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60 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 578

  1. Anon

    Great…Now both units will awaken their haki…and Shin maybe get ultra instinct…
    Anyway, thanks oshit-sama

  2. Bai_Qi

    thanks a lot, next chapter will be great!

  3. inspiredKreatif

    thanks guys.. great work as always

  4. Heki

    Awaken = driven mad with rage by hunger

  5. kal

    So… they all are to become mini Kyou Kai?


    Hunger does crazy things 😛

  7. geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work guys! 🙂

  8. Goro

    Possible spoiler?

    Incoming badass speeches. The units have been through a lot together and Shin always leads them to victory. They just need to believe in their leadership and they will win, assured of victory 100%. After all, Ousen is a general who only fights battles he is certain to win. He would never allow allow his army to run out of food and is sure it won’t. The battle isn’t about food at all; it is about mind games. The Qin have already won this battle of attrition by tricking Riboku into being passive. Once the Qin pick up their southern supplies, the situation is reversed and the Zhao are screwed with Gyou’s imminent fall. Remember the Yellow River flows west to east and there is no practical way to stop reinforcements and resupply…

    • Heki

      Riboku is not that stupid, he must have secured the river. Even if the supply arrived, the army surrounding Kanki will intercept the supply.

    • Ouki's Lips

      I don’t think Hara will deviate that much from history, though I could be wrong.

    • Ourorboros

      Guess aren’t spoilers.
      Ousen has no troops securing the south, he abandoned that city when he saw it was made to not be easily defended.
      Further, upon the defeat of Rozo Shun Sui Ju lead his troops to secure the south.
      Also when deep inside of enemy territory a battle of attrition and waiting favors the defenders, not invaders. IRL the Zhao have more food supplies and troops from other borders. Ousen is running out of food and Gyou is useless without ample food supplies.
      Ousen didn’t know about what Yotanwa would face, nor her current status.

      But this isn’t written for real life nor necessarily set up well. After all, the genius Riboku’s one killer move is to flank the enemy and destroy the HQ unit. A good move, but easily foreseen on the Qin left. He had no follow up move.

      • Goro

        I am certain Ousen will resupply from the river because anything else leaves things to chance and Ousen doesn’t gamble. It his defining trait as a general. He hoped to win early and if not he planned it so he would win anyway no matter what.

        The Yellow River is massive; holding Retsubi confers no advantage to the Qin (right now) and it actually improves Ousen’s trick (they want to appear desperate and low on food). Ousen turned a liability (the west Zhao army) into a sure win since they are now camped instead of attacking. The fleet will sail to rendezvous while the garrison is powerless to act. Retsubi is toast once the food arrives, since it is a poorly defensible city and attacks from multiple directions will lead to its immediate recapture if Qin attack from west and east. If you look at the map, the Zhao are the ones with no troops in the area to the south around the river and they have no reason to rapidly reposition all their troops there along the river to stop reinforcements, even if that was somehow feasible. It would be foolish to do so in normal circumstances because that would undermine the Zhao penning in Kanki and their entire perception of the campaign. Even if Riboku had several hundred k men on the Yellow River I doubt he could secure the length, let alone act in time or learn of Ousen’s rendezvous. Every trooper counts, they can’t just take 500% of their army and block a very low chance maybe from their POV.

        Unless Riboku has foreseen it, (unlikely, given his actions) Qin win. Normally attrition favors the defenders, as Zhao are “winning” on paper, but in this case they have lost the entire campaign with this assumption. Because it’s Qin army food vs Gyou food – a very small difference. Once Ousen calls retreat and trolls everyone, he will head south to Gyou and relieve Kanki, his troops morale will surge when they realize that everyone, friend and foe alike has been dancing to Ousen’s tune and there is no one close enough to impact the battle in time. “Men of Qin our victory has been assured from the start due to the genius of our General! Everything has been prepared long in advance for this moment! Glory awaits! Now all we must do is wait two days and weather the Zhao desperation! Let’s feast and then kill them all! Hoooah!” Now the final piece of the pie… Since Ousen played the “good guy role” he will easily be able to negotiate an early surrender and the people he pushed inside will revolt/ agitate inside well ahead of Riboku’s predictions. I don’t actually have any spoilers, just foreshadowing like how I knew how the outcome of the Quan Rong stuff 40 chapters in advance. They make it obvious in retrospect because readers like that. This then sets up Riboku for his historic death (which I hope Hara changes in the manga).

        • Ourorboros

          Again, Ousen cannot be resupplied from the Yellow River or Retsubi because Shun Sui Ju retreated south to cut off Ousen’s line of retreat. He openly states this upon being sent away by the Quanrong.
          You can’t just hand wave it away because you like Ousen by saying Zhao has no reason to reposition troops there. Looking at the map is meaningless – they have already been moved in story.
          Ousen also sent that message to Qin to not resupply through the river IIRC. Still, anybody could tell the most obvious route for resupply is the river. You aren’t surprising anybody with that move.
          Zhao doesn’t need to have Retsubi to deny food, because the resupply isn’t going to be a whole army. Certainly not enough to take Retsubi if the Zhao decide to hold it.
          Even if the Qin supply ships have horse and carts (impossible IRL), they are simply too vulnerable when landing and disembarking. Then they have slow traveling without enough soldiers while Zhao only needs to stop them, not destroy them.
          You’re just stacking fantasy on top of fantasy.
          Now Ousen will win, because the story is geared that way. But even that ass pull will make more sense than saying what happened hasn’t happened.

          • Goro

            You seem to be hand waving away a lot of historical facts and going full fantasy mode. What’s the alternative? Shin awakens and goes full shonen style and they miraculously win?

            “Ousen also sent that message to Qin to not resupply through the river IIRC.” No evidence of this. He requested and set this up when he was given command ages ago. I would bet the supplies have landed already or far en route. Retsubi was abandoned for a while, and that was a perfect opportunity to slip throw unnoticed and make a stockpile.

            Historically you cannot block a gigantic river by occupying a land locked city like Retsubi. It is physically impossible. Sui will probably watch the fleet sail by and even his swiftest messengers will be powerless to do anything to prevent it or warn Riboku before it is too late. Please provide a scenario where he could realistically block it or control hundreds of kilometers of river. Sui did not state he was blocking off the river with a massive chain or something; it is not realistic for him to do anything with no time and warning. He is blocking the retreat, not the supplies. Even if Riboku knew there is no way to stop it. He can’t mobilize millions of men. He can’t guard the river. Retsubi can’t wade into the river. There is no fleet capable of blocking it, especially with the wind and flow on the Qin’s side.

            Historically the Qin use naval invasions and resupply to take vast swaths of territory (Shu, Ba, Chu etc) it is a very common strategy. Because they now control lots of agricultural land with great irrigation projects they outproduce most of these kindgoms. I am just a reader, I am not meant to surprise anyone with the move- Hara is. I have figured out nearly every Kingdom plot twist in advance because they telegraph it in the story. Maybe I am wrong here but I believe this explanation answers everything and is by far the most likely, even if you disagree for somewhat nonsensical reasons. In the end, it is a manga and they can use any outcome they want, but only one like this that matches all the foreshadowing will be satisfying to readers. We will wait and see.

            Some other possibilities include Kanki infiltrators burning granaries etc but that leaves a lot up to chance and Ousen is a character who never ever under any circumstances takes big risks, therefore what I have outlined is the most likely outcome in my opinion.

            Have a great day.

          • Ouki's Lips

            Goro, you say Ourorboros is handwaving a lot of historical facts but you’re ignoring the actual historical facts. I mean, just Wikipedia Huan Yi (Kanki) in relation to the state of Yan and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Though that’d be a huge spoiler for you so fair warning.

    • rey1010

      Totally agree with you, Goro.

  9. Ouki's Lips

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Is it just me or has Shin really regressed? I mean compare the current perpetually flustered Shin with the teenage Shin who stopped the destruction of Qin not once but twice. I guess Hara is trying to show Shin’s “awakening,” but I’ll be really disappointed if the “awakening” is just the same Shin from before the regression. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  10. Dan

    Thanks Turnipfarmers.

    However, after years of reading kingdom, I have to say this is one of the worst chapters I have ever read. It is written like a basic Shōnen.

  11. That’s easy Shin, just lie your troops, that, Kyou was kidnapped.

  12. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! wana see shin getting more general like and not be as a kid as before, wana see an evolution

  13. Thanks you turip farmers—-very HQ chapters as always =DD

    On the note of the ending,, wow that has got to be one of the most lame cliffhangovers—‘and so the 2 units will be awakened by morning…END’ LMAOOOO

  14. really, shin is acting like any flustered shounen mc with no brains. he was supposed to have made some progress towards becoming a real commander. also, this awakening crap makes me dread next chapter. hope it isn’t some BS. a starving army can’t turn the situation around with a rousing speech or even with a strategy. the opponent is well-fed with plenty of strength in reserve, and also has capable commanders. unless a volcano rises up from beneath the zhao army, they’re gonna win this.

    • Tyr

      He is a “real commander” facing off against three numerically superior armies led by legendaey types who trained and existed to defeat qin’s great generals.

      If/ when they win, shin and ouhon will be near great general level, by the transitive property.

      I’m thinking/ hoping hi shin evolves into a three headed monster… shin/ten/kyoukai can coordinate their moves better i think

    • Ourorboros

      Well Shin has been backsliding. “Oh Ouhon, you want to talk tactics? The constipated brains of the operation is in the tent, I’m not even going to pretend to have something to say or the capacity to remember”.

      Sun Tzu did say to fight on desperate ground, however. He meant that you want your soldiers to believe that the only options were to win or die.

      • Tyr


        One could argue Shin NOT jumping to a hasty and ill considered plan was “growth,’ after all, master strategist Ouhon was similarly planless until his genius plan “we just need to fight like, way better is all” , lol.

        But, its really just a matter of opinion. I guess I’d say, the final stages of a transformation usually contain something that looks like a back step, but its more like ‘a breath in’

  15. Tyr

    If hi shin can force enemies to face shin’s instinct/might, ten’s strategy and kyoukai’d epic baddassery all at once- evolution

    • Ourorboros

      So not a jump to Super Saiyan by the entire Hi Shin unit?
      Of course at the story telling pace the transformations will take 5 issues and any special attacks will take 3 to load up.

      I still hear Ouhon speaking in Vegeta’s voice.

      • Tyr

        So little faith in Hara and co! lets see if he disappoints.

        Me, I’m kind of the opposite. I assume writers will disappoint me. This guy has gone so long without, I don’t care if these mangaka go completely nuts and give shin the power to revive demon armies, I’d still keep reading.

        (I would not defend that choice, nor ‘super saiyan power ups.”

        (I will defend it if when the evolution is: a growth in the young generals’ morale building, and\or better coordination on hi shin’s side, and\or absorption of akou’s ranks into theirs, and\or, most importantly, crap I’ve not thought of yet)

  16. ivo

    They are already awakened cuz Ten decided not to hand out food that night. Banana guy mentioned something like that being posible.

  17. Vilth

    Is there no Kingdom this week, i did not even see the raw being uploaded anywhere?

  18. Tyr

    If there’s no chapter this week, I’m going to motherfucking awaken

    • Tyr

      Also, my best guess, Hi shin awakens after being inspired by Shin’s inspiring speech, when he takes full command and sends Ten to run the Akou army.

      Shin realizes that the way to awaken his men is to awaken himself: to not just be worthy of Ouki’s Glaive, but what it represents, being a great general.

      To do that, he’d have to be able to take on this battle by himself, an instinctual general, without ten. Which is convenient because Akou’s guys need help.

      Yes, its a crazy move, but with an inspiring speech, Shin could pull it off… if he’s ready as a general that is

    • Saad Ali

      I’m already awake. I need my weekly dose of raws already.

  19. Rajendra Rusmana @Jek


  20. Enko

    Ctrl + Alt + Del

  21. Madou

    Do take your time and I hope both of you are in good health, thank you for the dedication you guys have given us

  22. Heki

    Korean raw is published, waiting for oslow

    • Ayzuka

      If you can make it fast, and in the next 5 years too, go ahed, idiot.
      We must only thx Turnip & Oshit for the dedicated work!

    • Ousen-sama

      Ho great ! So now you just need need to clean it, translate it, edit it, reddraw it, proofread it and post it online ! And fast too !
      We’re waiting on you Heki, don’t disappoint us !

      Or you can cut the crap and wait like everyone else without bitching about it.

  23. The Strongest In All Of China

    New chap is out boiis get your awakened ass over there

    P:S – thanks Turnips farmers

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