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Random fact: It takes about 1 hour to typeset a chapter of Kingdom. Chapter 601 was typeset to:


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. oohnage

    tenkss, great taste btw!

  3. Thank you for the chapter for

  4. Charly

    Thank you for the chapter..



  6. Calamander Calamander

    Soo… Is Ousen going to reinforce flanks instead of going all out in the center? But he has to prevent Riboku from doing the same somehow.

  7. mostafa

    OMG , don’t tell me that Hara sensei is gonna do something to kyoukai T-T , I hope no more losing comrades …

  8. Tito

    You guys are the best! Thank you!

  9. ABCD

    Of course the author always had the need to let us know what each and everyone had in mind, why not some throwback for the next episode, so that we can wrap up the battle of shukai plans in 200 chapters~

  10. Demut

    Hara is a coward, of course he’s not gonna kill a main character like Kyoukai any time soon.

    Anyhow, thanks for the chapter, lads. Bummer that it’s one without much happening but I guess you need those every now and again for the build-up, eh?

    • Hating on haters ain’t no thing

      Demut, what’s your problem? Why insult a great creator? Have you done anything with your life that’s noteworthy? I doubt it…

      • Tyr

        It’s complete and utter foolishness. I think he’s after a reaction.

        If Hara Sensei is “lazy” for not having his principle protagonist and opposite sex lead not die halfway through the story, than, so is like every creator of stories ever. Except maybe George RR Martin.

        Also: “historical record,” lmao. Shin can’t just die, bc he didn’t.

        Foolishness 🙂

    • You can ignore Demut as he routinely posts drivel in order to get a reaction. I’m pretty sure he orgasms every time someone takes his troll bait.

    • inspiredKreatif

      why does he need to kill a major character again? not every story has to be Game of Thrones and kill a ned stark you know…

  11. 0verlord1

    Thanks Turnips!
    This will be a long and bloody day, and it will last for months of chapters, i’m sad (or, am i?)

  12. Thanks turnip farmerssss!! all the best~

  13. Crazy_Frog

    houken will go to kantan, claim king head and his throne

    Long Live King Houken….King Houken 😀

  14. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  15. Hyuu

    So I’m totally confused…

    Or am I the only one that is missing something?

    The point is of the Gyou offensive is to take Gyou…Ousen set off to the Shukai Plains to hold off Riboku who has an army that can relieve the defenders of Gyou. What’s happened to that plan…?

    I mean sure Gyou had more food originally so beating the Riboku army and then turning around to aid Kanki made sense, but having planned to burn the food inside Gyou – which is part of the plan? Why is Ousen basically making so many offensive plays; like shouldn’t it be Riboku that actually needs to be the one that is pressed for time?

    • It’s Ousen in time disadvantage. They are on enemy lands. Gyou is running out of food, so is the Kanki army. They don’t have a continuous supply line from Qin b/c remember they are in the middle of enemy land. Qin army have limited time in their expedition as they cannot resupply while Riboku is in their home court. Ousen also needs to wipe this large Riboku army, b/c even if Kanki manages to capture Gyou, it has no more food supply and it will just be a coffin for Kanki Army. Yotanwa’s job is to make sure to secure Retsubi as it is their “open route” back to Qin. Riboku primarily wants to get Retsubi back and surround the seiging army in Gyou and strangle it, but of course Ousen will not allow that, so here we are.

    • Tyr

      I have an opposite question: even if Ousen wins, what will the army eat?

      I wonder (non condescendingly) if you’ve played the scenarios out in your head?

      There are other Zhao armies, if Gyou falls, and sends pigeons that they have, wouldn’t someone possibly try to send more men and generals to Riboku?

      Does the guy fighting Mouten (can’t remember the name) have a point, that he could probably defeat Mouten if Mouten wasn’t stalling? That probably wouldn’t work forever.

      If you were fighting Riboku, and had him on his back foot, on the defensive, would you take your foot off the gas? I wouldn’t… especially if my army was on the verge of starvation. I’d end it asap

      • Sorry my reply was not finished.

        I also forgot, Ou sen’s tactic of pillaging all nearby villages/city and causing mass exodus to Retsubi alarmed Riboku and in his mind the hungry people inside Gyou while Ousen’s mind is to wipe this Riboku army out, secure Gyou as a foothold inside Zhao for the eventual seige of Kantan, secure a supply line back to Qin with Retsubi as a fort in between, all before they run out of supply.

        They both are in time trouble, but Ousen is in more trouble.

        Now, if Ousen wins and destroys the large Riboku army, it could swing back and help Retsubi first as securing Retsubi will open the supply line to Qin. If Gyou’s captured and supply line opened, it’s a status quo from that point for Zhao.

        Riboku army in back foot? More detail would be nice. But it’s Riboku, even if you put him on the back foot it’s best to focus on the strategic goal or you push your army too much.

        • Tyr

          Yes, agreed. But, I certainly would press on and into the advantage I’ve spent the whole war creating/waiting for, if I’m ousen.

          Not attacking now would be madness, unless, from the beginning, his whole strategy was a feint. And that would be madness too. He spent a lot of time, effort and manpower to create the imbalance on the right…riboku tried the same on boyh wings. If qin doesnt take advantage, they open the door for riboku (or houken) to pull something and even the feild again.

          • Tyr

            Sorry can i add too? Sun tzu separated war into: that which happens before one takes the feild, and after. He stated the best generals were victorious before taking the field.

            Hara sensei showed us a master class on this subjext. Riboku is on the “back foot” because ousen created, and then won, an invisible battle, by allowing shin to win his alone/and all the supply line stuff.

  16. Raga

    Before Ou sen left Qin, he asked Shou hei kun for a favor, I assume it’s to do with securing a food line (maybe using the river). At this point i think all that matters is getting into Gyou, which will require a rebellion or surrender from starvation.

  17. Letouriste

    Thank you guys:)

  18. Ta mere

    is it time yet?

  19. John

    is it F5 time?

  20. stupid heki

    Auto F5 ON

  21. The_Hung

    Korea Raw Full is online

  22. Prediction

    Qin Right:

    The HSU started an all out charge as soon as the day started because Karyoten wanted to break past the Zhao left to hit the Zhao center first. As she’s hoping to do this the HSU notices movement in the center. Ousen’s center army has started to move.


    Denrimi’s getting his 10,000 soldiers ready to attack. Zhao prepares to defend. Zhao thought they would wait until the HSU hit first but seeing them getting ready they knew what Ousen’s plan was.

    Qin Right:

    Karyoten says that this could have gone 1 of 2 ways. Either they hit Riboku first then Ousen moves in or the other way around where they hit after Ousen hits first. Now the task of taking Riboku’s neck falls to the HSU.

    Center: Denrimi attacks the Zhao center normally and it doesn’t work. Then he attacks with some strategies I’ll leave the translators to figure out the names for but that still isn’t working too well. He gets ready to use another strategy. Riboku says that no matter what comes if he’s just in charge of defending he will have no problem, even if the Qin right comes their way. Suddenly a messenger arrives with urgent news from Gyou. Everyone from Ousen’s army notices Riboku changing the Zhao formation.

    Ousen: “Hoot”

  23. Genn Greymane

    F5 armed and ready



  25. ivo

    It’s out nerds. On sense Scans

  26. Shin

    Is it a break?:(

  27. oshit slayer

    hey fcuking oshit.. y do u take time asshole. ENough is enough. jackass give my chapter now and screw your irl

    • Anon

      What are you, fucking five? TF does this for free and is under no obligation to rush themselves to do any of this. I’m jonesing for the next chapter just as bad as the next guy, but don’t be a fucking twat to people who are making something wonderful just because they can. Just hit F5 like everyone else and wait patiently.

  28. Hi Shin Army

    Gimme the damn chapter nowww 😦

  29. X

    Eagerly waiting for the new chapter 🙂

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    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

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    WTF OSHIT!!! Do the fcuking needfull. Assholes turnip farmers u picking fight with us. Fcuking assholes give us our dose u sob. U illiterate assholes. Trying to be smart fcukers. U assholes why the fcuk did u pick the series if u wanted so much break. How much time does it take for u nerds to translate a chapter u fcuktards

  32. Ta mere

    When you are dying inside because Kingdom is not out yet

  33. The good thing with late chapter release is that there are less days to wait until the next one, looks at the bright side guys.

    • worldknower

      That can only happen if there is a chapter the week after.

      What i wanna complain about is the constant “breaks” the author takes.
      I dont know for certain how many, but for a manga that supposed to be weekly, there has been a large ammount of weekly breaks over the last 2 years.

      • I don’t think there’s a break next week.

        I sort of wonder how many breaks Hara actually takes. I have a gut feeling it’s somewhere between 5-10 a year? ~3 of which are national holidays like Golden Week or New Years.

        The next chapter will probably be out around a day earlier than right now at the earliest since I’ll be without internet until then.

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