Kingdom Chapter 600

Woo 6 years and 600 chapters of Kingdom.

edit: Kingdom is on break next week

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58 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 600

  1. docboy

    Thanks for the effort…

  2. Thank you for the chapter!

  3. Calamander Calamander

    Nice one! Thank you and thanks to Hara of course.
    Looks like Houken been nerfed by madness so that Shin can slay him and it wouldn’t look like an asspull.
    Ouhon will deal with Gyou’un, Ten and Akakin (I guess) will block Banana tactics, Mouten will give Shin tactical possibility to fight Houken, Kyou’Kay will clear the way/assist and Shin will kill him and Ousen will reap victory.

    • Tyr

      …been nerfed by madness…

      Hey anyone here know of anyone who predicted all along that houken would show up, not because he gives a damn about the outcome of the battle, but because Shin’s the only foe at this point he never defeated, a fact which he can’t live with?

      Just saying lol.

      • Calamander

        Wasn’t it obvious to everyone? If Riboku could dispatch Houken at will from the start it would’ve been too match for Qin, given Qin’s already tight position he could’ve easily upset any battlefield.

  4. dKoy

    Is that a death flag???

  5. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter mate.
    I’m starting to think that Houken is a cheat code,like the gigantic elephant in Rome : Total War.

    OP + very hard to kill

    I hope he die for good soon.

  6. jean-yong

    For your continued service, you have my thanks

  7. NotAName

    Thank you for this great chapter under the heaver.

  8. sigh

    another break next week… has someone kept count of the number of breaks this year? feels like there been more breaks than actual chapters

    • Genn Greymane

      Still better than what Miura is doing with Berserk, while he indulges in his gacha addiction.

      • Ding Dong Wang

        Berserk is canceled in all but name only. Miura throws some shit out now and then, but it’s never going to reach any satisfactory end. He’s completely lost interest in the story, which he begun when he was like 20 or something. He’s over 50 now.

  9. Ding Dong Wang

    So did Houken level up his “martial aura awareness” or whatever to such a high degree that he completely forgot to scan his surroundings for dying old geezers?
    And fucking splendiferous work so far through the years, Turniplads. Just another ten years to go!

  10. Renseo

    Did you know, there is only few ‘god tier’ character that did not die after seeing flashback?

  11. letouriste

    what a ride! i was there since you translated… i think it was chapter 20 something. i freaking learned english from this manga as a start xD (the translation in my language was too slow).
    Time fly too fast :/

    thank you for this chapter, houken screaming in rage gave me chills;)
    looks like he doesn’t perceive threat from half-dead people. This is interesting. Very interesting

    • NotAName

      Idem, c’est grâce aux scantrads que j’sais parler anglais.

    • Tyr

      The half dead old man didn’t have enough martial might to get houken’s attention. What he had was love and will… love for Mouten, and the will to protect him.

      That is Houken’s weakness, he’s one dimensional. That is also shin’s true power… love(for comrades) and will (clearly).

  12. Okami

    Thank you very much! I can’t believe how many years I’ve enjoyed the amazing work you do. Greatly appreciated, gents!

  13. ivo

    are we missing some pages here? Gramps already floored and bleeding in start of chapter?

  14. Ding Dong Wang

    Aw hell, another break.

  15. Sitepu Pulu Badiken

    another 10 to 20 chapter to end this arc….
    keep it up…

  16. Moubu

    I have the bonus manga from the volume 54

  17. udin

    Thank you for the dose as usual.. wowie, ch600..i’ve been comin here almost every week for years.. damn, u turnip crews are very dedicated.. one of the real life hero imo.. Thank you again, have great, fun days and may God bless u all 😀

  18. Tyr

    Houken will definately die.

    Ouhon may or may not be well enough to make an impact this war, and mouten’s core was so damaged by houken, he probablu wont make any big moves.

    So the final tally will be shin with 3 or 4 “regular” general kills, and one kill of houken, a (fake) 3 generals of the heavens or what not, and (really) the guy who killed ouki the legend. Hi shin will have arguably won this battle nearly by themselves.

    With all that, ei sei may be able to make shin a great general of the heavens immediately. Depending on factors

    • Paweł Skrodzki

      I do not believe in that “great general” right of the bat. Shin will be “regular” general first, to gain expirience. Remember that he didn’t even directed any battle as highest commander yet, and to give him title of great general would be just to big of a promotion right now (something like with Ou Hon who could not skip 5k commander befor being general, and that is even biger step). But after this campagin he racked enough contribution to easly get position of general, and not just some ordinary one at that. Within new appointed generals he will definitly be one of most famous with most bright future anticipated by military and general population. You see even in Quin and after that many contribution at this campagin he is still far cry from being comparable to Yotanhwa, Ousen, Tou or Kanki. And autside of Quin there are still Renpa or Karin (and I doubt that Riboku will die on this battlefield either) and other similar commandedrs. But his position in military will be similar to that of generals in Ousen army (like Akou for example), and much more prominent and famous that the likes of Heki (who also has title of a general).

      • Tyr

        The great general system depended, first and foremost, on the King having generals he trusted enough to let them roam around, freely, without orders.

        Now, that model may be outdated now, because of the war for unification, but, even so, it will depend on trust.

        It is time for Qin to reestablish that system, for the sake of morale, etc.

        If you’re Ei Sei, who do you trust?

        Kanki? …no.

        Ousen? …to win, yes. Not to be ousen… no. And who knows what he’s thinking? no one. So, no.

        Moubu? To win, yes. But, he was not Ei Sei’s man. Sure, he’d probably do the job ok. But, do you want to make him the first one appointed? Probably no.

        Tou? Ok, he’s solid choice. But, no one’s going to be very excited.

        Shin? After he’s killed Houken, several other legends, and pretty much taken Zhao down singlehandedly? Yes. Sure, other people might say its too early, but Hi Shin has always been an independent unit for this very reason.

        If your Ei Sei, if it won’t cost you the loyalty of the others, its a decent move. It comes down to what the other military commanders will think. But, if he kills houken, Moubu will respect him, Tou already does, Kanki doesn’t care, etc.

        it could happen.

        • Tyr

          Best guess, Ei Sei announces the reinstatement of the great general system, and appoints Ousen, Tou, and Shin, leaving three seats open.

          (I’m on the fence re: moubu)

          He will need shin for the numbers… Tou will be loyal, and Tou is strong, but Ousen will only be loyal, for certain, if Qin’s other great generals’ combined strength is greater than his.

          For Ei Sei, the most important thing is to have a ‘great general’ that can never, ever be compromised, from the start. So, I’d almost argue, its necessary to appoint shin. If it can’t be now, I’d wonder, maybe it’d be better to wait to appoint anyone.

          But, I’m only 40% certain, things change quickly in Hara land…

          • Tyr

            lol starting to think I’m right.

            last point, Zhao made houken a great general just because he killed Kou, and people bought it, because he next killed ouki. He’s famously a great general of the heavens, or the zhao version.

            Therefore, Shin killing Houken is enough. There’s precedent, and shin has a long and badass kill list, more so than Houken by far.

          • Paweł Skrodzki

            I agree, that Shin will be to be apointed as member of “the Quin six”, but that will not be until he will be good enough. Just after this campagin it will be still to early. I think that now he will be appointed as general, to led smaller campagin independedntly.

        • Paweł Skrodzki

          Yes, that is right if you think only based on trust. But you forgot about most important thing. The system was not established, becouse of a king needed it… it was established, becous these generals had strenght and prestige to begin with. It was not just king Shou who anknowledneg them, but the whole army and Quin citizens. Shin is still in process of growth, and do not have enough prestige to outrun Tou, Moubou and alike. Remember as well, that Shin is new star in army, in the eyes of typical soldier, he is not as established in army as his rivals to that position, and as I told, it is not just word of king to get him as “GGoH”, and let him be commander over army of over hundred tousands of people. Especially on par, or even above Tou or Kanki. No, that will not happend yet, not after that campagin. Try to imagine situation in whitch Kanki or Ousen will be taking orders from Shin. Besides Hi Shin Unit still has way to go, before they will be able to independently win battles on scale of tens of tousands. And not ten or twenty, but fourty to sixty tousands… and it is not just sheer numbers that they are lacking. For example they still doesn’t have proper archers corps (that, I think, will be next step on their way, as they started to do that when they recruted archers brothers), and another thing is that Shin is still lacking enough comanders capable of lead forces on scale of general (about ten tousand or more). Are there enough people in the Hi Shin Unit to take command over whole wing in scale of battle that is currently in the manga (Shukai plains)? I see two besides Shin, who can do that in this moment. Ten (she is needed to oversee battle as whole, so we can’t count her in) and Kyokai. The rest still are little lacking (like Sosui) or we don’t know enough about their leadedrship competency (is it high enough to lead forces over ten tousands, and act independedntly as comander of whole wing army. Like Gokurai and Naki).

    • Lol

      Valar Morghulis

  19. MitchVdA

    Valar Dohaeris!

  20. F5 scout reporting in for duty.

  21. Go Kei

    F5 army at the ready!

  22. Colossal titan

    F5 army ready for the last day

  23. Ta mere

    Is it Kingdom time yet?

  24. TheHung

    Dont worry, full Raw is already up. It will be here Soon(TM)

  25. The Wind

    Redraw! Translate! Scan like me!

    (and thanks for all the hard work)

  26. Akkakak

    Ahhaha z’n zkskkajsxi s7ux



  28. Kevin Zhang

    Anybody else F5 every few hours and see that the comment number has gone up and then half-excitedly scroll down to see if someone has said the new chapter is already on SenseScan and half-nervously scroll down hoping nobody has posted a spoiler of the end of the chapter???

  29. Jackson

    Well said, General Zhang, well said.

  30. ImadethisaccountjusttoF5


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  32. cloudiks

    I will join the f5 army !
    Private cloudiks here !

  33. O.o

    601 OUT! @ SENSE-SCAN

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