Kingdom Chapter 598

We translated this chapter as “Woven” and used it in the characters’ dialogue. A closer translation would actually be “Spinner” or “spun” as it actually refers to the act of spinning thread around a spindle, slowly creating a larger spool of thread or yarn – like in Rumpelstiltskin.

What can you do, not like I get paid for this anyway. 😛

edit: I should have mentioned that next week is Golden Week in Japan. AKA no Kingdom next week (29th April – 5th May).

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50 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 598

  1. Samir Khan

    Boo yeah … To your death you Zhao BASTARD!!!! All hail Shin….

    • Ding Dong Wang

      You know that Qin is invading Zhao and all they’re doing is defending, right? The Zhao aren’t “bad guys” or even the aggressors in this.

      • lol

        defend when previously they attack Qin, what’s the difference?

        • Tyr

          Thats kind of whats philosophically interesting here… there are no good guys or bad… just soldiers. Riboku, he’s clearly a good man in this manga, honorable and wise. The enemy of the wise here is “endless war…” so its not abt who’s attacking who, everyones been attacking eachother for thousands of years. Its way more complicated than that… Shin and Ei Sei are “heroes” (as imagined by Hara sama) because of their motivations.

        • Ding Dong Wang

          What “Human Butcher” Hakuki did to Zhao was more along the lines of a genocide.

          • camoes95

            well, It was a hard choice, either capture and sell them back to zhao just to fight them again in 2 years or open up a path to unification. I don’t know what would cause less suffering (endless war or 30 years of brutal war for the hope of “eternal peace”).

  2. KK

    Damn what was the second thing?! I the suspense is painful….

  3. Jackson

    Thank you! You guys are awesome

  4. Nuskin123

    Woven sound great. Thanks

  5. VWIN

    just to break your hearts…BREAK NEXT WEEK!

  6. Man

    Thanks for the chapter and the DDL

  7. ichij15

    Thanks for the chapter. I can’t figure out the last two pages. Is CG let Shin him or he could not react on time to Shin swing, Shin Swing was faster than CG’s one

    • Tyr

      My take is, CG is injured, so he’s slower and his reactions will be “off.” meaning, certain muscles he’d need to move a certain way wouldn’t be working.

      Shin is a fighter, fighting is insticutal, which is why he’s an instinctual general. CG tried to block him, but shin’s strike is below his glaive. I think shin used martial instinct not to overpower but to strike where he couldn’t be blocked.

  8. Tyr

    Shin’s response: FOOL, I’M SHIN now die

    Shout to no name. I think what that guy was saying is: if an opponent comes trying to unify china, you must take the field, and be willing to sacrifice all. Either they must fall by your hands, or succeed.

    Pretty great stuff! and Turnips ty also for the notes on translation, good stuff

  9. Jozze

    Thanks for the chapter. On a side note, I have three comments:
    1) Chougaryouu’s HQ is name you gave to two different chapters
    2) “embue” in the final page should be “imbue”
    3) The quality is a bit worse than usually. What happened?

    Thank you so much for the great work! Can’t wait for the next week to see what’s going on. Cheers!

    • 1) Yes. The chapter names are identical even in the original Japanese.
      2) Embue is an alternate spelling of imbue. We should have used imbue though, yes, since it’s a far more common spelling
      3) The raws really suck. We can’t do anything about it

      • NotAName

        Please kidnap Hara-sensei and force him to do 3 chapter a week, and already in english.
        This way, the raw will be better.
        Thank you considering my request.

  10. 😀😀😀 Thank you very much!

  11. inspiredKreatif

    wooooowwww…. thanks for the chapter turnips!!

  12. Yo

    My guess for the second recommendation is: if one of the two lieutenant get killed the remaining have to join the enemy to unify China, so Gyou’un will join the Hi Shin unit.

  13. Jean-yong

    That was a satisfying yet somewhat short chapter. You have my thanks, as always.

  14. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter,turnipfarmers.

  15. finally the deed has been done—now i hope the hi shin unit can get out in one piece away from bananji and gyo’un units
    THANKS turnippppppppp =D

  16. Ric

    damn….. that wasss greettt….. 👐 thank sensei, Tuo checking Wei Moubu checking Chu then whoss checking Han? by the way.

  17. Lynx

    I feel your pain at translating something wrong. I am subtitling my first Chinese drama and have discovered wrong translations after I translate other episodes. But like you said I’m doing it for free and they understand it better with my subtitle than without them.

  18. Lynx

    Also thank you for all your hard work.

  19. Itmic

    Been reading for years and have never commented. Time has flown by. Wanted to just say thank you. You are truely appericated.

  20. justananonymouskingdomfan


  21. There’s no chapter this week due to it being Golden Week in Japan.

  22. camoes95

    does anyone have the Kingdom live action movie?

  23. Haha

    Houken is coming

    • Tyr

      I want to say “Finally, he is here,” But if they’re on break, how can that be a real image?

      That said, I always thought houken was coming.

      If true, Shin and Kyoukai are going to have to take out Bananji, Gyou’un, and Houken… probably like right now, all in the same day.

      And some people find this war boring! lmao

    • Man

      Haha you’re really a peace of shit man. I wish you to get sick.
      I swear parasite like you are the reason there is so much pain in this world.

      • Wanker


        • Man

          Does that make you proud? Do you feel like you’re winning because you make people who did nothing wrong to you salty?
          You little parasite, the world would be a much better place without you.

          • Wanker

            ROTFL I didn’t post the spoiler, I’m just laughing @ ur salty reaction

          • Man

            Honestly, I’m not even salty. I’m just really sad because the world birthed such useless shitty people.

    • ZZZZZ

      This shit is fucking spoiler, idiot must be purged from earth

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