2 or 3 chapters ahead. After this ouhon arc..

    • letouriste

      really easy to guess: the city will fall from inside that same day. next day ousen call for a full retreat toward the city.

  14. Seren

    I believe Ousen’s strategy is to drag out the fight and receive food supplies sent by Qin via the Yellow River, at the last moment. Currently Riboku and Zhao have the advantage but are choosing to drag out the battle by fighting defensively to avoid the chance of a Qin surprise comeback. By letting everyone, Zhao and Qin alike, think they are about to run out of food, Riboku has no need for a decisive strike leading to victory, he believes he can wait them out. Meanwhile Ousen is using this against Gyou, and slowly chipping away at the Zhao forces and attempting to lessen their current advantage. When the food arrives the Qin and Zhao positions will reverse with the Zhao having to assault and the Qin defend, the arrival of more food will boost the Qin forces morale and lower the Zhao’s as they realize they have been moving exactly as Ousen wanted.

    As the head of the Ou family; Ousen has more than enough resources for a fleet of ships and with the support of Shouheikun (the cryptic message in ch499) filling them with food and rushing down the Yellow River isn’t out of reach.

    • letouriste

      will not work. we have seen the king and his politicians being out of information and too far for precise planning. They were also clueless.
      they will send food but too late for the battle

      • Seren

        Its the same as the strategy of the young guns; Ouhon and Mouten, in the battle at Sanyou and the engagement with Rinko. As long as Ousen and Shouheikun decided on a date when the food ships would set off, Ousen can predict when they’ll arrive and adjust his fighting to suit. And it will arrive in time precisely because most of Zhao’s agents are focused on the 3 separate armies and will be slow to react to a fleet rushing downriver.

    • rey1010

      Totally agree with you. I have put comment about that Yellow River strategy at the early chapter of this war. That secret talk with Shoheikun is also the clue. At first I thought Hi Shin would be tasked to amphibiously assault the backside of Gyou from the Yellow River. Even though it wasn’t realized, the Yellow River is still keeping my mind when I am looking at the map. Thus when the issue of supply came out, I thought the same situation like what you think.

      • rey1010

        Btw the most important key about this war is that Ousen will not fighting a losing war. And his calmness over the overall situation gives the clue. This Ouhon past sad story is just a distraction to give us pleasant surprise lol

  15. Tyr

    My guess? Tanwa to ousen: we defeated zhao and took a city w food stores

    Ousen to tanwa: send heki army, send food

    Riboku is stalling, and tanwa’s battle ended days ago, so heki will have time to arrive.

    • letouriste

      lol no way that’s the extent of ousen plan. That’s relying on outside factors too much (tanwa winning in time). No i expect the city falling right now from the inside and ousen calling for full retreat around it, using the rest of the food inside

      • Tyr

        tanwa already won. This is not going in chronological order.

        Because, if the timeline was the way we read chapters, Heki and Co ran out of food almost the same time as Shin, despite having their food burnt.

        • Hyuu

          That message wouldn’t make it to Ousen, as Heki already tried asking Kanki for food and that didn’t go so well…

          • Tyr

            A) That was before tanwa won tho. Now, theres no one to intercept communications on zhao’s side, between ousen and tanwa, and

            B) days ago ousen got an important message. We don’t know from whom, but we know kanki didnt send it.

            Then again maybe ousens waiting for the “awakeming” lol

  16. ivo

    some things is goin onm

  17. ivo

    Ouhon and Shin gonna try some risky offensive strategy, and right at the peak of action Ousen gonna call for retreat. Very anticlimactic, much buthurt from readers and Shin/Ouhon.
    fur da lulz

  18. Great General F5


  19. Great General F5

    Give me my chapter

  20. ivo

    Show me your genitals

  21. We have a lot of people busy with other things right now so the chapter this week is delayed. Not sure when it will be out. gongitraped and I are just waiting along with you all.

  22. Thank you for the chapter!

  23. angebeatricee

    Fight on!!

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