Kingdom Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Read Online



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40 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 583

  1. Time to shine shin. Carry the whole right wing

  2. Ourorboros

    It would be quite the twist if Shin were to inherit units from Ouhon’s shattered army. That’s how the Hi Shin have grown.
    Unlikely, but funny.

  3. abusuliman11

    I sent you a message in your email…check it please

    • Yes, I saw it. I believe its the same omake that was referenced in this post:

      This was around the same time that we ran into issues sourcing raws and began working with Sense Scans so it may have slipped our minds. I thought we had translated that already.

      I’ll look around and see if we have it already or not and get back to you.

      • abusuliman11

        I will wait your answer, thank you for Reply.

        • Sent a reply to your email copy pasted below.

          “Thanks for reminding us about this.

          We did actually scan these pages a long time ago but never translated or released them since they make little sense outside of the guidebook. They are basically talking about the stats characters were assigned in the guidebook. The 2nd page has them talking about how moubu is 99 STRENGTH and what that feels like.

          Are you ok with us releasing the scanlated pages onto our blog? I’m happy to credit you however you want.”

  4. Jackson

    Thank you for the amazing work!

  5. DooDoo

    Is that new guy’s name ‘Sou Ou’ or is it ‘Sou’an’?

  6. DooDoo

    And thank you for the chapter!

  7. Joze Zobec

    Farmers of Turnips! God’s blessing be upon you!

  8. Spicypepperpasta

    About page 17, you call Sou’ou Sou’an

  9. inspiredKreatif

    you can’t spoil it if the author spoils it for you!! haha…

  10. mostafa

    probably there is some kind of sacrifice from Ouhon and just like what they did before , someone said it could means Ouhon will sacrifice himself / his unit to let HSU take the opportunity to defeat their opponent and make a way to behind of the Riboku army .

    • Hyuu

      Nah it’s just a rinse and repeat of Akou…Zhou right wing focuses on Ouhon, and just like Akou, he gets beat to an inch of his life but the lack of pressure on Shin lets him slay someone else probably, Garyuu cause Ousen sees everything but nothing at the same time 🙂

  11. Renseo

    Thank you for this chapter!
    I wonder why it came first in sensescans and manganelo (as usual ripoff credit website), then later in this marvelous site.

  12. Here we go!!!
    Thanks for the chapter!

  13. Guest

    What happen to archer brothers

  14. Guest

    What happen to archer brothers

  15. letouriste

    thanks guys!
    i don’t get ousen, what’s the point? why fight at all when you have already won? your men are tired and hungry, just retreat like usual to your objective. the city is yours anyway

  16. Thank you for the chapter it was amain highhh quality~~~~ cannot wait for nex chap~

  17. Beta Male Heki

    its time to f5

  18. Ouroboros

    Video ads??????
    Bye turnip farmer

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