Kingdom Chapter 588

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53 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 588

  1. Jeem

    What a great chapter. It seems that the kanki army is making a move now

    • Hyuu

      I feel it’s more an Ousen thing…Kanki’s guys idk sometimes I feel are way too flamboyant to really do this high level infiltration thing.

      I’m certainly expecting Gyou’s food supplies to get torched…since it’s the easiest thing.

      • Genn Greymane

        I belive Kanki and some of his guys did dabble with infiltration in one of the earlier chapters though. Disguising themselves as messengers and offing the enemy commander right in his HQ.
        Seeing as they are mostly (former) bandits, it would not surprise me if at least some of the groups had their own people who would infiltrate cities and gather information on possible targets and threats.

        • Tyr

          Kanki hasnt been worried at all. And every time he’s asked by his men why: “all i can say is Ousen never picks a fight he cant win.”

          If they were kanki’s troops in the city, wouldnt he probably respind differently? And wouldnt the kanki army as a whole know? Or at least senior staff?

          Im guessing it was Ousen too.

          What im trying to figure out is, zhao’s plan vs hi shin. Bananji and co. Always surprise me. (Im of the opinion that pulling back to let ouhon’s defeat lower morae qas a huge mistake, they should have removed as many qin soldiers from feild as posible. Keep underestimating out heroes. But, it was a strategically believable move)

          • Ouhon

            Not reducing the Qin soldiers is the best option to starve them as soon as possible.

          • Tyr

            …say that after the arc is over and Hi Shin has defeated the opposition.

            “best” options don’t exist in reality. Just best guesses.

            We guess based on what we think circumstances will be in the future. Zhao is thinking morale will cripple Qin.

            They’re already wrong

      • Warcodered

        That makes a lot of sense considering that the whole refugee plan was his and makes infiltration so incredibly easy. If it’s not his idea I’d fully believe he simply expected Kanki to do it of his own accord.

    • Jeem

      It really is ousen’s army. Cant wait. Oh, by the way! Have you check the trailer for the kingdom movie?

  2. Shin

    YASSSS!!!! I’m finally making moves!!

  3. inspiredKreatif

    wow… thanks for an interesting chapter.. great work as always Turnips

  4. Jack Georgie

    thanks man, Ou sen finally showing his strategy.

  5. Ouhon

    So a former slave becomes a commander of an army. What’s next? Slaves overthrown the emperor?

  6. Seren

    So Riboku didn’t inform the city lord/commander of Gyou of the possibility of spies infiltrating the city with the refugees? Seems a bit out of character. I still hope that it is just a distraction and there are additional food supplies from Qin coming down (or is it up?) the Yellow River.

    • westf

      I agree, BUT don’t forget – the manga has NOT indicated that Riboku has not made preparations for spies. If anything, I would expect in the future chapters to see that Riboku has anticipated spies…..

      It would be a HUGE plot hole if Riboku could not anticipate the spies. Recall that he had his own spies keeping an eye on the Qin armies.

      • Hyuu

        Spies are something that can be expected, but then again it’s also impossible to prepare for unless you know of their objective. IE if you know their aiming for the gates you can put more guards there but you can’t exactly prepare and counter everything ie poison water, burn food, kill the lord of the city, send out false messages and etc. Much like how Yotanwa tells Ten that their are spies in the Qin Army when on the march but there’s nothing that can really be done except act the part so false messages can be sent back.

    • De

      Keep in mind that Ribioku did not know that this would have been Ousen plan since this plan was concocted on the spot after he viewed the city then by time they would have found out the city was already surrounded by the Kanki army with the refugees inside. Remember it takes weeks to get messages across large distances or days by bird, there are no telegraphs or cell phones in this time period so the flow of information would be slow especially if messengers are being killed (like they definitely would have been killed). With Ribioku at the battle field he is able to adjust tactics on the spot but with the city so far away with no ability to send or receive information then it would be up to the city lord to think of these things.

  7. letouriste

    well, better later than never, but i can’t understand why the city didn’t fell since several days already. looks suspicious, opening the gates from the inside shoud have not been too hard for 10+ elites and they could do a lot of other things even if that plan do not work.
    glad to see things could get interesting on shin front, this battle was not as good i hoped given the level of the troops and commanders


    • westf

      I don’t think simply opening the gates for a large, heavily fortified and well-defended base such as Gyou would have allowed Kanki’s army to take the city. Kanki’s army is relatively small compared to the defenses at Gyou, and don’t forget that they were also being attacked from the outside as well by Zhao forces (and they are also starving and worn out). It would be a different situation if Kanki had over 100K well-fed troops.

      Kanki’s role, in my opinion, is to keep Gyou occupied and blockaded and keep the refugees within Gyou (to suck up all the resources). They are doing their part until the troops with Ousen (and maybe the Yotanwa army) can join them.

      The spies inside Gyou are also there waiting – waiting for the right moment to strike so that the Qin armies can win a decisive/final victory, assuming all of the other pieces do their part.

      My guess here is that they will be doing more than just opening the gates – including possibly destroying remaining food supplies (remember, Gyou is blockaded and has limited provisions) and then causing a major riot (eg. assassinate some officers/soldiers and have the military turn against the refugees).

      • Hyuu

        Going with how the story is progressing…and to justify everything thus I believe the spies are actually gonna do two things. First, their gonna move the food supplies and then torch the “assumed’ to be full granaries. This will spark the food shortage to cause the city to surrender but then also provide the Qin with the food to stay in Gyou.

  8. Sissy boy

    The spies are taking too much time. They move on the 13th day??? The right wings is starving already, and Yotanwa finished her battle ages ago.

    • Anonymous 16

      makes sense, if they took the city early, Riboku and company could have come up with different counter measures. them not taking the city too soon, gives everyone on the Zhao side a false sense of security especially with the amount of food the Qin have left.

  9. ipapotihus

    The peak of the arc is coming! Can’t wait!

  10. Tito

    Thank you very much! Great work as always, guys! I hope the Year of the Earth Pig is off to an amazing start for you.

  11. And we are finally here, 588 thanks!

  12. Tyr

    Re: Gyou, I’d guess Riboku knew this was a possibility. EVERYBODY told the ruler of Gyou not to open the door to the refugees. Obviously, Qin went through great lengths to embed the spies in with communities of people who would vouch for them, like replacing a guy who was covered by bandages with a Qin guy, covered by bandages. Because Gyou was checking stories.

    Even if infiltrated, Gyou would rely on good security to defend itself. (Its that way with any nation with open boarders, spies are a thing)

    Ousen’s men will need a good plan….

  13. findification

    ousen never gamble
    thats why he sent his man inside gyou

  14. RandomShinUnits

    I want to see some slaughter or blood or blackcolorlikebloodinmanga…

  15. Right Wing Commander, Shin of Hi Shin Unit


  16. Great General F5

    F5 F5

  17. Move your asses

    U guys r slow af

  18. nhentai

    read kingdom doujin, shin x ouhon

  19. Great General F5

    F5 F5 F5 F5

  20. Beta Male Heki

    kingdom is on break come back next week!

  21. Great General F5

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

    Ps im getting impatient might aswell do a full frontal assault with the F5 army

  22. daddy yanky

    can we get the manga already?

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