Kingdom Guidebook Omake

Hey everyone, surprise random omake here.

This comes out thanks to or abusuliman11 in the comments who reminded us that we actually never got around to scanlating the Omake bundled with the Kingdom Guidebook and sent us the scanned raws.

For context, Kingdom often publishes guide books where characters have their stats presented.

e.g. Shin might have the following stats (pulled from the Kingdom wiki @

Strength: 91+α
Leadership: 83
Intelligence: 74
Experience: B

Here’s a download link as well: DDL

If anyone wants to upload this to mangadex or anywhere else, go for it. I can’t really be bothered.



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7 responses to “Kingdom Guidebook Omake

  1. majinma

    Thank you for the hard work.

  2. Jackson

    Sweet, thanks guys!

  3. ElBlanco

    Thank you for your hard work.

    (And also for linking to our Wiki 😉 )

  4. abusuliman11

    you are welcome, and thank you for your translation 😉

  5. pissoffwithspoilers

    why you always posting spoilers dude? last time to, the fuck is your problem

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