Kingdom Chapter 579

Chapter 579: Read Online



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90 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 579

  1. Telur

    Nice~ thanks for your hard work.

  2. Exemron

    Simply a great chapter, thanks!

  3. chyll2

    Shit just got real.

  4. Bai_Qi

    thanks a lot!!!

  5. Jonnathan

    ooooooooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiit got goosebumps

  6. Jean-yong

    Thanks 🙂

  7. The Strongest In All Of China

    Tenno Henka ! Banzaiii !!!

  8. swongy

    Brute force to beat all schemes

  9. Shin

    *rapid hand signals*


  10. Thank you for the chapter!

  11. Ourorboros

    As much as I’d like niceties like tactics, common sense like building defensive earthworks and fences, and Ten doing something about her constipation, this is Shin being his truest self. No thought, no strategy, dropping everything learned, just charge forward and start swinging – literally having a puncher’s chance.

    • Okita Sougo

      Ten is the only unit of Hi Shin that I don’t like, it stops shin being shin. Ten’s rubbish.

    • 0verlord1

      That certainly feels like a crazy duke Hyou’s moment

      • Ourorboros

        Remember when Shin when to Ouki to learn how to be a great general? Ouki dumped him in a border village to learn leadership & tactics.
        Shin learned to rally his troops and to attack from the flank. His one tactical move.
        Interestingly, that is Riboku’s one killer move that supposedly never failed – flank and enemy and destroy the HQ of one of the commanders.
        As I have said, the writers know only the most basic of tactics.

        Anyways, Shin is using only one of his lessons here – rally the troops. I assume the lack of learning ability makes him an instinctual commander as Duke Hyou said.

        • 0verlord1

          well, instinctual type goes well with his forte: superior (to say the least) physical ability and unwavering moral, and the instinct to do what’s needed to “lit the fire” as Duke Hyou said, that’s how Shin will be a great general. we all know he will never be a genius strategist, and at best a mediocre tactician, but h’es a beast, and he inspire those who follow him.

          But i can agree that tactical deployment is not Hara’s strongest point in his manga 🙂

  12. Hyuu

    Would have been more interesting if Shin and Ouhon gave the speech as the Zhou were charging down on them…I always find these rousing speeches kinda lost on you when you realise you have to sprint a few hundred metres before getting stuck in…

    • Great General F5

      Its a speech from a Great General dont expect anythingn less from it. Also having that momentum coz of all the running makes the charge stronger.

      • Hyuu

        I mean technically Shin agrees that morale wanes after time and therefore orders the massed charge immediately…so I feel like closing the time between fighting and finishing speech is most relevant…

        That’s kinda why I found Shin fighting Keisha and rousing his troops while leading in the thick of it making the most sense…

    • Tyr

      Even in athletics, after the coach or star player gives a rousing speech, they have to stand around and wait a while for the official to start the game.

      Thats just how it works ;). Its still worth doing, and still matters…

    • 0verlord1

      I was also hoping the double speech would end on a Zhao army coming already, ending the chapter with a monstrous clash (that we will definitely see in the next chapter 😉

    • Tyr

      Also, just want to point out- have you thought of what happens at the end of the speech, if the commander waits to make it until the enemy’s charging?

      Answer: he’s exposed/isolated/not in base camp when enemy strikes

      • Hyuu

        Yeah but that’s not an issue,, I mean how many times have we seen said issue happening, Moubu into Chu’s Giant Cavalry, Shou smthing smthing during the siege of Kanyou, Ouhon leading the break out on day two…the list is endless 🙂

        So yes, do go on…

  13. Schaid

    this is crazy chapter that makes me goosebumps

  14. awqi

    I know some people already despise morale raising as a way to “awakening” the army. However, holy crap, what the **** with this chapter!!! It gives me goosebumps at the level of Sei giving speech in Sai during Coalition Army War

  15. inspiredKreatif

    that’s it Shin.!! high morale, and CHARGE!!!

    he reminded them of the bigger goal though.. so that’s an awesome speeh!

  16. This is a manga, you don’t see that?

  17. Tyr

    And, the two young generals realized, to awaken their troops, they had to awaken themselves. (And so, Shin takes full command)

    • 0verlord1

      Take command, remind all your troops of the greater goal, motivate them by the idea of them being the core army and closest of you, and make an even greater surge of morale in your old comrades/veteran commanders of your amy, who will also boost their respective troops = > GG

      • Tyr

        Shin is not so smart in some ways, but he’s a prodigy ar inspiring his men. Its one of his greater strengths as a general/he never wouldve made it this far otherwise. (For example, Ten and Kyoukai are both there bc Shin’s inspiring, if you think about it)

  18. Okita Sougo

    Duke Hyou would be proud, fire has been lit.

  19. Gohoumei

    Kyoukai’s blush

  20. Kevin Schmitz

    dont ever let your fire die out!

  21. X

    Thank you! Shin forgot to shout “AHOO! AHOO! AHOO!”

  22. Heki

    It’s time for Houken to show up, Hi Shin Unit momentum must be stopped.

    • Ourorboros

      It is weird that Riboku hasn’t called upon Houken. Carve his way to any of the three Great Generals of the Qin and it’s all over.
      Or Tou or Mobou.

    • 0verlord1

      Yeah, i’m afraid it will put a stop to the onslaught, but i hope Shin and Ouhon (and possibly Kyoukai) take at least each a commander’s head before Houken show up

      That would leave a Shin/Ouken duel, with either Ouhon or Kyoukai butting in the fight, or going after the last general.

  23. mostafa

    It’s the first time after the battle of the sai and the sei speech that I have this feeling , what an amazing chapter , it was just like a Nuclear weapon , hail to Hara sensi and a lot of thanks to Turnip guys 👍👍👍

  24. Thanks for much Turnip Farmer Translator. I have been following you all since day 1 of translating. Congratulation for your long run 😀

  25. damm that was epicc—I cannot wait for the next chaptaaaa~~~!!!!

    Thanks Turnip FarmersssssS!!!!!

  26. 0verlord1

    Thanks turnips! amazing job as usual.

    This chapter was an epic breaking of the fourth wall.

  27. Edz

    I cried listening to his speech TT_TT … jux thinking about how much time i have given reading this manga lol 😀

  28. Beta Male Heki

    Let’s make this happen, men!!!


  29. Heki

    More speeches, boring

  30. Okita Sougo

    Well, people saying it was cringeworthy the speech from Shin so maybe we’ll now get an eloquent speech from Ouhon.

  31. ivo

    this week manga is gonna be late asf.

  32. Saoulman

    For those who don’t know it yet, you can read this very good and short manga “shinobi no kuni”.
    Nothing like Kingdom but it can ease your wait.

  33. Heki

    Acting general: I, I didn’t hear about this plan.

    Akakin: It’s obvious. This isn’t planned.

    Acting general: …

    Akakin: The entire unit will transform, young master?

    What are you doing? We’re going, too, acting general. The entire force.

    Acting general: Huh?!

    Akakin: It’s a good chance to make them owe us, and a good timing tactically.

    Acting general: …

    Akakin: acting general, if everything goes well, the right wing will win today.

    Hurry up with the order. We’ll lose our chance.

    Acting general: ‘grunt’ Akou army! All units move out

    Akakin: gya,gya,gya, things are getting interesting.

  34. ivo

    its out on sensescans. post the link from previous chapter and change it to 580

  35. Always right

    Dudes it doesn’t working. What I doing? I need helping.

  36. Ademir

    There is no full raw yet in reddit, i dont think they can get the scans so be patient

  37. oshit

    We got the scans and translated it. Just wanna keep u niggas waiting.

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