Kingdom Chapter 599

Bananas taste pretty good.

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  1. Pertamax


    • Demut

      Replying here for better visibility. Hey oshit, quick question: Have you guys just forgotten about updating the MEGA folder with the volumes or is there another reason that I am unaware of (like a delay in tankōbon releases or something)?

      • Demut

        Oh and also, obviously, thanks for your continued hard work.

        This wasn’t supposed to sound like “Oi, why aren’t there new volume archives uploaded yet, huh!?” but upon rereading my previous reply I thought I’d better make sure to clarify that this was indeed not its intent (even though it might come across that way).

        • The daily chapters are uploaded to dropbox. I’ve been way too lazy about updating the mega folders and will do so this week or on the weekend.

          I’ve been too busy snowboarding the pacific northwest and whistler blackcomb 😛

  2. jean-yong

    That was…a good chapter. Shin should heal as quickly as he can, because he has another grudge to solve I guess…with Ouki’s glaive.

    Yes, Bananas taste really good…Akakin Skywalker likes them too.

    Thanks for the Chapter

  3. Thank you for the chapter!

  4. Cheat code activated by Riboku

    • 0verlord1

      Yes, we all knew it will come just at the end, no way to avoid it. But i don’t really know if Shin will kill him this time . I hope so, Houken has become an irritating-borderline boring character. Or will he once again flee for another stretched fight?

      • Warcodered

        It’s interesting because I really don’t think we can assume Ousen doesn’t expect this I mean Houken has done this shit at basically all of Riboku’s major victories/battles.

        • Anon ymous

          You guys talk about cheat code. May I just remind you all the Ouki was as good at warfare as Riboku and bested Houken not once, but three times. First when he left Houken for dead in their first encouter, second when he stopped just short of dealing the killing blow when Riboku arrived, third when he nearly cut Houken down once again but got an arrow in the back.

          Let’s also talk about his right hand man, Tou. In chapter 281, Tou literally cuts through a defending army all on his own to quickly cut down their General, who was himself a top general of the state of Chu.

          • Tyr

            Cheat code=i lack the vision to understand that kingdom contains a unusually high, legendary, level of narrative integrity

            At least thats what i believe, bc every time i have looked for or heard ppl describe plot holes, ive also found Hara sensei 8 steps ahead of all of us.

  5. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter,mate

  6. Alejandro Matias Ravasio

    My asshole clenches so goddamn hard sometimes with this manga.

  7. houken is an abominable hax. needs to be deleted asap.

    • Ding Dong Wang

      Shin is the cheat character, even his stats have an asspull-meter, he can teleport, he can both fight and command, and he’s semi-beat Houken once by now. Houken on the other hand can only fight, and has a weakness to Great General-type enemies. Canonically a giant buffoon.

      • Tyr

        Or, you guys arent paying enough attention

        Only valid point is his stats, but- u ever watch sports? Ever seen the rare kind of athelete, like michael jordan, who got better when the stakes were higher?

        Guess theyre cheating too

        Also, houken came on his own. Would have, even if riboku asked

      • Yohafin

        Live Liverpool who Erased Barca? YNWA Bro

  8. ametaratsy

    Yep riboku just use his paypal to rent a G.M

  9. X

    Thank you!!!! How come they didn’t show what happen to the right wing of the right wing? They only showed the left wing of the right wing.

  10. Calamander Calamander

    Party pooper has come, what the hell is wrong with this guy. He’s slowpoke though.
    Btw it’s funny how everybody is:”What? Shin really did it???” – like it was not their plan for this day, but a surprise.

  11. rcs83

    And here come code shark cheat on ps 2, hahahaha
    Jreng …. Jreng …. Jreng

  12. Junjiro

    Too bad the Qin army ain’t that free to use the same tactic. Imagine Kyou Kai unleashed in the middle of the night on the Zhao army… Tenchu Time mudafakkas!

    • Hyuu

      She’s tried and barely made it out alive vs Kisui’s strategist friend in a previous arc.

    • Tyr

      Its not a tactic. It wasnt a tactic even when houken was given a fake title of “general” in that other war.

      If it wae a tactic, itd be a bad one

      • Ding Dong Wang

        Houken’s title wasn’t really “fake.” He carried, and carries, all the authority of his title, he just doesn’t use it to issue strategic or tactical commands. As a Three Heaven or commander, nobody in the army can order him around, but nobody can ignore him either. It creates a situation where his personal goals can be more easily aligned with Zhao’s military goals, while ensuring he retains his independence and gets to involve himself if he wants.

  13. Daniel Persson

    You should try cooking it with some minced meat and curry.

  14. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  15. Okuta Sougo

    Houken… Again… Really getting tiresome save plot.

  16. Jackson

    Thank you very much for your hard work and incredible translations! What a great chapter!

  17. Tyr

    Ok for the record, anyone complaining houken showed up, stop! Its embarassing!

    He can sense martial aura. Shin, kyoukai, have been setting off his antennae for years. Shin is now carrying ouki’s glaive.

    Its not a cheat. Its not random. Houken was also WALKING from some random forest to this field.

    If houken HADNT shown for this war, youd have a reason to complain. Now, your complaints are simply thoughtless whining for the sake of- sorry to say

    • Tyr

      Also, did u not notice that when shin killed the spear guy, we saw houken in his woods, take notice?? did you not catch on that he started walking that very day towards the red plains?

      … jeez

      • Tito

        Word. Houken is dope and it’s great to see him again.

        • Tyr

          hell ya, houken’s going straight for shin, but given he’s now on Qin’s right, I think he’s going to cut through their whole army to get to Shin… but, Kyoukai knows he’s there, so when the reports come in, Shin will know he has to ride to Houken… to finish it…

          I’m so dang happy

          • Xz

            I was gonna bitch on how would Shin defend against Houken but then I noticed he was on Mouten’s side so I don’t really care.

            Not sure Shin would ride all the way to the other wing just to fight Houken. That would be pathetic because enemy would think Qin has nothing other than Shin.

          • Tyr

            Houken’s killed great generals Kou and Ouki, and Duke Hyou, while laying waste to every army between him and his chosen target. If someone kills him first, awesome, but shin should still go, to minimize loses.

  18. Zedyh

    Thanks for the chapter

  19. wow nice result—thouhg that ending with whatever his name is again…wow that was crazy terrifying a bit—great ilustrations though—houken looked like a deathly reaper X_X thanks again turnip that was a SUPERR chapter = DDDD Btw, was it houken who killed ouki??

  20. Green Arrow

    The author forgot about the archer unit and the archer brothers? I don’t think so, remember hiw Ouki defeated in the first place. Just because of a tiny arrow.

  21. Okita Sougo

    That chapter had a death flag written all ovef it. Mouten…

    • Osi

      I’m quite worried for him. It’ll be his job to face Houken. But, he’s a finesse fighter, and Houken’s combo of power, speed and agility make him a really bad match up for finesse fighters.

      • Osi

        Incorrect. Mouten is a historical figure. He will live or die because he lived or died. I believe so-far there is only one exception.

    • jacky

      mouten has plot armor

      • Osi

        Incorrect. Mouten is a historical figure. He will live or die because he lived or died. I believe so-far there is only one exception.

  22. Izumi


    cant believe those long-never-exhaust-energy, haw tired it is? even shousa dimmed, thats it!

    even i holding ma breath when read

    excellent works as always , thank you very much

    • Izumi

      and near the end those llong exhausting fight is houken, a **** imba ***** **** **** and ******

      o sh*********t

  23. aji_saka

    really want to see zhao’s / riboku reaction to gyou granary burning. and exactly how many day remaining. will there be revolt from refugees?

  24. Tyr

    Ouhon’s gonna take the field for sure, unless he literally can’t ride a horse or his men tie him up. His pride maybe could’ve handled ‘defeat’ by gyou’un. But to further be saved and carried by the Hi Shin unit, no way. He’d rather die. I think he’ll lead his and (some of)Akou’s army in an attack on the left of Bananji and Gyou’un, and Shin will go right at Riboku.

    And I wonder if Houken will show in the day. I’d put it more likely he comes next night, that is, as long as his injury is healed enough for him to feel like fighting Shin makes sense. But, then again, he’s houken, unpredictable.

    Riboku and his men\woman did not seem panicked, or as if their morale was dinged. Therefore, Riboku is confident, and has a plan…. What, I dunno.

    Ousen will know there’s a plan too. And have a few of his own. It still will be and always was Ousen vs Riboku, but Shin is now a wildcard on the field, capable of ‘upsetting the balance’ (as ousen said of mouten as well)


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