Kingdom Chapter 581

Kingdom is on break next week.

Will update the downloads later today since I actually have the day off work for once.

Shoutout to this guy on reddit who re-did the first 16 chapters with Japanese names:

I think he also made a thread about redoing some of the chapters prior to us getting digital raws which would be pretty cool.

I’ve toyed around with the idea before. There’s so many things that could be re-translated or typeset better and some of the old pages were really terrible – over-leveled as heck because we had no other option, with 80 pixel gaps I had to redraw.

I honestly think we struck a fairly good balance between keeping somewhat decent consistency considering the release pace but things could definitely be better.

In the end, I don’t think I have the time or heart to commit to such a project, although it would be pretty cool to see someone else do it (or for an official English release).

Chapter 581: Read Online



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65 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 581

  1. Heki and ivo sucks

    Thanks turnip farmers. And guys, dont forget, heki and ivo sucks

  2. Spicypepperpasta

    Ayyyy. Thanks lads.

    • Spicypepperpasta

      I appreciate the shoutout.

      When it comes to redoing the chapters (probably from 350 to 472), while I don’t mind actually doing the work, the main issue is obviously sourcing raws. Torrents is a crapshoot, and as for the kindle version, well…I wonder if the base is actually any good. Here’s a sample comparison. Left is a “good” torrent, right is the kindle sample (possibly messed up by rescaling). I have very little experience with cleaning, so I can’t judge whether the kindle version is actually a decent base (I wouldn’t have to redraw gaps in doubles at least).

      While I suspect the kindle version would be my only real option, getting them is…a bit tricky. I’ve got a japanese amazon account. I’m kinda stumped on the address and billing address (which need to be japanese). I’d rather not fill in a random address in case the people who actually live/work there get a weird letter.

      • Both look fine. I would use the kindle versions personally and avoid any further cleaning. The biggest issue stopping me from actually doing it myself is having to still redraw floating text.

        When we ripped digital raws, we bought them from and ripped the images from their proprietary reader (ebi.BookReader). They cost 400 yen per volume. I’m not sure how easy getting kindle versions or ripping those would be.

        100% should be 1200 pixels in height. I’d probably upscale it all to 1300 pixels though if I were redoing it since english takes up more space than Japanese in general and fitting some of the bubbles requires redrawing the actual speech bubbles even with blown up images.

        From memory, volumes 1 to 10 are actually all LQ magazine rips that were over-leveled. These are probably the worse quality chapters we ever released in terms of image quality. Volumes 11+ until we had to switch back to magazine raws were all digital rips.

        After the digital rips, we switched back to magazine raws off the Share p2p network. I’m guessing that’s the 350 to 472 you mentioned? although i haven’t checked personally.

        Following all of that is our joint work with Sense Scans that has continued to the current day which uses their own raw provider and cleaners.

        • Spicypepperpasta

          I took a stab at rescanning 471 and 472 since I’m pretty sure you guys said you won’t go back to fixing the low quality (this was just before you partnered with sense).

          This is my first time working with a raw so I’m not sure if I did well. The redraw is probably fine, but I’m unsure about my cleaning since I have no clue how to polish the greys without blurring the fuck out of the lines. Sensescans’ guide didn’t really help since I believe it only applies to non-digital.

          Since the translation and the typesetting are pretty much yours (you decided on placement, font size, fonts etc. i just repeated your choices), I was wondering if you or sense wanted to claim ownership. The PNG’s or even PSD’s are yours if you want it. Might take a while since Melbourne internet sucks and I still don’t have NBN.

          • If you’d like to upload the .psds or .pngs somewhere, I don’t mind updating our volume downloads with those copies at some point whenever I’m free?

            But otherwise, feel free to do whatever you want with our work. Upload it wherever you want. You can tag it as Turnip-Farmers / V2K if you want as well. I have no problems with anyone taking our work and doing whatever the heck they want to it. If someone wants to rip out our credit pages and not credit us, that’s really ok as well. I would prefer they didn’t but it’s not really going to bother me.

            We personally won’t do anything about uploading it to an online reader ourselves.

            Reasons for this are twofold:

            1. We have an agreement with Sense Scans to only upload new chapters on their reader. I disagree with this policy in principle but it’s not like it changes anything since it will immediately get ripped anyway. Paying respect to a scanlators wishes about delaying uploading to aggregators is complete nonsense in my book.

            2. Generally, most aggregators will not update their copies of a manga. V2-ing manga becomes less effective when all the aggregators won’t update the copy they’re showing to V2 anyway. I don’t upload Kingdom to mangadex and can’t take chapters down or update them even if I wanted to. Not to mention the myriad of other websites.

  3. DooDoo

    Thanks bby ❤

  4. Ourorboros

    In a way, Ten said Ousen was imitating a part of Mou Gou’s tactics.
    I appreciate the admission that Shin is an idiot.

    Have a happy and restful Thanksgiving, Turnip Farmers.

  5. inspiredKreatif

    great work as always guys… sucks to have to wait 2 weeks now just as the story’s progressing and the battle’s heating up, but oh well..😄

  6. Mr. Paranoia

    “Official English release…” is an awful idea, mr Oshit!! sure its bound to happen but then the law people start getting law happy and suddenly we have to wait a year for new kingdom chapters.

    Never speak of this again pls.

    You’re still the man tho

    • Kingdom getting licensed would not stop Kingdom getting scanlated. There are too many readers at this point.

      Even if gongitraped and I got hit by a bus tomorrow, I’m 100% sure someone else would take up the mantle of scanlating it within a couple months.

      • Spoiler: Akitsuki Fuuka

      • Cloud

        The saddest thing for me would be a drop in translation quality if it’s gets licensed or you guys O.D. You guys do an amazing job at keeping things close to the original source material. I find even with official license manga there’s always a level of cultural appropriation.. or white washing is a better term to use, where they change things to fit the manga to their “translated culture”.

        Essentially thanks for the awesome work and cheers to looking both ways when crossing the street

  7. Tyr

    The whole unit is fighting instinctively… I wonder if they did inherit shin’s ‘instictive’ view of battle, in a way that’s different from the way Ouhon’s men awakened…

  8. angebeatricee

    Minor issue for chapter number, it was 481 instead of 581, not a big deal but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to mention this to the team, and great work as always.

  9. Jackson

    Thank you very much, so awesome!

  10. Thank you for the chapter!

  11. Comments on future posts will be disabled

    • NotAName

      Stop your fake game, everybody knows oshit’s got a gravatar, and you don’t. You’re some sick ass kid, sucks to be you.

      • I’ll make a point of actually posting under the original account from now on so it’s easier to differentiate fakes… All posts will be highlighted with a blue background and highlighted name.

        Also, for reference, oshit and gongitraped are not capitalised.

  12. asdfs

    thanks, awesome chapter

  13. letouriste

    thank you guys:)
    btw, the autor really messed up kyoukai face in that front page 😮
    good chapter otherwise

  14. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! getting heated the chapters

  15. X

    Thank you!!!

    Yeah I have been noticing some posers in the past and to think some lowlife really done that is sad.

  16. Geroprog

    Thank you for the Hard work! 🙂

  17. Comment section is on break?

  18. Yeman420ph

    hail to oshit sama!!

  19. Charly

    Release please. Can’t wait to read.

  20. Dudes on reddit and in r/kingdom are making money off of scanslators and might get ya’ll copyright noticed. I love kingdom, but leech sites like this aren’t good for the scanslators. It happened to me on the manwha breaker and was such a pain.

  21. X

    “but leech sites like this aren’t good for the scanslators.”
    Are you aware that this ” leech site” is translating kingdom from 2013 and it was here before reddit started translating it ? Not only you are provoking people here but you are also stupid mr “Adam Merchant”

    • Moody92

      Well said!

    • sides

      You are just ignant. Restarting the begging of a manga already released in country is pretty dumb. Way to be trolled.You are stupid I aint provoking no one. I’ve seen it happen idiot and ya’ll hyperlinked yourself. Hara is nothing like Jin-Hwan Park, he loves the fans.

      • sides

        If ya’ll knew what breaker author put us through, you’d be weary. Just free advice sheesh. Get a life.

        • X

          1. Do you really think that someone from hundreds websites translating manga in so many languages, care about your attempts to evangelize?
          You attack the ocean with a stick.
          2. This website have been releasing manga before someone licensed it, like 2 years and created fanbase waiting for new chapters since they put effort to publish manga in good quality and people liked that.
          And you attacking it calling “leech site” where this damn website created Hype for this manga in whole world.
          3. You are suggesting that everyone is living in murica forgeting fact that there are other countries in the world(Hard to belive) where this can be not relased/translated and costs to get “licensed” copy can be just to Big.

          Im understand you are fanboy but you are damn close to be called psychofan than someone who is devoted to the case in this case defending author of this manga.
          Think logiccly how you can change people behavior instead of fighting with them without knowlege about them and why they do it.

  22. F5, spoiler is coming

  23. shandiliya de marino qomas popoy

    niggers give me my dose of kingdom so that i can jerk it off

  24. Muddyfarmer

    An english release would be awesome, but considering how poorly the anime was recieved, it’s highly unlikely, which is a real shame. Hopefully the movie will give it the boost it needs.

  25. Ka~Rin_Lovers

    nice Try…..wkwkwkwk

  26. Go Kei

    F5 army, chargee!

  27. Heki

    wtf its wednesday, when the fuck ru guys planning on releasing next thursday.

  28. Heki

    its out on sense scans

  29. Ka~Rin_Lovers

    it’s out meeeennnn

  30. thef5army

    582 is out on sensescans

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