Kingdom Chapter 586

Huh, Sense Scans has been around for 8 years.

I guess we’re coming up on our 5th over here. Crazy how fast the years fly by. Can’t believe we’ve been scanlating this manga for that long.

Chapter 586: Read Online



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73 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 586

  1. $$$$$

    Thanks a lot:)

  2. Jackson

    So awesome!!! Happy 2019, you guys are the best!

  3. Hopefully many more years to come, cheers and thanks for the chapter!

  4. Gon

    Prepare for Ouhon funeral

  5. Okita Sougo

    I thought Shin just arrived to save Ouhon but nope.

  6. “Did I hear a shitty name? Like hell I am going to croak and lose to that pleb!!!” – Ouhon.

  7. Thank you Turnip for all the years …. and years to come.

  8. Jack Georgie

    should be interesting how ouhon gonna turn this around, seems like a very shitty position he’s in

  9. Ourorboros

    Cold, both Kanjou and Ousen have basically said Shin was the one that the Zhao should have targeted, making Ouhon the lesser talent.

  10. ipapotihus

    A fix, finaly. Thanks

  11. Joze


  12. asdfs

    Thank you very much

  13. coldblooded

    Ouhon’s barely got a nick by this series’ standard, he pulled off the “blocks with spear that gets bent” move, and that never fails. Besides, he’d come back from the dead before he let Shin steal all the glory.

    • Tyr

      Hm, I saw Ouhon pull off a move that should have given him a huge advantage, only, he underestimated the ridiculous strength of his enemy.

      Due to being injured badly, I also saw Gyou’un decide to stop messing around and use his ‘glaive shattering’ blow, which bent Ouhon’s spear… not the average soldier’s spear, to be sure, he’s part of the Ou family, and carries around spare custom made spearheads on his armor. So, that was not your average “spear gets bent” situation.

      I don’t think Ouhon’s going to be much good today, if he is, its due to his heroics. Long term, this one’s going to hurt Ouhon’s pride and heart, badly. The day everyone realized lowly, commoner Shin was the better soldier, and it happened with Ousen in command.

      Due to that, Ouhon may do anything, ANYTHING, to make up for this day. Maybe even tonight or tomorrow…

    • Ryt

      Ousen will appoint Shin as the next general for the right wing.

    • ivo

      He was already multiple wounded beforehand, and then the final smash came. He might not be able to continue fighting.

      • Tyr

        Agreed with both, assuming Ousen sees a need to promote someone to general. His whole strategy at this point, though, is based on the three independent commanders being total badasses, and if that’s his strategy now, he saw them as total badasses the whole time, worthy of general. though it seems he had some reservations about Ouhon.

        Ouhon’s really, really going to take this hard if he can’t get back in the fight, and make a difference, that’s for sure.

  14. Go Kei

    Congratulations both to Turnip and Sense, keep up the amazing job!

  15. Jean-yong

    It has been a long time indeed.
    Again, thank you for your top-notch job 🙂

  16. yes amazing quality yet againnnn~ thanks guys you guys are da bestttTT!!! =D

  17. Shin

    Break next week?

  18. Nezzard

    Great thanks, for another amazing chapter,
    8 years O.o thats amazing, I been reading for 2 only so thanks for all your hard work keep it up.

  19. Lot of people on the reddit seem to think there’s a break next week but there’s nothing here or on Sense about it, anyone able to confirm/deny?

  20. Exemron

    Thanks for the hard work all these years.

  21. Egg

    Take a break, don’t be like HxH

  22. Moody92

    Jo guys good afternoon!
    So? Is it on reak or not?

  23. tgcbao88

    Thanks for your hard work. Happy new year !

  24. Tyr


    Kyoukai takes (front line) command of Ouhon’s unit, Ten takes command of all three forces.

    I see this as Qin’s best and maybe only move.

    When Gyou’un left to take out Ouhon, kyoukai could have sent word to Ten, and taken elite cavalry to assist, as hi shin was facing forces lacking generals, that were simply distractions. She could have followed, though she would have been a bit behind… if she did it properly and took the time. Ten may have come to the same conclusion.

    Given that Ouhon’s down and his men are carrying him away, if I’m right, she’d arrive very soon, and probably end up taking on Gyou’un immediately.

    If and when word reaches Ten that Ouhon’s down, taking full command and leaving Shin the Hi Shin unit will be the natural move.

    GOSH I hope I’m right

    • Tyr

      …and actually that would explain why Ousen trusted these youngins to handle the left. Hi Shin is a three headed monster, with three commanders capable of leading. In other words, he had reserve vice generals the enemy hadn’t really prepared for, even if things went badly. And Hi Shin unit is famous for fighting through when things go badly…

      • Hyuu

        Kyoukai making it over to Ouhon is way out of the picture. The Zhou plan was to isolate Ouhon and that involved the Gaku’rei troops occupying Shin and Kyoukai from intervening.

        Akakin has more chance seeing as he’s right next to him. He’s pretty much set on Ouhon being the next head of the Ou family, and he’s more than once tried to impress him, riding to his aid is just natural. Like surely he’s being looking for some reprisal after Akou got taken out.

        Probably Kanjou is best served to lead Ouhons army. Which is probably best since he’d be most workable with Ten and Shin should there be an overall Commander.

        • Tyr

          Gyou’un ran by Kyoukai to get there. She wouldn’t be chasing after him as much as following him. I’m not saying she’d leave after Ouhon fell. I’m saying, I’m guessing she left BEFORE ouhon fell.

          Also, a decent amount of time has already passed, enough for Ouhon to nearly die…

      • Egg

        Wild imagination

        • Tyr

          …Not that it matters so much, but I’ve been trying to decide if this is supposed to be an insult for like a week now. just because, I like puzzles.

          I mean if it is, thanks? If not, also thanks

          We’re reading a series in which the characters either strategically or instinctively read the situation, the desires of goals of their enemies, and act accordingly. I mean, I’m either wrong or I’m right, but… I just find it more fun when I try to read it too, taking in all the factors. I find the more things I can consider, the more sense the story makes, so its almost like a puzzle.

          thanks! lol

  25. john

    where’s the chapter, Milord?

  26. Yohafin

    Hope no break again this week

  27. Beta Male Heki

    F5 u fuks we need to save ouhon

  28. Shin

    Break again this week?

  29. gnoahp

    F5 army must awaken if we are to have any chance at victory…

  30. Ouhon

    Another break

  31. awqi

    Somebody post in Reddit. There will be new chapter this week. It looks like the chapter will come out late however (hopefully not)

    • X

      Lod quality raws are online, so today will be propably some lov quality translations at reddit so knowing life 1/2 days to shit sama to give us quality loved by us translations : )


  32. harukato

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

  33. Entz

    8th year eh, its been that long since i come here reading this epic legend manga.
    Grats for all team member, a great works truly, as always thanks a lot!

  34. Great General F5

    Do not worry for i have come! F5 F5 F5 F5 F5!

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