Kingdom Chapter 587

Kingdom is on break next week.

Chapter 587: Read Online


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46 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 587

  1. Alexandre Ballegeer

    Thks for the work, but just to ask, how many weeks of Break does he take every year ? I think it’s the mangaka that is the most in break…

    • Half of them are actually due to the magazine not being published and all the manga in the magazine being on break and half are Hara himself actually taking a break.

      The last break just after New Years, for example, was because the entire magazine was on break.

      This break is Hara taking time off.

  2. Tito

    Thank you very much, gents!

  3. castro2man

    As Always thanks you guys for the excellent work!

  4. Joze

    Thanks, Farmers of Turnips.

  5. 0verlord1

    Thanks guys, perfect as usual.
    Another break? come oooon! the wait is killing me!

  6. inspiredKreatif

    great work as always Turnip.. and way to keep us in suspense Hara-sensei….

  7. Hyuu

    Another great chapter down, at least we know the war is only gonna last two more days – just to help us with the reality check πŸ™‚

  8. DooDoo

    Thanky daddy

  9. Gyopoh

    Hey hou! It has been a while since I post a comment here. As always many Thanks for turnip duo and team Sense for their effort. I do hope none of you are taking this thing too seriously. As in, it is nice to get quality scans of this manga, but honestly Kingdom is not that great these days.. I could give many reasons why so, but luckily I still can give many reasons why Kingdom is good manga also.. so I am not going to do either of it. Just make sure you take good care of yer Health ( mind and body both! ) and after that scanlate this lovely shit for us unknown shit heads. Well shit. Such a shitty post.. that is so like me ha ha

  10. Shin

    I will be promoted to general and take command of the right wing.
    Damn break!

  11. AWESOME HQ Chapter as always~~ you guys are amazingg~ = ]

  12. ivo

    2 more days till end of battle at Shukai plains? Damn, another 20-30 chapters at least, and that might not even be the end of the whole Gyou invasion arc.. Author was serious when he said this will take longer than Coalition

  13. Bai_Qi

    how about putting this on the next release? april 19 is comiiiiiiiiing.

  14. there’s no break for lunar new year right?

  15. Geroprog

    There are some spoiler on reddit.

  16. Yohafin

    F5. Maybe tomorrow we will see it


    another break?

  18. Great General F5


  19. Go Kei

    Tomorrow, we shall overcome hardness and prevail! Chapter 588 will be ours!

    F5 Army! Charge at sunrise!

  20. Great General F5

    F5 F5

  21. Beta Male Heki

    F% F% F%

  22. awqi

    It’s gonna be one hella chapter guys. Be ready dor the F5

  23. daddy yanky

    its out on sense scans!! check it out peeps. Your time to wait is over!! oshit sama has given u the chapter now. its time to shut f5 trolls.

  24. Great General F5

    F5 F5 F5

  25. Hyuu

    So the smuggle in saboteurs into Gyou has been pretty much confirmed. Obviously their job is to just burn the food supplies of Gyou and then it’s a free win to the Qin πŸ™‚

    • Snowy

      Problem with burning the food supplies is, that doesn’t solve the Kanki armies food problems. More likely they will create an opening for the kanki army to sweep through the city and capture the food.

      • westf

        With Kanki leading the way @ Gyou, and presumably all of his nasty troops already in a bad mood from starvation and stress, I would guess that Gyou will become a bloodbath.

    • Ourorboros

      No, it’s the Trojan Horse scheme. They kill the guards at the gate and open it.

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