Kingdom Chapter 582

End of the arc is in sight maybe?

Chapter 582: Read Online



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35 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 582

  1. Ourorboros

    Thanks for the work.
    Finally we get to see what they had planned for Ousen

  2. Thank you for the chapter!

  3. Jack Georgie

    wow, just wow, lost of word

  4. inspiredKreatif

    woohoo… thanks for the chapter.. great work as always

  5. Hyuu

    Much interest to see what Ousen’s army can actually do….

    I wonder how their rations have gone too also, since twelve days of sitting around…I’d be lols if he’s basically sitting on a stockpile and was just like “yeah I let you guys starve since I thought it’d make you fight better…”

  6. letouriste

    looks like i was wrong. i thought they would have retreated toward the city that very day but apparently they will wait the next day.
    i don’t understand what ousen is waiting, the battle is already over and the city should have falled days ago from inside. the autor really like these big showdowns uh….

    • Tyr

      ancient proverb: when the world proves tbe wise wrong, the wise change their beliefs. When the world proves the foolish wrong, the fool tries to change the world.

  7. Gledi

    Thank you for the hard work fellas😊👍🏻

  8. they gonna have a hard time, but in the end, yontawa army coming from enemy rear

  9. Jackson

    Thank you very much!

  10. thank you for the chapterrrr awesome battle recap night~

  11. Warcodered

    Is Riboku really that certain about this it just seems so unlike him.

  12. Song

    Historically Riboku held zhao until he was removed from command by false accusations. No clue where the manga will go from here.

  13. Kanki will lose and desert Qin, maybe the city will not fall to Qin

  14. Vilth

    Is Kingdom on break this week?
    The absence of the raw kinda worries me

  15. Yohafin

    No. Let’s wait for it together

  16. Ivo

    Shukai plains day thirteen, Qin right wing vs Zhao left wing Begins

  17. Oneill Cao

    Where is the f5 army?

  18. Beta Male Heki

    F5 army awaken

  19. Ivo

    Korean Scan:

    Fuutei: hoohhh If that’s our plan then are we going to hit the idiot Shin’s side?

    Kaine: …No. The other side.

    Shin notices something happening on Ouhon’s side

    The 13th day the Qin right wing will receive a surprise. The defeat of Ouhon.

  20. awqi

    Chapter out… Oh my god not in my wildest dream that would be the scenario hara sensei picked. I really hope to skip 20 weeks ahead just so I can read the next 20 chapters without any cliffhanger haunting me every single week

  21. abusuliman11

    I sent you a message in your email…check it

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