Kingdom Chapter 584

Next chapter might be a bit delayed depending on my schedule around Christmas.

Chapter 584: Read Online



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25 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 584

  1. Ka~Rin_Lovers

    1st Army

  2. Thanks for your hardwork

    and i think… this arc gonna continue until 100 chapter a.k.a chapter 500 to 600….

  3. Renseo

    Rip Gyou’un, shin is coming

  4. Shin

    Gyou’un army will be completely wiped out of the map by SHU, lol

  5. That’s what lack of wing commander does I guess, nobody to oversee what’s happening on entire battlefield and act accordingly. Though this plan seem not to take into account possibility of Shin not being distracted by anyone can figure everything out and wipe out gaku’ei&gyou’un army and slay banana or save ouhon’s ass.

    • Ourorboros

      That’s what I was thinking – Shin is a blunt tool. Sure the writers can try to cover it up by saying he is an instinctual commander, but he hasn’t shown much grasp when details are shown and his nature is to charge ahead.
      And since his nature is to just charge in and start swinging, he would just collapse the leaderless Zhou right.
      Which even ignores Ten, one of Shou Hei Kun’s top students. The Hi Shin unit has one major advantage in this universe – an instinctual leader and strategic strategist. By the logic of this universe, if one doesn’t figure it out the other should

      • ivo

        Also this move is similar to what zhao did on first day on right wing

      • Genn Greymane

        And don’t forget that Koukai, while she lacks formal education in the field, has shown great ability in military tactics/strategy and adjusting on the fly.

        She was the sole strategist of the Hi Shin unit and largely responsible for their achievements, before she left to finish her vengeance.
        Long before Ten joined the unit and longer still before Shin was introduced as instintual general candidate, starting with the first battle, where it was her idea to pile the dead into makeshift walls to stop the Wei war chariots if I’m not mistaken.

  6. Jackson

    Sweet! Thank you!

  7. Nic

    I’ve been reading consistently but haven’t come here in a while… Thanks Turnips! You’re doing great work.

  8. X

    When you say you are in deep shit. This is worse than that. You are already sinking in shit with that situation. Oh beloved Father, will you save your bastard son?

  9. Dark

    Rather than Shin who will save Ouhon, I think Kyoukai will be the one.
    After all her position in the right when shin more to the left.

    • Footsoldier

      I think you are right, Kyoukai is in a more favourable position than Shin and her skills as a general are second to none. But I would love to see Shin cut wide into the Zhao while the others are busy with Ouhon.

      • ivo

        This. Also, if Kyoukai is to make great general, or even general, she needs a big kill. She only got 1 general so far iirc

        • Footsoldier

          Yeah and that too Rytou in the hill battle which was really underwhelming and also Shin has already got one general already in this arc and that too one shoting him. I think Kyokai would slay the strategist in the zhao camp which makes a lot more sense than the other two, Gyoun and Bannaji.

  10. ArchXF

    Thanks as usual!

    Also guys you may want to check this mobile game, creating my Hi Shin unit 🙂

  11. mostafa

    what if shin ignore all the other things and left their to Ten and Kyoukai care and going himself for the Gyoun , however it could be late a bit too to save Ouhon ass but they both Shin/Ouhon might be able to cut one or two general.
    I bet Ouhon can defeat one before his injures make him lose and the other one should be on Shin hands to take care of .
    also possibility for Kyoukai to make a way to Riboku’s rear from behind something just like what she did against the Wei fire dragons .

  12. Here we go again, thank you all!

  13. Spoiler lover

    Chapter 585 spoiler is out, Ouhon getting gangbanged.

  14. Beta Male Heki

    F5 army report in. we have to save ouhon

  15. Muhammad Awe

    its out… check it…!!!

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